OLA Wollo -Airstrikes on Tigray today-Ethiopian Army collapsing

OLA Wollo – Airstrikes on Tigray today  Debretsion Gebremichael

Ethiopian Army collapsing near Dessie.

Massive sums of Ethiopian forces taken as POW

Tigray forces near Dessie’s Wollo University

Ethiopian army surrendering on Dessie front

1 thought on “OLA Wollo -Airstrikes on Tigray today-Ethiopian Army collapsing

  1. 9 months ago, we told you that Tegaru are targeted on the account of their religion, along with their self-determination and free will to elect their leaders. We understand your frustration of preventing conflict among Tegarus and Ethiopians who have various religious views. Truth always comes out, no matter how you try to inhibit its path.
    Surely Tegaru were and still massacred for their religious views, since there are still anti-christian extremists among ENDF, EDF and amhara militia who think killing Christian is the shortest path to Paradise.
    This is not to condemn all, but you will always find people who misunderstood what their religious leaders teach and prescribe them to accomplish. We have even youngsters among Orthodox church who think using physical force against non-Orthodox or protestant faithfuls as laudable act in the church. It is not a religious element to use any sort of physical force against anyone or use coercion to convert him or her, let alone treating physical fight or calling names as a service or loyalty to one’s church.

    Slaughtering a captive or any civilian for his identity and filming the unimaginable brutal man slaughter with intent to show it publicly is along the lines of officially accepted norms and traditions who are not met by public exclusion and social rejection as long as you kill someone alien to your own tribe or nationality or religious conviction.
    It is so sad to see such war crimes receive public appraisals, even the number of the people differs and changes over times and space. If there are Somali soldiers or any other foreign hired militants, they should be brought to justice along with their masters who wage war against civilians and unarmed men and women. Somalian leaders who smuggled these soldiers into our land should also face justice.

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