Now Habeshas are openly saying ‘we are from Levant’!!

Now Habeshas are openly saying ‘we are from Levant’.

We have been telling you this for decades. You all are bunch of immigrants to Ethiopia, not just genetically but more in fact of culturally. The cultural signature of Abyssinian has nothing Ethiopian, its language, script, religion etc is completely from Levant, Israel, Egypt and Yemen.

This is also why we say Ethiopia needs big cultural revolution, we can’t send you back to Levant but we can change what Ethiopia should look like. It should look like African, not Levantine or MIddle Eastern.

What about the Agazi stuff though? Alula Solomon I need answer. Is Agazi immigration the same as the Levant one?

Biyya Oromiyaa

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  1. Mr. Biyya Oromiyaa, I am 100% sure Mr. Alula Solomon cannot give you the exact answer for Agazi. There is no a tribe or an ethnic which is called “Agazi”. The word “Agazi” is derived from the Proto-Semetic word “gaza” means invade, and sometimes writen “ghaza” which means warrior, and also used as military title in Middle East untill today. So, when the ancient Yemeni Himyarites crossed Red Sea and migrated into Horn of Africa, they used to call themselves as “Ghazi”, warriors.

    Although I believe the above narration is a justification of Habeshas
    immigration, but what connected Himyarites, Qatabans, Hadramauts and Sabeans in Yemen with the Levantines which was geographically located in Israel and Lebanon of today, if not they are desparately trying to assotiate themselve to the Israelites.

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