ODUU Hatattama iccitii Masara Motuma kesa bate !

ODUU Hatattama iccitii Masara Motuma kesa bate kuno itii dhiyadha | Moha Oromo

AGM: Ergaa Ariifachiisaa Oromoota Walloo J/Kamaal dabrseefi fi Duula Obbo Dinquu Balleessuf PPn egal

ባልታበሱ እንባዎች የደለቡ ኪሶች – የዋልታ ምርመራ ዘገባ (ክፍል ሁለት-ሀ)

Hinjifano iccitiin Abiyi fi bilxiginna saaxilame oromoon dhugaa tana barachu qaba

The playbook of Oromo Opportunists & sellouts

Step 1: sell your soul and the struggle for bread crumbs

Step 2: Start barking at everything Oromo & become an apologist for our oppressors

Step 3: Attack Oromo Nationalism & leaders

Step 4: Engage in propaganda war to confuse and mislead our people

Step 5: Find out that they are Running low on the order of importance and shelve life for the enemy

Step 6: Find themselves Get thrown out like a used plastic straw in a summer drink on hot day

Step 7: Come crying to the Oromo people how they were targeted for who they were and how they were working to advance the Oromo case from within.

Step 8: Come on Oromo media for deception round two and find their way in to our people’s broken heart

Step 9: Banking on the collective amnesia of Oromo people & how easily we forget and forgive

Step 10: Cleansed from the sins of deception and betrayal into a newly baptized Oromo Nationalists. 😊

Put this on repeat for every single one of those people.

When do we stop and see?

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

When do we draw the line in the sand for people who sell and play with the blood of our people?

Najat Hamza