”Obsi keenya dhumateera!!” Dhaamsa Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael , pirezdaantii MN Tigraay

”Obsi keenya dhumateera!!” Dhaamsa Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael , pirezdaantii MN Tigraay

Dr. D/Tsiyoon sirna owwaalcha janaraalota lamaanii Maqaleetti geggeeffame irratti har’a imimmaaniin hudhamaa haasawa jabaa gochuun dhugaa jirtu dubbate. Haasawa isaa keessaa qabxiileen gurguddoon kunooti.

– Janaraalonni keenya wareegaman kun amanamtummaa Tigraay tokkummaa Itoophiyaaf qabduuf ragaa guddaa dha. ‘Olaantummaa Tigraay’tu jira jechuun qubni nutti qabamaa ture. Isaan garuu dantaa addaa Tigraayif osoo hin taane Itoophiyaadhaaf wareegaman. 

Humnoonni of tuuloon Tigraayiin jilbeenfachiisuuf shira irratti shira osoo xaxanii, osoma iyyannuu, osoma namni nu dhagahu dhabamuu kunoo dhuma irratti kun dhalate.
– Humnoota of tuuloo sirna federalaawaa sabummaa kana diiganii humnaan aangoo qabachuuf wixxifatan abadan abadan usnee hin laallu.

Mootummaan kun yoo humnoota kanatti iggitii tolchuuf muratee hin hojjenneef obsi keenya dhumateera. Ummanni keenya haala kanaan isaan waliin jiraachuu hin danda’u. Ummanni karaa nagaan sagalee isaa akka murteeffatee galu hiree dhiheessinaaf. (ummanni harka dhaweef)
– Ummanni Tigraay hammeenyaa fi tarkaanfii of tuultotaatiin abadan hin jilbeenfatu, hin hollatu, hin diigamu.

– Yeroo ammaa Itoophiyaa keessatti dimokraasiitu dhufaa jira haa jedhamu malee kun qoosaa dha. Biyyi sirna dhablummaa fokkataa kan qondaalonni gurguddaan akkasitti ajjeefaman keessa jirti.
– Nuti kana booda akka duriitti obsinee hin deemnu. Ummatoonni Itoophiyaas hiriira isaanii sakatta’uu qaban. Humna of tuultuu kaleessa wareegama meeqaan kuffifne yeroo nu yaabbachuuf wixxifattu wal taanee likkii galchuun bakka isaaniitti deebisuu qabna. 

-Seenaan ofirra deebi’a akkuma jedhamu irra deebifnee jilbeefachiifna, nu kajeelu, garuu nun danda’anu, Nuti akka isaanii oduuudhaan osoo hin taane gochaadhaan garsiifna.
-Jaaramnee qabsoo sabootaan wal taanee heeraa fi sirna kana tiksuuf ni qabsoofna

Ethiopia today


የኛ ዘመን

-How many of you agreed with this analysis?

Crocodile tears will buy Abiy Ahmed neither sympathy nor love. Ask me why?

Yes, Gen. Saere Mekonen is worth the tears shed for him. I doubt though Abiy’s tears are sincere. He is crying to get sympathy; his tears would not buy him love nor sympathy.

If it did, given what he has been doing since he came to power (waging war on the OLF, not handshaking the OLF leader Dawud Ibsa publicly, appeasing the Amhara elites who preach the great Ethiopia(Amhara Hegemony) at all costs, kissing the patriarch’s knees, almost raising Haile Selassie and Menelik from the dead, and presenting Berhanu Nega and ESAT as role models), by now he would have everyone’s heart.

All Ethiopians, the Oromos included, now see his utter incompetence just as they see clear morning sun shining. Make no mistake, the crocodile tears he is gushing is reflective of his worries for his future, not of the country as he wants us to believe.

I know for sure he is not someone capable of learning from his past or mistakes. I am sorry for those of you who genuinely believed in his abilities. Shame on you if you are still counting on him to come to senses and ask for help on ways to bring the country together and move forward. Power is addictive especially for the wicked; he is not only wicked but an incompetent person who dreams yo become like a KING.

The irony is that becoming a King requires to win the hearts and minds of millions of people and having the skill to govern. You can’t be King if you can’t drop an iota of tears when your dad goes to his grave. You can’t be a King when you can’t walk an inch without surrounding yourself with armed bodyguards among the people that that look like you.

You can’t be a king just because your mother said so. She would have to raise you in a way that makes you become a King (teaching you how to love others, humble yourself, be sympathetic to the cause of others, stand for the rights and respect the precious lives of women and children, just list a few). Abiy has none of these qualities. Despite her wishes, if she said it, I doubt she raised him this way for if she did, we would have seen him praise his father at least once..

Bedassa Tadesse


On the Assassination of Ethiopia’s army chief, General Saere Mekonen.

Regardless of our differing views about the now dead Ethiopia’s army chief Gen. Saere Mekonen, there are indications that he was one of the very few professional and independent thinking army personnel the country has had for a long time.

He had a very strong view that the federal government should not be involved in regional matters. He maintained this belief throughout his tenure at the country’s department of defense.

This belief and position put the General at odds with the current PM, Abiy Ahmed, who yearns to get involved in all matters that are regional. As a result, even though the PM did not sack the General (for doing so may have potential political consequences), there is info that the General has been grounded for a while before his assassination. It is thus plausible that lax in his security that resulted in his death might have something to do with the gap that exists between the General and the PM.

Given this backdrop, it is ironic to see that the PM shedding crocodile tears at the assassination of one of the professional and independent-minded army chief the country has had. If he did not use his knowledge when he was alive, why shed tears now?

Although I do not know much about the crimes, if any, of the General (as anyone who worked for the EPRDF for the last 29 years can’t be free of everything bad that has been happening in the country), it is important for an independent body to examine what led to the assassination of the independent thinking army chief.

A professional army respects the constitution and the rights of the people. They are loyal to their leaders who shall remain impartial to all people e on those who did not vote for him/her; administers the country followingbthe spirit of the rule of law.

When the leader deviates from the rule of law, the men with the gun start to act in arrogance first to the people, then towards the constitution and finally towards the leaders.

A good shed ensues and instability crops up. In many instances such a fall is followed by a coup. Ethiopia and its incompetent prime minister exemplify this scenario.

“ግንባሬን ከመታኝ እንጂ ጀርባዬን ከተመተው አትቅበሩኝ” .

I am against all forms of violence. I wonder, though, if our own words matter in how we want ti die and get taken care of when the time comes.

The fate and words of Ethiopia’s Amhara Regional State president gives us a perfect example.