OgadenProtests- Abdi illey has formed anti-protest youth group called “Heego”.

OgadenProtestsAbdi illey has formed anti-protest youth group called “Heego”. Sources indicate “Heego” is a goup of the most criminal elements of Liyu Police youth turned into youth group to kill any one who protests against Abdi Illey regime.
Stand up Ogadenians!!


Abdi Iley in the last 24 hours

– He unleashed Liyu Police on protestors in Togwachale and Haroorys

– He ordered a vigilante youth group he formed last week, called “Heego” (who are the most criminal elements of Liyu Police youth turned into youth group) to kill some known businessmen and elders from different clans in different towns so inter-clan conflicts can start. Most of the so-called “Heego” are concentrated around his subclan’s home village of Marsin.

– He asked some of the “Heego” to defect to the bush and randomly set up check points and slaughter passengers they find on the road chanting “Allahu Akbar” so they leave evidence Alshabab fighters infiltrated the region.

– He ordered civil servants in the region to post a message of solidarity with him on Facebook: most posted “we will sacrifice our lives for our President”. A cheeky civil servant Rajo later pressed whether they will follow through with the plege said “we mean we will sacrifice two months salary for the President, and salary is life as you know”!

– He is saying the army is supporting him and Dr. Abiy Ahmed is an ONAG (OLF) and Somali Region is independent of the Federal Government!

– Finally, he is seen in Degahbour town today, eating bountifully, but looking disheveled. Even his closest allies have now started saying he has officially gone bonkers and it is time he sees a shrink!

Photo: Abdi Iley in Degahbour town today.

Down down Abdi Iley” protestors in Togwachale. Yesterday.

የሶማሌ ሕዝብን ያስጨፈጨፉ የትግራይ ጄነራሎች (በከፍል)

1. ጄነራል ሳሞራ የኑስ
2. ጄነራል አብርሃ ወልደማርያም (ኩዋርተር)
3. ጄነራል ዩሐንስ (ጆን)
4. ጄነራል ገብረዲላ
5. ጄነራል ማአሾ

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  1. There is no such thing as Ogaden region. 100 percent of Liyu police are from ogadeni clan . shame on you. The Oromo who are fighting for century to break the oppression are applying the same thing to the somali. We are Somalis as you are Oromo. Simply you and the failed organization ONLF that is set up by Eritea and Said Barre will not change the history. We , the Somalis, will fight Woyane and its stooge Abdi Eily . Shame on you shame on you

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