ODUU. Hatattamaa (TPLF Walgahii Iccitii taa’uun dhaga’ame (3,,Feb,,2018)

ODUU. Hatattamaa (TPLF Walgahii Iccitii taa’uun dhaga’ame (3,,Feb,,2018)

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  1. If Finfinne “Master plan” is revived it will be the end of OPDO as we know it, never to be seen again.
    Abba Dula betrayed the oromo people many, many times and is probably behind this provocation because he has always admired the plan. They promised this old condom to make him PM and made him rescind his resignation although the reason he gave for his “resignation” only deteriorated many times since then. This tortoraa man has no spine. He has been the biggest insult to the oromo people in the EPRDF for 27 years. OPDO must purge ALL POWs including this man from its membership, change the name of their party, and EXIT from EPRDF unless Oromia is represented proportional to its population.

    Ergamtoota wayyanee irrati tarkaanfii cululuqaa fodhachuun hojii eebifammaa dha.

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