Oduu Gaddaa Humni shororkeessaa Abiy ahmad guyyaa har’aa, Waxabajjii 3/2021, dargaggoo Biqilaa Amanuu gara jabinaan ajjeefte.

Oduu Gaddaa: Humni shororkeessaa Abiy ahmad guyyaa har’aa, Waxabajjii 3/2021, dargaggoo Biqilaa Amanuu gara jabinaan ajjeefte.

Shiftoonni pp kan humna addaa jechuun of waamtu, kan Gantucha Jaarraan durfamtu ganama kana Qeerroo Biqilaa Amaanuu, Wallagga Lixaa Ona Lalloo Assaabii Ganda Agaloo Arsammaatti miilla rukuttee erga qabdee booda Lafarra harkisaagara magaalaa Innaangoo geessan.
Yeroo kanatti osoo maatiin itti booyanii watwaatanii Innaangoo magaalaa Teelee fuulduratti geessuun akkuma kanaan dura Amaanu’eel_Wandimmuu Dambidoollootti Fuula Uummataa duratti ajjeesan, har’as Gabaa Innaangoottii gocha suukanneessaan raawwatan. Biqilaan mucaa nagaa fi jaalala ummataa qabuu dha. Gumaan qeerroo Oromoo kun akka dhangala’etti hin hafu!

This Biqila Amanu who was killed by PP security forces in Innango town, western Oromia today.
Biqila was born and grown in aanaa Laaloo Asabii, weste Wallagga.

Jal Bulcha Soressa, a member of the Oromo Liberation Army, talks about his fighting experience and his opposition to the Ethiopian army.
“Our enemies talk a lot about us, especially about me. Once they say, ‘He is dead.’ But I am not dead; I am alive.
“The Ethiopian government has controlled Oromia for more than 140 years. We have been defending and will defend against this state terrorism. Look, I am on the battlefield at the age of 80. I joined the battlefield during Haile Selassie. I was wounded eight times during that time. But I fled the battlefield. I am not a coward.
“Our goal is clear: it’s self-defence. Self-defence is a requirement for survival. We Oromos defend ourselves against government terrorism. As a people, we want to protect our natural rights. We always want to protect our rights.
“I joined this struggle because of the humiliation of the suffering Oromo people. I knew in my struggle that death would await me. I will not hesitate to sacrifice for the freedom of the Oromo people; I am ready to accept whatever comes on my way. There is no victory in the history of the struggle without sacrifice.
“My Message to Oromo Youth is short: all Oromo freedom fighters are not far from the Oromo people. From Geda Melba to the current Oromo liberation struggle, our leaders are creating love for our people.
“We are making great sacrifices. The generation of heroic leaders knows what patriotism is. Be strong, too. Do not go back! In the end, we will defeat the invaders.”

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  1. Mister Soressa, I wish you stay longer and be able to lit the candle of victory with your battle mates and witness the bravery of yours and your partners!!

    I hope you will not take any revengeful act against any civilian regradless of its ethnic background and religion , but do destroy the mass murderers! As you wish to liberate your own people and die on their behalf , may you be able to see thier freedom as well!!

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