OLF says arrested leaders did not appear in court

OLF says arrested leaders did not appear in court

Advisor to the Chairman of Oromo Liberation Front. OLF Shane is implicated in the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) said on Thursday that its arrested members have not yet appeared in court.

The spokesperson of the organization, Tolera Adeba, told VOA Amharic service that “two weeks after their arrest, they did not appear in court.”

The party and their families do not know about their circumstances, he added.

Security Chief of Oromo regional state, Jibril Mohammed, dismisses the allegation from the Oromo Liberation Front.

He said all those who are arrested have either appeared in court or their investigation is started, or an investigation file is opened.

Regarding the reason for their arrest, he said they are arrested in connection with the loss of lives and destruction of property. No one is arrested because of having dissenting political views, according to government authorities.

OLF linked to the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa

Communication Affairs of Oromo regional state, Getachew Balcha, has confirmed this week in an interview with Ethiopian Satellite Television that more than 7000 suspects are arrested in connection with the ethnic and religious-based massacre which was unleashed under the cover of the protest against Hachalu Hundessa.

Over 42 of those arrested are top-level government officials and security authorities in the towns where there had been a violent massacre of citizens who have nothing to do with the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa.  These authorities are said to have tacit support to the slaughter. Some failed to act to protect civilians for a different and unspecified reason.

Surviving victims reported that the violent ethnic Oromo youth mob that caused the destruction had lists of names to be attacked and properties to be destroyed.

A report by Minority Rights Group published on July 22, said that the attack had “hallmark signs of ethnic cleansing” targeting ethnic Amhara and Gurage. It has condemned that attack. “Minority Rights Group International (MRG) unequivocally condemns the recent violence, harassment, and intimidation against minorities in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, which show disturbing hallmark signs of ethnic cleansing,” it said.

A preliminary investigation from security authorities established that the singer was killed by Oromo Liberation Front – Shane assassin (three suspects including alleged killer are arrested) although Tigray People’s Liberation Front is also implicated in the political conspiracy which was planned to bring about disability in the country.

Apart from the recent attack on non-ethnic Oromos and Christian Oromos, OLF-Shane had been implicated in numerous killings of government officials and citizens in the Wollega region of Ethiopia.

ኦነግ አመራሮቹ ፍርድ ቤት እንዳልቀረቡና የት እንደታሰሩ እንደማያውቅ ገለፀ

የኦሮሚያ ክልል ፀጥታ ቢሮ በበኩል የታሰሩበት እንደሚታወቅ ፍርድ ቤት እንደቀረቡም አስታውቋል

የኦሮሞ ነፃነት ግንባር ኦነግ ከፍተኛ አመራሮቹና የማዕከላዊ ኮሚቴ አባላቱ ከታሰሩ አሥራ አምስት ቀናት ቢያልፉም ፍርድ ቤት እንዳልቀረቡ የኦነግ ቃል አቀባይ አቶ ቶሌራ አደባ ለአሜሪካ ድምፅ ገለፁ።ግለሰቦቹ ስለሚገኙበት ሁኔታ ፓርቲው ብቻ ሳይሆን ቤተሰቦቻቸውም ጭምር እንደማያውቁ ተናግረዋል።

የኦሮምያ ፀጥታ ቢሮ ኃላፊ አቶ ጂብሪል መሐመድ በበኩላቸው ግለሰቦቹ የት እንደሚገኙ እንደሚታወቅ ገልፀዋል። “ታስሮ ፍርድ ቤት ያልቀረበ፣ወይንም የምርመራ ውጤቱ ያልተጀመረ፣ ወይንም ተመርምሮ መዝገብ ያልተደራጀበት ሰው የለም” ብለዋል።

ግለሰቦቹ የታሰሩት ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ በደረሰው የሰው ሕይወት መጥፋት፣ አካል መጉደል እና ንብረት መውደም ተጠርጥረው እንጂ ከፖለቲካ ፓርቲ ሥራቸው ጋር በተያያዘ እንዳልሆነም ተናግረዋል።

ዝርዝሩን ከተያያዘው የድምፅ ፋይል ያዳምጡ።