No to Oromo double dealers today and forever!

No to Oromo double dealers today and forever!

Lenco Lata’

A disgraced old man! Sad really! Ezkeil and the rest of these double dealers want to be leaders of the Oromo now, because their “democratized” Ethiopia is going to remain a pipe dream, whereas a Sovereign and Independent Republic of Oromia is going to be born with the SACRIFICES of our brothers and sisters whom they were CAMPAIGNING to disarm just two years ago! Talk about a shameless bunch!

By No to Oromo double dealers today and forever!


  1. The narcissism of Ezkeil Gebissa has no bounds! Like all merchants of bad ideas, i.e, “intellectuals,” he was running around Oromia telling our people to disarm, just three years ago, because “the Oromo have won!” Oops,NOT QUIET! Now, he wants to show us another NEW roadmap to our Freedom, all over again! LOL…

    About two years ago, as soon as he realized that his best friends, the Cadres of the OPDO and Abiy’s Security Forces were waiting for an opportune time to nab him, he run back to the United States, where he knows he will be safe to wait it out for another opportunity for a Ministerial Portfolio from a ‘democratized’ Ethiopia, his third lousy idea. The man has no shame and he thinks Oromo Nationalist are like the rest of his traitor friends, equipped ONLY with short term memory! LOL…

    I doubt it that he even informed his “best” friend Jawar Mohammed, of his decision to sneak out of Ethiopia to ‘save his skin,’ lest his plan be known by too many people…

  2. I was gone for about a week, and now, I have a lot of comments to read! You Amigos have been busy! LOL

    I remember specifically posting a Comment on the Oromia 11 Tv channel, when Obbo Ezkeil announced his new creation, the World Oromo Congress. The gist of what I said then was that, if this Organization is ready to stand with the Oromo Liberation Army, many of us will not only cheer them on, but we will also stand by them…Alas, that is not what this man is doing: he just created a tool so he can become an “influencer” of Oromo politics and real leaders!
    He has been watching Social Media for way too long, I suppose…LOL If he were sincere in his efforts, why not work with the actual leaders we already have in the shape of the OLA Command? That would have made a difference; but he knows his recent history with our fighters stinks, so he does not want to go down that road! How about helping them financially, if he doesn’t want to “tarnish his reputation” among his circle of Western and Habesha Ethiopianist friends? Obbo Ezkeil, you could have done that quietly and no one would have known…LOL

    No, no, no, he does not want to do any of those things! He wants to show us another way (a roadmap) to free our people; as if his existing track record with the Oromo people is credible! The man is clueless, shameless or both!

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