Odeeffannoo Sudaan: Sudaan loltoota Impaayera xoophiyaa lola baqachuun

Sudaan loltoota Impaayera xoophiyaa lola baqachuun garasheeti koolu galtummaaf deemaan kanneen lakkoofsan 50 ta’an dabarsitee xoophiyaatti laatte.
Misesnsota poolisii Federaalaa fi raayyaa ittisa biyyaa tahan qabdee garee mootummaatti kennite. Loltoonni kun lola naannoo Humaraati godhame booda mootummaa ganuudhaan gara biyya ollaa Sudaaniitti baqatanii turan.
Haatahuu malee, gochaan Sudaan fudhatte kun seera waraana adddunyaa kan cabsee dha jedhameera.
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According to several people with close contacts inside Eritrea, there is confusion tonight in Asmara after mutinous soldiers stormed and captured the main Eritrean military base in Abiltu, apparently in a coup attempt.
The country’s armed forces are said to be divided and many analysts say it is only a matter of time before President Isaias Afwerki, Eritrea’s brash and steely leader for the past 30 years, is confronted — and most likely from within.
“There’s a lot of dissatisfaction within the armed forces and if this is suppressed, it won’t be the end,” said one Eritrean friend I spoke to.
Eritrea is often called the North Korea of Africa because it is so isolated and authoritarian, with few friends and thousands of defectors in recent years as Mr. Isaias tightens his grip and the economy teeters on the brink of ruin.
The said attempted coup is coming days after Eritrea soldiers supported the Abiy administration in dislodging TPLF from Makelle which was the headquarter of the Tigray regional administration.
SR News

Tagay Gegre Geretsadkan gives update of TPLF military operations – December 2, 2020.
(Courtesy of Tigrai TV)

የዳንሻ፣ ወልቃይት፣ ጠለምት እና ራያ ኗሪዎች ቁጥር ከጦርነቱ ወዲህ በጣም እየጨመረ ነው ነገሩ ከአጎራባች የአማራ ከተሞች ወደዛ ዘመቻ ቤትና መሬት ወረራ መሆኑ ነው።
የነዚህ ወረዳ/ከተሞች ትክክለኛ ኗሪዎች ቁጥርና የአባወራዎች ቁጥር ከትግራይ ክልል መንግሥት እና የፌደራል ስታስቲክስ ብቻ ነው መገኘት ሚችለው። የሁለቱ ተቋማት ንጽጽር ብቻ ነው ተቀባይነት ምኖረው!!
የአስተዳደር ጉዳይም አሁን ላይ በትግራይ ክልል አስተዳደር ስር ሆኖ ህገወጥ ወረራዎች ባግባቡ ከሁለቱ ክልሎችና የፌደራል መንግሥት በሚቋቋመው አካላት ብቻ ሊጠበቅ ይገባል። ከዛ ሪፈረንደም ከትግራይ ክልል መንግሥት እና የፌደራል ስታስቲክስ ብቻ በተገኘው የኗሮዎች መጠን ብቻ ድምጽ ሚሰጥ ይሆናል።
ጦርነቱን አስታኮ በነኚሁ አከባቢዎች በወራሪዎች የተፈጸመው የዘረፋና ህጋዊ የአስተዳደር መዋቅር ማፍረስ እውነት ገለልተኛ የህግ አካል ካሌ በማጣራት ወንጀለኞችን ለህግ ማቅረብ ይኖርበታል። ከዛ ውጪ ወደ ውጪ!!
The Situation Room here is well equipped with secure, advanced communications equipment for the premier to maintain command and control of any point of interest. ha,ha,ha…
ይች ፖስት የፌደሬሽኑን መፍረስ ተለማመዱ እንደማለት ነው። ግን ሀቁ ኢትዮጵያ 11 ራስገዝ የክልል መንግሥታት እና 1 የጋራ የፌደራል መንግሥት ነው ያለን ባሻዬ