Do NOT try this at home


  • A woman from China has spectacularly failed at the ‘corn drill challenge’
  • A lock of her hair gets caught in the rotating drill and is torn from her scalp 
  • She was attempting to eat a cob of corn in under tens seconds using a drill
  • The woman now has to live with a large bald patch on the front of her head

A woman will spend years regrowing a tuft of hair on the front of her head after partaking in an unusual new internet challenge that sees people eat corn from a rotating power drill.

An eye-watering video emerged on Sunday of a unidentified woman’s failed attempt at the ‘corn drill challenge’ which shows the excruciating moment a lock of her hair is caught in the power tool and ripped from her scalp.

The shocked woman doesn’t appear to make a sound as she reaches up to feel the large bald patch on her head as the long strands of her dark hair still rotate on the drill in front of her.