ODUU AMMEE! Salphinni Bilxiginnaa akkuma itti fufeetti jira!

ODUU AMMEE! Salphinni Bilxiginnaa akkuma itti fufeetti jira!

Breaking News:- #Bilxiginnaan Gindhiritti qaanofte…
Qophiin Bilxiginnaan qopheefattee propaganda sobaa ittiin oofaa turte , Kan #Abiyi sodaatee irraa hafe – #Gindhir ,Baalee iratti Qeerroon akkana goote kunoo Bilxiginnaa…
#Bilxiginnaan kana dhokfattee fardaa sobaa Shimalisii kennamee jettee awwaara kaasaa turte .

#ODUU_AMMEE! Salphinni Bilxiginnaa akkuma itti fufeetti jira!
“Guyyaa har’a Magaalaa Naqamteetti waltajjii Marii Bilxiginnaa haala yeroo irratti galma Magaalaa Naqamteetti Kaabinoota Wallaggaa Afran irraa dhufaniin gaggeeffamaa turte gara mormiitti jijjiirameetti!! Gaaffiilee waltajjii irratti gaafataman keessa;
1.  Command post Wallaggaa, Gujii, Boorana, irraa maaliif hin kaafamne?
2.  Humni Command post ummata jumlaan fixaa eenyu bulchina?
3.  Yoo Command post Wallagga, Gujjii, Boorana irraa hin kaafamne ta’e filannoof ummaatni akkamitti Qophaaya?
4. Raayyaa ittisa Biyyaa Qaama hidhatee sochoo’u dhiise maaliif ummata nagaa Qellama Wallaggaatti nama 80 ol guyyaa lama keessatti fixa?
5.  Waraanni ani Biyyaafiin dhaabadhe jadhu Daa’imman, haadhoolii Manguddoo maaliif akka sareetti ajjeessa?
6.  Ummataa mitii nuti warri Biyya bulchina jannu ummata keessa akka itti sochuunu dhabne jirra Raayyaa ittisa Biyyaa akkuma ummata reebuutti nuus reebaa jira?…fi..kkf jadhanii waltajjichi gara mormiitti jijjiirame guyyaa Boriitti dabarsaniiru..Naqamtee bilbila malee Interneetii waan hin hojjanneef hadaraa gabaasa bilbila siif kanniine kana qileensa irra nu oolchi”
Abiy Ahmed Asmaraa jira Waltajjiin Bilxiginnaa Magaalaa Naqamtee irratti akka Fashalaa’ee biraan ga’aa?

Tamsaasni Televiiziyoonaa Haaraan Finfinnee Irraa Afaan Oromoon Hojii Jalqabe

Dhaabbatni Televiiziyoonaa haaran “Finfinnee Intigireetid Biroodkaastiing (FIB) jedhamu, Dilbata dabre jechuun akka Lakkoobsa Itoophiyaatti Amajji 17 bara 2012 eebbifamee hojii eegalee jira.

Akka walitti-qabaan fi Daarektara Dhimma Seeraa Boordii dhaabbatichi ittiin buluu ka tahan – Obbo Lammii Taayyee Fidaa jedhanitti, FIBn, Itiyoophiyaa keessatti miidiyaa Televiiziyoonaa Afaan Oromoon tamsaasuf dhabbate ja’affaa dha.

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  1. Indeed, although Putin is considered to be one of the untouchable dictators of our time, he got it absolutely right in his remarks regarding the African lunatic fringes. Oromia, Ethiopia has been cemetery for the ungrateful neftegna for so long, and the neo-neftegna are not going to make any difference. However, it mustn’t be “business as usual” for Ethiopia, anymore.

    The great Oromo people, qeerroo and qarree: You are poised to take your own destiny into your hands, by removing the neftegna and neo-neftegna from your shoulders, for once and for ever. You stepped into the fear bubbles four or five years ago in unison, and witnessed the fear bubbles popping in front of your eyes. The souls of our martyrs, heroes and heroines who paid ultimate prices to sustain Oromo struggles for decades are smiling down to you with pride, being elated by the unity and political maturity of our young generation. You have given OPDO/ODP second chance by entrusting your hard won victory to them. Their “PP/Ezema” is already dead on arrival. They have proved that they are not trustworthy by attempting to reimpose the neftegna on us. Now, when you push hard, Lemma Megerssa may come out from his hiding place, and say, “our people are our masters” in order to appease you, and help Abiy Ahmed to destroy the great Oromo people. I think they cannot fool us more than twice. No third chance for the enemies of our people! There is no reason,now, for you to continue to carry neo-neftegna, after removing fascist TPLF from your shoulders. Thousands of your comrades, brothers and sisters, our bright children paid with their lives to remove TPLF/EPRDF repressions from our people. We have no thick skins to carry the savage and uncivilized, ungrateful neftegna and neo-neftegna on our shoulders, anymore.

    No more acts of fascism against our people!

    Read each other; listen to each other; organize yourselves act together, carefully, exchanging information and supporting each other. You can do it! Assert yourselves and show them who the real masters are in your ancestral land. They are not allowed to wage wars against our people; they have no right to mistreat, dismiss and kill our university students; they have no right to displace our farmers and grab our lands. They are not justified to disseminate hatred and false accusations against us. Make them to come out and repent for their evil deeds before you allow your produces into the garrison cities in Oromia. You don’t have to raise arms for now. Nonetheless, prepare for any eventualities which may be necessary to defend yourselves from enemy attacks. Be aware of any danger and defend each other. Yet, walk into the fear bubbles and enjoy popping them! Just keep your produces at home for now, and more importantly never allow them to take any of your comrades into prisons/detaintions. Look out for each other and know the where abouts of your family members and friends. They can never be allowed to incarcerate you in the name of law and order, which they are not respecting themselves. There must be no more Oromo political prisoners in Empire Ethiopia! Defend yourselves rising up in unison, coordinating your actions from each part of Oromia: East to west, north to south and centre to all corners of the country.

    Although they are armed and have savage soldiers to deploy to terrorize you, they cannot match your power which is fueled by truth and yearn for justice. Qeerroo and qarree: You have extremely superior power to the anti-Oromo hatemongers. You have already tested your power, and this time you are going to promote your capable leaders and force the neo-neftegna and their servant “galtuu” individuals to respect the Oromo people and observe Oromo interests. They cannot abuse you while they depend on you for their daily breads and butter!

    Truth freedom and justice for the great Oromo people!

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