ODUU AMMEE: Bilxigina is about to return Irrecha Daballe!


′′ Bilxigina is about to return Irrecha Daballe ′′

This year Oromo people will not celebrate Irrecha’s holiday and the system on power has shown us different conspiracy.
This is the evidence that the leader of the Bilxigina party is Fikadu Tasama branch of Oromia. This is the evidence says the committee that is prepared to lead the Irrecha holiday.
Discussion on how people will participate in the holiday, organized by Bilxigina branch of Oromia, it has been explained that it will be held from above to the village. ′′ In order to make this year’s Irrecha peaceful, people should participate in the construction of shields ′′ says the documentary Omn arrived in Bilxiginna.
In order to protect the Bilxigina system, it is remembered that the society of the party is built under the protection of the party called ‘ shield ‘ system ‘ it is compulsory to stay in power.
The Irrecha holiday was celebrated after a long time by the struggle of Oromo people, which the people of liberation was celebrated by millions. Under the administration of Abiy Ahmed, it has been restricted from saying last year because of Corona. Qerro of Oromia said ‘Irrecha was Dabalee’ last year we read to the stomach of Irrecha.
′′ Irrecha last year shared by Bilxigin budget, only those who want the system were involved Qeerroo, Bilxiginna said that this year’s Irrecha will not allow the Oromo people to lead Irrecha.
′′ Irrecha is a holiday of people, but the freedom of the people to thank their creator, it is necessary to understand that the meeting of the budget is not invited to each other ′′ The people have called for freedom to celebrate the freedom of every body.

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