August 25th, 2021
Regarding the Situation in East Walaga
It has come to our attention that the current prevailing media narrative on the situation in East Walaga has been heavily distorted from the facts on the ground. Again we are seeing the media fall into the trap of being misled by the well-organized propaganda campaigns of the irredentist National Association of Amhara’s (NaMA) diaspora wing. This has happened before in regards to coverage of events in Wollo, Metekel, Horo Guduru, and West Walaga. We want to set the record clear on what exactly has been occurring in East Walaga this month and the events that have led up to it.
First, it is important to note that the situation in East Walaga is different from what occurred previously in Horo Guduru and West Walaga. In those cases, government-aligned militias working in coordination with Oromia Special Forces committed horrific massacres of Amhara civilians intending to blame the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). As the Oromia regional state government and the Ethiopian federal government became more focused on the Tigray War, we have seen a complete halt to those false-flag operations- a hint to who was responsible. Since then, as was the case before, Amharas continue to live peacefully in OLA-administered areas without any issue. As we did at the time and repeatedly since then, for the sake of justice we are still demanding an independent investigation into those massacres- we are confident the truth is on our side.
In regards to the situation in East Walaga, over the last year, we have seen the rise of well-trained Amhara militias arriving in the area. Specifically, they have been operating in the part of East Walaga that lies between Nekemte and the Blue Nile (which is the border to Amhara Regional State). On April 15th, armed Amharas drove out Oromo farmers and burned their crops in a place called Mender 10 (also known as Lalistu Angar). The extent of the fires was large enough to be caught on a satellite which shows over 3000 hectares of farmland being burned as well as homes (refer to this thread:
https://twitter.com/Quen10Tara…/status/1384417207912906755). In the same month, seemingly in coordination, armed Amharas launched attacks further north in East Walaga- specifically the towns of Agamsa and Kiramu. The situation was dire enough for both the East Walaga Zone Communication Bureau and the Gida Ayana District Communication Bureau to issue similar statements on Facebook decrying the actions of this militia ((i)
https://www.facebook.com/wdhkm.godinawallaggaabahaa/posts/499574804786826, (ii) https://www.facebook.com/giddaa.ayyaanaa.9/posts/895531644324976). According to these statements, the militia had targeted and killed 13 Oromo civilians and destroyed 65 structures (including 47 homes). The statements refer to the militia as a “radical force” trying to agitate revolt among Amhara communities that had been resettled in East Walaga during the famine of the Derg era. They also state that the militia, which wore “pale uniforms” and carried an “illegal flag with the symbol of a lion”, was trying to instigate ethnic clashes between Oromos and the Amhara communities in the area. Flyers were being posted in the town of Gutin stating that Oromos had to “leave the ancestral land of Amharas”.
According to our sources, the militia consisted of fighters without uniforms as well as fighters wearing the tan uniform of the Amhara Special Forces. While the civilian administration of the East Walaga zone denounced their operations, the Oromia security officials did not commit to stopping their activities because the militia was also clashing with OLA forces. It was only after the Amhara militia killed 4 Oromia Special Forces unprovoked that the security forces began to take measures.
They evicted many Amhara communities not just from Mender 10, but also from further north in Kiramu. The militia was also driven off the main roads and they remained dormant until the beginning of this month. According to the account given by a resident of Kiramu to BBC
(https://www.bbc.com/afaanoromoo/oduu-58313687), the male members of the evicted Amharas left their wives and daughters in Amhara regional state and returned to Kiramu, Agamsa, and Haro carrying weapons. According to our forces, a large contingent of armed Amhara men in civilian clothing were seen arriving in Kiramu, Sire Doro, Agamsa, and Amuru after crossing the Blue Nile on August 13th – exactly one day after Oromia Special Forces retreated from the area. Their arrival in Kiramu on that day is substantiated by eyewitness accounts to the BBC. Since then they have been active throughout the area, driving people out of their homes and burning the houses down. For example, in Lalistu Sombo (near Kiramu), they burned down 18 homes belonging to the following individuals plus two others whose names are currently unknown.:
1) Guddataa Jabeessaa
2) Gammachuu Jabeessaa
3) Fiqaaduu Gammachuu
4) Faqqadaa Gamachuu
5) Shaggaa Gammachuu
6) Baabbee Gabulee
7) Dammashaa Girshoo
9) Lammii Jabeessaa
10) Waaqooo Jabeessaa
11) Katamaa Jabeessaa
12) Badhasaa Nagarii
13) Bukkuu Galataa
14) Margaa Abbuyee
15) Tamasgeen Abbuyee
16) Hordofa Abuye
When our forces arrived in Kiramu, it was these Amhara fighters that began engaging them in a firefight. They were armed not just with AK-47s but had heavier weaponry such as DShK (locally known as Dishkas) and Dragunov snipers. It was only after they sustained heavy casualties that they were driven out of Kiramu. That same day, in Sire Doro, these newly arrived fighters slit the throats of 7 Oromo civilians accusing them of passing information to OLA forces. It took several engagements with these forces to drive them out of Sire Doro, Agamsa, and Amuru.
Similarly, further south in Uke Karsa and Horo Aleltu, in what again looks like coordinated activity, a unit of uniformed Amhara Special Forces alongside federal forces clashed with the OLA. Following that clash, they severely beat random young men in Uke Karsa, killing 3 of them. From what we know, the federal military’s coordination with this force has caused a rift between the federal military and the Oromia regional forces due to what had happened in Mender 10 back in April of this year.
Our forces are still engaging with this newly deployed Amhara militia who have been undertaking a campaign of burning down the homes of Oromo civilians to intimidate them into leaving the area. So far over a hundred homes have been burned. These fighters are a well-armed, well-trained group with a clear objective to agitate the peaceful Amhara communities in East Walaga into revolt by sparking ethnic clashes. Even though this militia does not wear uniforms and often operates by blending with the existing Amhara communities that have lived side-by-side with our people for almost a century, our forces have gone above and beyond to ensure no innocent civilians are harmed.
However, we are now seeing the usual cabal of diaspora-based propagandists working on behalf of NaMA and the irredentist elements of the Amhara Regional State government to push a false narrative in the interest of their political agenda. Due to this, the contrast between the current prevailing media narrative and the facts on the ground are night and day. They are purposefully presenting the casualties suffered by the Amhara militia as the victims of random, wanton attacks by the OLA on innocent Amhara civilians. It is deeply disappointing and worrying that the Amharic Program of a reputable media organization such as Deutsche Welle has echoed this propaganda and passed it on as a substantiated fact.
If there were any innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, we are prepared to accept responsibility and we will do what we can to assure there is justice. We once again demand an independent investigation by the United Nations or any other concerned third party so that the world can understand just how easily the truth gets distorted.
Moreover, we would also like to point out that what is happening in East Walaga right now is not a unique case in Oromia; Amhara state security forces have crossed the border and launched an invasion in Fantale, Karrayu- located in the northeastern part of Oromia. There has been heavy fighting between Karrayyu Oromo civilians and Amhara security forces which have encroached several kilometers into Oromia. In that situation, we have seen the resettling of people from Amhara state into the captured land in Oromia. This is all part of a trend we are seeing throughout the country: claims of “ancestral ownership” made by the radical, powerful elements in the Amhara regional state’s government are being enforced by the state’s security apparatus. That has resulted in the terror we have seen in Western Tigray, Metekel, Wollo, and now East Walaga and Karrayu.
It has been a significant destabilizing factor in the region. When enabled and allowed to reach its objectives; we will see the kind of brutal ethnic cleansing that has happened in Western Tigray be repeated throughout the country. It should be remembered that Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen- himself a senior official of the Amhara Prosperity Party- not only publicly called for the arming and organizing of Amhara civilians- but personally oversaw training sessions in Metekel (https://addisstandard.com/news-deputy-pm-recommends…/).
In Wollo, Amhara regional forces launched several attacks on Oromo communities over two years intending to spark a large ethnic clash to use as a pretence to disarm and occupy the local Oromo farming communities (https://www.vice.com/…/they-set-everything-on-fire-the…). There was a horrific case of mob violence when an ambulance carrying injured Oromo civilians from Wollo to the federal capital city (Finfinee) was attacked and everyone inside was brutally murdered (https://addisstandard.com/analysis-horrifying-accounts…/). It was only when the Oromo farmers began to defend themselves that the NaMA’s propaganda arm began to promote a heavily distorted account of events.
This has been an extremely irresponsible undertaking on the part of the Amhara elite implemented with no regard for the lives of everyday Amhara and Oromo civilians. OLA forces do not consider any nationality or people their enemy, they are on a mission to save this region from the brutality of this oppressive regime and remain committed to that cause.
The international community and media must act responsibly and do their due diligence when covering and considering these events. We live in an age of fake news and propaganda; much of it is propagated by state structures themselves. It is easy to fall prey to the spectre of legitimacy that propagandist outfits funded by the Ethiopian state (for example; the Global Ethiopian Advocacy Nexus (GLEAN) and the “Genocide Prevention in Ethiopia” organization) rely on to have their falsehoods accepted. As always, we invite all interested independent parties to come and investigate the issue themselves.
Victory to the Oromo and All Oppressed Peoples!
OLA High Command
August 25th, 2021



Addis Abeba, April 9, 2021 – Accounts of the magnitude and scale of the violence that wreaked havoc in Oromo Special Zone and North Shewa Zone in the Amhara regional state are surfacing, depicting an image of a violence that inflicted heavy casualties. One such account is presented by the Jile Timuga woreda communication bureau who issued a statement on April 7, 2021 that was addressed to local and international media reporting in Ethiopia requesting immediate media coverage and detailing the scale of the violence, it read, “Jile Timuga woreda has been under attack recently. The attack was so devastating that 65 people have been killed, 114 others injured, 813 houses burned down and 40,000 displaced as a result.” The communication bureau also posted a video recording of a burned-down school and photos of a torched health center, both located in Wossen Qorqor kebele; the school which provided Afaan Oromo curriculum was torched during the violence according to witnesses on the recording.

Violence first broke out in Oromo Special and North Shewa Zone on Friday March 19, 2021 after an Imam was killed in front of a Mosque in Ataye town that resulted in escalation despite attempts by elders to resolve the conflict. Eye witnesses Addis Standard spoke to claimed that the fighting was between Amhara residents backed by Amhara Special Forces and Oromo residents of the area. As part of a campaign of contradicting narratives and polarization of the conflict Oromia and Amhara regional state chapters of the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) engaged in a war of words with each accusing its counterpart of fomenting violence in the area. 



On April 4, 2021 a graphic video showcasing an attack carried out by a mob on an ambulance, in the attack the assailants dragged injured individuals out of the ambulance, beat and stabbed them to death. Addis Standard was able to locate the location of the attack as being Shewa Robit, North Shewa Zone, Amhara Regional State and was able to get contacts of the victims’ families. 

Aliye Mohammed, a relative of one of the victims who spoke to Addis Standard on the phone, “One of the deceased is my cousin. It all started in Ataye when fighting first broke out and my brother and I got injured, we were taken to a health center at a nearby town called Senbete but the doctors there treated us badly,” he continued, “At one point my cousin passed out so I asked to that we be transferred to a bigger hospital and because my injury was not serious they took my cousin after referring him to a hospital in Shewa Robit town and he was transferred and two of them our distant relatives accompanied them.” Aliye was left at Senbete health center but later heard of the incident from survivor who told him, “The injured were carried in two ambulances when we entered the hospital, they were met by a mob of people and soldiers that belonged to the Amhara Special Forces who immediately attacked and assisted attackers who attacked the two ambulances and the injured they were carrying.” He continued, “The mob under the watch of Amhara Special Forces used everything within their power on the injured and as a result 12 people died.” 

Mohammed Ahmed, also a relative of one of the victims, corroborated Aliye accounts and added, “When we heard of the attacks, we wanted to go and collect the bodies of our relatives but the roads are closed due to the continued fighting at the time.” Mohammed who lost a brother continued holding back his tears, “Their bodies were left there and we had to beg officials to bring back their bodies so we can give them proper Islamic burials and perform funeral prayers (Janaza). They brought the bodies days after the incident and we buried them.” Aliye corroborated Mohammed’s accounts about collecting the bodies of the deceased.

Ahmed Aliye, a health care professional who accompanied the motorcade that contained two ambulances and a police car spoke to BBC Afan Oromo service corroborated Aliye and Mohammed accounts of the events but did specify the number of dead and added, “When we arrived at Yifat Hospital, there was only some nurses and no doctors at all so they told us to take them to another hospital as we left the compound the road was blocked and we were prevented from continuing our trip.” he continued, “As we stood by discussing the next steps to be taken, Amhara Special Forces came and surrounded us, they pointed their weapons at us and we told them we are men of peace. A town official came and accused us of scaring doctors and as that was happening we started to get surrounded by a huge crowd a man yelled ‘these are one and the same with the people who are killing us, kill them’ and the attack started. They first shot a man called Ismael who got off the ambulance and started running for safety and the crown started throwing rocks at us and beating us” 

Describing how he and others survived the onslaught by the mob, “A man who saw me running with the two drivers and three police officers called us and hid us in a shack and closed the door on us. Later we heard him send the angry mob who followed us ‘they went from there’ he said when they asked him about our location. We left after the mobs disappeared and we went to the federal police and from there we were brought to safety.” Ahmed lost three of his uncles and a cousin in the attack. 



The Ethiopian Institution of Ombudsman (EIO) in a statementreleased on its Facebook page discussed conflicts around the country where civilian death has occurred. The statement by EIO acknowledged failure on the part of the Amhara regional government in managing the conflict in Oromo Special and North Shewa Zones of the region, it read, “The situation worsened due to the removal of the security apparatus from the area and failure to arrive to the aid of civilians on time when called upon.” The statement also disclosed that according to investigations carried out by the EIO , “303 people were killed, 369 injured, 1,539 houses were torched and based on the information we received from the administrations of the two zones over 50,000 people have been displaced. Provisions of aid is ongoing and is relatively better in North Shewa zone than Oromo Special Zone and yet still the provision in both zones is not satisfactory.” 

The statement explained that the efforts made by regional government were not effective and recommended that stricter measures should be applied  to uphold the rule of law in a timely manner. “81 suspects have been arrested in relation to the violence but they were released shortly after ‘orders from above’ were received. In similar incidents of violence between 2018-2019, perpetrators were not identified or brought to justice.” AS


  1. To all who want to alleviate the current suffering in Ethiopia,

    I have some bad news for you if you did not know already!

    The tentacles of the oppressive armed Amhara settler State known as Ethiopia reach far and wide. BBC Amharic/Tigrigna, DW Amharic, VOA Amharic/Tigrigna are staffed by the children of the descendants of those armed settlers or their CRONIES who were privileged enough to go to the west via Government Sponsored Scholarships and other official State-to-State schemes. As we say in our refugee-immigrant communities in the West, these are the ones that left Ethiopia THROUGH BOLE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT NOT BALE, or on foot! As a result, they are the most ARDENT DEFENDERS of a system they have benefited from at the expense of all the colonized peoples of Ethiopia.

    A GREAT MAJORITY OF THE SO CALLED ‘ETHIOPIAN IMMIGRANT COMMUNITY’ IN THE WEST, EXCEPT FOR THE OROMO, THE TEGARU (Tigray,) AND OTHER IMMIGRANT GROUPS FROM THE SOUTH, ARE ALSO MADE UP OF THE CHILDREN OF THE PRIVILEGED FEW OF A PARASITIC COLONIAL SYSTEM. The Amhara Association of America is a prime example of such an elitist organization, yelling and screaming about ‘Human Rights’ abuses, as soon as the colonized people stand up to defend theirs, against a brutal Ethiopian State. You will NEVER hear a peep from them if half the people of Oromia, or Sidama, or Wolaita, for example, were wiped off of the face of the Earth! Forget my hypothetical conjecture above, where were they when Tigray girls and pregnant women were being raped, Churches getting burned down, and priests getting summarily executed by the Ethiopian State and militias from their own regional government? Was it IMMORAL for them to speak out then?

    Actually, to expect anything other than the vitriol and the smear campaign these entities are engaged in, against the leading self-defense organizations of the Tigray People, the Tigray Defense Forces, the TDF; and the Oromo People, the Oromo Liberation Army, the OLA; would be tantamount to expecting fair thievery from a burglar! Those at BBC, DW, & VOA Amahric/Tigrigna will do whatever it takes, including bending or breaking the rules, lying, and fabricating malicious rumors, if they have to, contrary to the rules of the Agencies which employ them, to spread their messages of MISINFORMATION AND HATE against the people of Oromia AND Tigray disguised as prime time news!


    An addendum: There are also two Organizations with ‘innocent’ sounding names set up and funded by Abyi’s brutal Ethiopian regime AND ITS AMHARA ELITIST COHORTS ABROAD which are nothing but an Anti-Oromo and Anti-Tigray PROPAGANDA arms of the Ethiopian State. These two Organizations are:
    1) Global Ethiopian Advocacy Nexus (GLEAN) & 2) Genocide Prevention in Ethiopia.
    Treat their story lines with the utmost skepticism!

  2. The Anti-Oromo campaign by elitist Amhara entities abroad and in the Empire, such as, the Amhara Association in America, the ‘Ethiopian Human Rights Commission,’ ‘GLEAN,’ & ‘Genocide Prevention in Ethiopia,’ has now entered its second phase: blame the just struggle of the Oromo people and the Oromo Liberation Army for violating Amhara “Human Rights!”

    Incredibly, these are the same entities that were CHEERING a MURDEROUS war against the people of Tigray when it first began. These are the same entities who were celebrating ‘Ethiopia’s Victory’ without raising an eyebrow when Eritrean Mercenary Forces were raping and killing defenseless Tigray girls and women! Go figure…Now, they are shading Crocodile Tears about “Human Rights violations!”

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