#Oduu Ammee: Naannoo Amaaraatti fincilli itti fufe!

Oduu #Ammee: Naannoo Amaaraatti fincilli itti fufe❗

Naannoo amaaraa keessatti fincilli uummataa eegale babal’achuun daandiiwwan gurguddaan magaalota aanaa fi Godinaa wal quunnamsiisan adda citanii jiru. Daandiin Bahir Daar irraa gara Debre Maaarqos,Gondar, Dajan, Debre Birhaan deemu cufaa dha.
Qeerroo Intelligence Group
“At a news conference, Andargachew Tsege, a businessman and adviser to Mr. Abiy, urged Ethiopians to gather outside foreign embassies in Addis Ababa on Friday, especially the United States’. “We should not hesitate to burn the U.S. flag in front of their embassy,” he said. “We need to go out in millions.”
Responding to that call, the United States Embassy said it would close its consular offices in Ethiopia on Friday, and it advised American citizens to “stay away from the embassy.””
“Kareju ayibeju “ it seems he is really done! Good to say bye bye politics! You didn’t heard the sounds of the Artilleries from Finfine, lol! Wacho gud!

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