OLF statement of Condolences on the killings of the Oromia citizens in Yemen (March 8, 2021)

OLF statement of Condolences on the killings of the Oromia citizens in Yemen

(March 8, 2021)

As information circulating on social media indicates that today March 7, 2021, about 450 Oromian citizens have been killed by a bomb thrown on a prison located in Sana’a, Yemen, where the Oromo immigrants were held. Reports coming from Sana’a are indicating that still hundreds of immigrants were wounded by the explosion and transported to the nearby hospital for treatments. OLF extends its condolences to the families, relatives, and friends of these victims.
It is essential to note here that these immigrants have run away from their own country for fear of prosecution only for their political views or stance. While hoping for a better day ahead, unexpectedly, now they have been killed in such an inhuman way.
OLF calls upon the international community to establish an independent body that investigates this massacre and reports the outcome to the international community, the victims’ families, and relatives.
Victory to the masses!
Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)
March 8, 2021

Bifa ijoolleen Oromoo 500 olii yemen keessatti akka qoraaniitti gubattee arge kana takkaa nama mitii bineensi/beenladaanillee akkatti gubata jedhee yaadee hin beeku ani.
Wey gabrummaa waan ati nugoote!

Yassin Juma

Qoosa kana argitanii dhiiroo?



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  1. remember to dismantle Mabihrekiduasn branches in all Oromia cities and towns . They are mahara intelligence offices . We dnot tel you to engagae in conflict but in a peaceful manner. They have been anti churchmen painting them as menafikan … and dessiminating a message of monarchical rule in ethiopia led by amhara like those false bahtawiyan and edport eritreans who could pose as tigrians with fake Tegaru ID from all oromia cities .

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