It’s been over a week now since the Ethiopian government shutdown the country’s internet due to the unrest and protests that erupt in the country over the killing of a popular Oromo singer and activist Hachalu Hundeesa. Hachalu gave voice to Oromo people, spoke against their oppression and inspired millions. His death comes just a week after speaking out on the history of oppression on Oromo people and criticizing the current and past government.

It is unethical to shut down the Internet and cut the means of communication for families and it is especially unethical to do so during a pandemic.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed not only blocked the country’s access to internet at a critical time, he also arrested Oromo political leaders and journalist, such as Jawar Mohammed who a prominent Oromo politician and further eacalated the issue. He has havely millitarized Oromo regions, arrested protestors and killed over 160 people. The Oromo people are being prevented from excercising their rights to protests, and with the internet blocked it will be convenient for the military to terrorize the people and kill many more without being held accountable.

The Oromo people are demanding justice to be served for Hachalu. We demand an end to internet blockade. We demand all political prisoners and journalists be freed. We demand the right of the Oromo people of their land and resources as well as the economies generated from their land. We demand political freedom and the right for equal participation in the government. We demand an end to the long history of oppression and degradtion of the Oromo ethnic group in Ethiopia. We demand the immediate resignation of PM Abiy Ahmed for volating human rights and failing to perform as a leader. The last thing Ethiopia needs right now is another dictator who thinks they can get away with what the previous regime used to do.

I implore you to stand with the Oromo protests. We need your voice and support! Our family and friends back home are in danger.


As keessaa maal dubbistu Oromoo ilaalchaa fi fuula isaa warri dubbisuu dandeessa. mee waa jedhaa. Biyya kamitti yoon baqadhen akka Kol. Mangistuutti nagaan jiraadha jedha moo amma ammoo anyuun ajjeesiseen walitti naqeen ofii galee ciisa laata jedhee yaadaa jiraa laata? Mee isinii maal jettan?

Utubaa Lammii

Breaking News:

OMN Journalist Eyasped Tesfaya who recently interviewed the widow of late General Seare’s wife is now arrested.

In another development, as a part of the wider crackdown, the government arrested the Mayor of Shashamane and its head of Security.

Sources who have spoken to Rajo told the arrest of the two regional officials is part of the government’s plan to carry out a statewide purge in Oromia


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Mormii hawaasa Oromoo Awustraaliyaa xiyyaaraan gaggeessan

‘Eega nuti manaa bahuu dadhabne, samii gubbaarraan Haacaaluu Hundeessaa fi dhimma Oromoo amma deemaa jiru kana beeksisuuf tattaaffanne,” jetti Toltuu Tufaa.