OLF last 50 years milestones

OLF last 50 years milestones
The people who created OLF were the ones who led the movement that toppled Haile Selassie (1974). These same people drafted the historical land reform declaration that gave the land back to Oromo farmers. Before OLF was created, Oromo people were referred to as Gallas. It was through undying devotion and the sacrifice OLF paid that our people proudly started calling themselves Oromo or Oromoota (plural).

It took years to educate them self-determination and convince Oromos to call themselves Oromo rather than Galla, an abusive slur used mostly by Amharas. Galla was a derogatory term used to refer to pagan, savage, uncivilized, uncultured, enemy, slave or inherently inferior (Melbaa,1999).

OLF created the current federal system and the constitution that gave the Oromiyaa statehood that we are all proud of today. The map of Oromiyaa that we see today was possible through this constitution. OLF enabled the Oromo language to become one of the widely spoken languages in the horn of Africa.

Qubee became an Oromo alphabet and is widely and effectively used today. The new generation can speak in Afaan Oromoo in Oromiyaa regions and can read and write in Qubee. Our flag, the symbol of our identity and the emblem of our struggle, became extremely popular and the people proudly associate themselves to it. OLF played a significant role in making this happen regardless of all the resistance from every corner in the country.

It is by the sacrifice of our OLF heroes and heroines that the name Oromo became known on the world stage. OLF played pivotal role in reviving Oromo culture/heritage including Oromo music and art. OLF made Oromos to be known to the rest of the world via Oromo study journals and OSA, “The Oromo Studies Association is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary organization established to promote and foster scholarly studies in all fields pertaining to the Oromo people.

” (OSA, 2019)
OLF challenged fake Ethiopiawinet narratives which were built for decades.
OLF drafted education curriculum in Afaan Oromoo in Oromiyaa region.
Oromiyaa National Anthem was created by OLF. “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”

Dábessá Gemelal

Denebo Wario


At the heart of the gospel of Christ are LOVE, JUSTICE, and PEACE AND HUMAN RIGHTS. It takes courage and determination for followers of Christ to uphold the values of love, justice, peace and human rights as we learn from the legacy of our grandfather late Rev. Gudina Tumsa who boldly led his church to publically stand for love, justice and human rights amidst abuse and atrocities conducted by the totalitarian governments of both emperor Haile Selassie and the communist Mengistu, at the very expense of his precious life.

Today, our country and our churches are in desperate need of leaders such as Gudina Tumsa https://dacb.org/stories/ethiopia/gudina-tumsa/. Our country and churches need leaders who uphold the legacies of Gudina Tumsa, not those who play down the sacrifices he paid for love, justice, peace and human rights. We need leaders who show respects and honor to the life and ministry of Rev. Gudina Tumsa by upholding the very causes he paid his life for, not unscrupulous spineless wimps flirting with criminals in the name of Gudina and other martyrs of ours.

Today, even though many of the church leaders have either reduced themselves to puppets of the government or deliberately turned blind eyes (and deaf ears) to the massacre and atrocities being perpetrated against innocent civilians in Oromia by the government of Abiy Ahmed, it is uplifting to see the likes of the OROMO EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN MISSION SOCIETY (OELMS) voicing for the voiceless, thankfully. Gudina’s martyrdom is not in vain indeed!

The purpose of Oromo Liberation Front is to enable the Oromo people to collectively achieve important goals they cannot otherwise achieve individually. Through negotiation, debate, legislation and other political structures, OLF procures safety, order, freedom, equality and general welfare of the nation.

Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa – HRLHA

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