No surprise that even today, Egypt quotes Menelik’s agreement in its plight with the UN Security Council.

The genocider ”emiye” was busy selling slaves and buying European weapons to kill Oromos that he never cared about anything else. He imported most of his weapons from Italy, France, and England. Why do you think he signed the 1902 Nile Water agreement with England? Why do you think he voluntarily gave Eritrea to Italy? Why do you think he voluntarily gave Djibouti to France? These countries received their share because they helped him kill millions of southern people.

The Shoan ”Solomonic dynasty” was preoccupied about Oromos since at least 1750s and they never cared about anything else except defeating the Oromo.

The French jet Rafale Egypt can easily penetrate the poorly equipped GERD air defense. It is better to negotiate than face off with much bigger threat. Remember also that Egypt has both Russia and USA in its pocket.

Daily News Egypt

Egyptian army is one of strongest regionally, and remains wise in protecting rather than threatening. Our army is ready to defend #Egypt’s national security inside and outside its borders: President Al #Sisi

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Gedeo is in a precarious situation with limited prospect of becoming a state. The Abbaa Duulaa plan has suggested it to be ”special zone”, a very unconstitutional suggestion (the constitution only knows state, woreda and kebele).

We have heard from all other activists of many nationalities, but why are we not hearing from Gedeo activists? Gedeo is linguistically highly related (65% lexical similarity) with Sidama, but it is also economically highly integrated with coffee farming west Guji Oromo. Linguistically, Gedeo should be part of Sidama, but economically it makes sense to merge it with West Guji.

Gedeo can be also a state by itself too, however overcrowded the space it occupies is.

Biyya Oromiyaa