Nuti gabrummaa jibbina malee, gabroota hin jibbinu.

Nuti gabrummaa jibbina malee, gabroota hin jibbinu.

Gabrootni gaafa bilisummaa argatan nama guutuu ta’u; akka nama guutuu ta’aniif immoo bilisummaa argachuu qabu, Qabsoon keenyas gabroota keenya mooraa gabrummaa keessa yaafnee akka bilisummaaf hiriiran taasisuu dha.

As irratti waanti hubachuu qabnu ni jira. Dhibeen gabrummaa hamtuu dha. Yeroo garii namoonni nuti mooraa gabrummaa keessaa yaafnee qabsootti hiriirsine mooraa gabrummaatti deebi’uu danda’a.

Namoonni akkasii immoo yeroo hedduu waan babbadaa hedduu hojjachuu malu. Kun sababa irraa maddu qaba. Tokkoffaa, warra deebi’anii itti galan, gabroonfattoota, biratti amanamuuf jecha guddisanii qabsaa’ota irratti duulu; waan babbadaa hedduu dalagu. Kan biraa, badii fi qaanii keessatti kufan dhofkachuuf jecha warra qabsoo haqaa fi bilisummaaf jiraatan maqaa balleessu; qabsaa’ota dhugaa irartti waan bababdaa hedduu dalagan.

Haata’uutii, qabsaa’onni Bilisummaa warra akkanaaf gurra hin kennan. Isaaniif, murteessaan gochaa diinotaa miti; isaaniif murteessaan kaayyoo dha. Kaayyoon isaanii gabroota mara mooraa gabrummaa keessaa baasuu dha; gabroota mara qabsoo farra gabrummaaf hiriirsuu dha; gabroota maratti bilisummaa uwwisuu dha. Kanaaf, kan isaan hadheeffatanii jibban, gabrummaa dha malee gabroota miti! Qabsoon bIlisummaa Oromoos haga galma isaa gahutti yeroof
illee hin boqotu; haga galma isaa gahuttis jabaatee itti fufa!

Dharraan bilisummaa ni milkaa’a!!

Dábessá Gemelal

“Humni faashistii fi weerartuu Abiyyi Ahmad giddu-gala Oromiyaa Ona Gindabaratii fi naannawa sanatti ummata goolaa jiru.
RIB, Kora Bittinneessaa fi Humna Addaa kanneen jedhaman kallattii hedduudhaan ummatatti bobbaafamaa jiru. Humni kunniinis ummata doorsisuu fi shororkeessuun sabatinsi dhorkaa

Namoota hidhuunis akkuma itti fufetti jira.

Hawaasa gara daangaa gammoojjii Gudar, Abbaya (Mormor) fi Mogor jiraatan irratti tarkaanfii manneen jireenyaa isaanii gubuutu mul’ata.

Qabeenya, meeshaalee faayaa, bilbilaa fi kanneen fakkaatan ummata irraa fudhachaa jiru. Hawwanii fi dubartoota irratti gochaa sukkanneessaa akka gudeddii fi namummaa isaanii xiqqeessuu fa’aatu irratti raawwataa jira.

Abuunaa Gindabaratittis kaadiree fi kaabinee buleeyyii hambaa wayyaanee shira bocaniin poolisii fi humni addaa ammoo ergamtoota hoggansa basaastotaa ta’uun mana nama dhuunfaa sakatta’u, nama hidhuu fi reebicha hamaas namarratti raawwachuun ummata dararaa jiru. Jiraattotni Abuunaa Gindabarat kanneen yeroo ammaa hidhaatti rakkachaa jiran obbo Zawudee Abbabee, Taajjabaa Goondii, Kabbee Mul’isaa fi Dargaggoo Tulluu kan jedhamu maatii isaaa waliin.

Haala yeroo ammaa kana mul’achaa jiruunis waraanni Abiy Ahmad waraana dhaabbataa ummata irratti gaggeessuuf waan qophiitti jiru fakkaata. Kanaafis dhiheessii (logistics) waraanaa naannawa sanatti fe’achuutti jiru.

Sagalee nuuf ta’aa hadaraa!”

By: Najat Hamza

Forever Stand with Justice & Freedom

If you want to stand with something, stand with your people thrown away on the street in millions and facing a pandemic. I ask you to stand with and be a voice to Qeerroos and Qarrees currently languishing in prison because they fought for you. I want you stand with opposition party leaders and supporters for their right to support whoever freely.

You can stand with millions of our people who live in rural areas without adequate water, awareness and outreach in the mist of a Pandemic. You can stand with people who cannot stay out of their daily labor to feed themselves and their family hence exposed to the virus. You can stand with university students expelled from their dreams for no reason another than fighting for what is right. The students who was expelled was over 40,000 last time I heard. Our future is being dismantled, our youth having their legs cut from under them. You want advocate for The Godfather’s of these system today? For what?

It is an insult to those who put down their lives, limbs, and their aspirations for freedom of their people. What kind of message is some of us trying to send to the world?

FYI: they are still targeting our people all over and arresting them in the middle of a pandemic!


By: Najat Hamza

Who is Racist!

Traumatic amnesia is forgetting who caused you harm, why you were targeted & why you are fighting to be free! Your opposer cannot be your savior, your champion or your hero. Compassion is for those who validate your humanity & fight to restore your dignity. A misplaced compassion to your tormentor is an affirmation that your harm is valid.

I grew up here in the West, I know the many ugly faces of racism, it’s implications and how toxic it is. Racism kills. However, racism cannot be used by those who chose a group (Oromo) and others by their identity and inflicted harm to them for 27 years as a defense. What was that called? Wasn’t it racism when you targeted us, our affiliations, a way of life, our resources? Was that inclusiveness? What was uprooting over 2.3 million people from their land and leaving them on the streets without no end insight?

What about arbitrary arrests, torture, death, disappearances and dismantling of families and communities because of who they are, an Oromo? Was that not a racism? Or does it only apply when it is between white and black? What about letting people die of Cholera outbreaks to shield your conjectured up image as TPLF? Are we to make you the champion who stood up against racism all of the sudden?

The last 30 years in Ethiopia was led by those who perfected the science of racism down to its fine details. There are no different kind of racism, racism is racism no matter who carries it out.

Racism is…”prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”

“I am proud nigga..” out side home.
“We Ethiopians are different from African “
inside home😀

ሌብነት በወንዝ ልጅነት አይሸፈንም!

Roundup: Ethiopia eyes replicating China’s successes in applying traditional medicine to contain COVID-19

ADDIS ABABA, April 9 (Xinhua) — The Ethiopian government on Thursday expressed its keen interest to replicate China’s positive experience in terms of effectively applying traditional Chinese medicine to successfully contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the East African country.

This came after high-level officials from the Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MoIT) as well as the Ethiopian Ministry of Health (MoH) held a video conference with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners and researchers on ways of applying the TCM therapy towards controlling the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the country, the MoIT disclosed in a statement issued on Thursday.

“China, in particular, has agreed to provide to Ethiopia the two types of Chinese traditional medicines that the country applied to successfully treat the first two stages of the novel coronavirus,” a statement from the Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology read.

The MoIT, noting China’s readiness to share its experiences in successfully applying traditional medicinal products in its COVID-19 control operations, also disclosed that the Chinese side also agreed to help institutionalize Ethiopia’s thousands-years-long traditional medicine practice though technological, material and professional supports that would eventually uplift the use of Ethiopian traditional medicine in the East African country’s fight against the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Ethiopia’s Minister of Innovation and Technology Abraham Belay also stressed during the teleconference meeting with the traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and researchers that the Chinese engagement and support “is injecting a major boost in Ethiopia’s efforts to prevent and contain the spread of coronavirus.”

The Ethiopian innovation and technology minister also reiterated the East African country’s keen interest to collaborate with China in terms of replicating China’s successes towards boosting traditional medicines in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ethiopia, Africa’s second populous nation with over 107 total population, is the latest African country to show keen interest in the use of traditional Chinese medicine.

As the African continent faces an increasingly severe COVID-19 epidemic situation as over 10,692 COVID-19 cases have been reported in some 52 African countries, traditional Chinese medicine is gaining popularity across the continent as it proves effective in treating coronavirus patients in China.

Over decades, Chinese medical teams in Africa have established a solid reputation for applying TCM therapy to treat diseases, many of which are chronic and difficult. Enditem