No force of evil shall ever hinder the ultimate victory of the Oromo people: The quest for national self-determination

No force of evil shall ever hinder the ultimate victory of the Oromo people: The quest for national self-determination

Date: October 23, 2019

The Global Gumii Oromia (GGO) is a civic organization created by Oromo professionals residing in North America and around the globe to mobilize resources to assist Oromo victims of human rights abuses, injustices, displacements and dislocations by political and natural disasters; to create favorable environment to build awareness for sustainable development and empowerment; and to maintain, preserve and promote Oromo culture, history, and language.

The Oromo people have been struggling for years for freedom from occupation, domination, exploitation, and impoverishment. Millions have been sacrificed, arrested, tortured, maimed, mutilated, and killed; they have been prevented from having meaningful and productive lives. Extrajudicial killings, arrests without warrants have still continued.

In the midst of the bloody struggles, some gains like semblance of regional self-administration and the official use of Afaan Oromoo have been achieved.  Nevertheless, the old occupiers have been and are still conspiring to roll back the gains and put back Oromia under the defunct Neftanga System for re-occupation and continue the exploitation.

In the face of the Neftanga struggle to revive and resuscitate their exploitative system, the Oromo have not consolidated their resources, forces and unity efficiently to defend Oromia and the Oromo people. Generally the people and their political leaders currently face internal and external challenges critical to the Oromo and Oromia peace, security, progress and development.

Wollega, Guji, Boorana, Wollo, Dirre Dawaa, and parts of Central Oromia are under Command posts, which terrorize the Oromo people. In these regions, the military kills our people at will. Tens of thousands have been thrown into jails outside their localities to deny them family visitation. Peace and security are deteriorating from day to day.  The Ethiopian government is not willing to negotiation with the militants, but brutally kill the people to scare them away from supporting the rebel group. Under these circumstances, farmers could not plant during the rainy season due to fear of military harassment, beating, arresting and killings. The military is forcing farmers to cut their coffee trees and crops claiming that Oromo fighters are hiding in them. Normal economic and social activities have been disrupted. There is fear of food shortage unless assistance program is put in place quickly.

The Ethiopian government uses tax payers money (public funds and resources) to wage a propaganda war on independent Oromo political organizations and activists in order to divide the cohesive qeerroo-qarree movement and weaken the Oromo society. It fears the unity and strength of qeerroo-qarree movement that toppled the brutal TPLF regime. Instead of devising a solution to address the high rate of unemployment, the government is working hard to divide the Oromo youth to weaken their unity by instigating tensions, fear and conflicts among them. With the huge army of unemployed youth, there is no guarantee for peace, security and stability.

The TPLF regime has left behind the rampant corrupt system and structure that continue robbing our people. Government Service provision is dependent on graft, partisanship and nepotism instead of responsibility and accountability. The bureaucracy is still occupied by killer cadres that are supported by the corrupt justice system and courts. Public grievances have reached climax.

The Neftenga invaders and occupiers have been exploiting Oromia for the last 130 years. Instead  of correcting the systemic injustices, the Prime Minister is openly and officially praising the glory of brutal killers like Meinlik, causing a huge rift, polarization and conflict among the people. The Primer Minister is promoting a misguided policy to resurrect the dead neftegna system under the cover of democracy, equality, justice using his “new philosophy of MEDEMER”.

The ultimate goal of “new philosophy of MEDEMER” is to use democracy, equality, justice and free mobility as a cover to allow the neftagna children to move to Oromia and revive their domination and exploitation. The recent open campaign by the Prime Minister against the OMN (Oromia Media Network) and the assassination attempt to eliminate Activist Jawar Mohammed is aimed at satisfying these demands of neftagna children. This is a deliberate attack that is aimed at completely silencing the Oromo Quest for national self-determination. We condemn these brutal acts and call upon the Ethiopian government to immediately stop its madness; instead, respect the rights of individuals and groups that are enshrined in its constitution, including the right of nations, nationalities and peoples to national self-determination.

We call upon all citizens of Oromia and Oromo Political Organizations to stand in unison and develop a strategy to mobilize our people and resources for defending the rights of our citizens and Oromia.

We call upon all Oromo Media to work tirelessly and expose to the world public the brutal killings, imprisonments, harassments that take place in Oromia and beyond.

We call upon all armed forces in Ethiopia; the military, the police and the security apparatus to resist and fully reject Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s commands of killing unarmed, innocent civilians; instead stand with and defend their people.

We call upon all political leaders and activists to act responsibly and call for early elections, by demand the resignation of Dr. Abiy Ahmed, to save the people from the unfolding civil war.

We call upon the world powers to use their diplomatic leverages and stop the Ethiopia government from taking the empire down to the road of devastating civil war.

We call upon Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to immediately relinquish his power and resign from his post, dissolve his cabinet, dissolve the parliament, demolish all command posts and other institutions of oppression, and call for early election, per Ethiopian constitution, so that people elect their true leaders.

Finally, we would like to remind the Ethiopia government and Primer Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed that “no force of evil shall ever hinder the ultimate victory the oppressed people, the realization of the Oromo quest for national self-determination.”

Global Gumii Oromia,

October 23, 2019,
Washington DC

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  1. Indeed, no force of evil can stop the great Oromo people from achieving their inalienable freedom and attaining justice!

    Like any Oromo in exile, I have followed what have been unfolding in the country anxiously. The past one year and half has been extremely tricky for the Oromo people, and most of us found it difficult whether to lend full support to Dr Abiy’s administration or whether to maintain effective opposition. We were told that the OPDO/ODP was changing and aligning themselves with the Oromo so as to redress the crimes they committed against our people on the orders of TPLF. Tragically, it did not take Dr Abiy Ahmed beyond his inaugural speech to add salt to old Oromo wounds, by praising the long gone neftegna system and lionizing brutal leaders such as Menilik II. Yet, most of us wanted to wish that he was ilma Abba Gadaa, and would eventually become the darling son of the Oromo, who would transit Ethiopia to a democratic country where the rights of its nation nationalities will be respected, and the Oromo will enjoy shared freedoms and justices.

    Unfortunately, Dr Abiy has allowed himself to be hypothesized by neftegna’s fairy tales, and has chosen to live and function in the realms of fantasy. He has chosen to throw the aspirations of the the Oromo people under the bus, and isolated himself from his constituents, using the ladder the anti-Oromo neo-neftegna have provided him with in order to help him climb down. He has been waging war on our people in different parts of the country including west Oromia (Wallaga), south Oromia (Gujii), etc., and we have been holding our breath hoping that the ODP rank and file would wake up to the truth and decide not to repeat the sufferings on our people. Nevertheless, the more patient the Oromo people are, the more emboldened the neo-neftegna and the more nasty surprises we get from Abiy Ahmed who uses his office to undermine Oromo interests in order to advance the interests of the anti-Oromo neo-neftegna.

    Now, the neo-neftegna who are confident that they have done very well in isolating Abiy from his power base have started to unleash their savage attacks not only on Oromo interests but also on Oromo prominent personalities. The attempted assassination on Jawar Mohammed is neither an isolated event nor ordinary incident. The pseudo Ethiopians who have been engaged in ethnic cleansing of the Qimant, Gumuz, Wallo Oromo, etc., consider Jawar Mohammed, a well educated politically conscious Oromo, and his media which does not shy away from reporting the truth as obstacle to their objectives. Similarly, the neo-neftegna, who are handling Abiy Ahmed, see Jawar and other Oromo nationalists as the enemies who can scrutinize their anti-Oromo deceptions. So, they moved to use their long hands through the beaurucracy they control, and used the federal police authorities to orchestrate the attack on Jawar Mohammed to silence Oromo voices. That remains the dream they will never achieve!

    Fortunately, this is the era of politically enlightened qeerroo and qarree, and the time the anti-Oromo would extinguish Oromo lights and get away with their crimes is over. The time they handle Oromo office holders and use them to inflict sufferings to the great Oromo people and enjoy their high lives in Finfinnee, consuming the resources of Oromia will bee over soon too. Silencing Jawar Mohammed or any current Oromo prominent individuals will never happen and no attempts by the neo-neftegna or the regime will silence qeerroo and qarree. As the Oromo defenders have clearly exhibited, the Oromo people are not only capable of protecting their leaders but also are ready to rise up in unison and achieve their freedom, and protect their gains from enemies. Very well done qeerroo and qarree!

    Now, the onus is on the ODP in general and Dr Abiy Ahmed and Lemma Megerssa in particular. They must wake up to the reality and realign themselves with the great Oromo people, who entrusted them with their hard won gains putting them in the driver’s seat of the transition from tyranny to democracy. Dr Abiy must order investigation into the attempt on Jawar Mohammed and also apologize to the Oromo people and other historically subjugated nation nationalities, for naively allowing the neo-neftegna to resurface and use his office to add insults to the injuries their fathers inflicted on the Oromo and others in the name of Ethiopia. Dr Abiy must also take responsibility for the chaotic situations in the country and sincerely apologize to the families whose loved ones lives were cut short by security personnel and unruly militia.

    Moreover, the great Oromo people, qeerroo and qarree as well as nation nationalities must not forget what the neftegna had done to those whom they considered ethnic others, and what the neo-neftegna are aspiring for. Snyder reminds us how following the end of cold war people have forgotten the traumas of fascism, Nazism and communism, and states that “we lowered our defences, constrained our imagination, and opened the way for precisely the kinds of régimes we told ourselves could never return”. Qeerroo and qarree never lower your defences; never go back to deep sleep. As Jawar has reminded you; “always keep one eye open when you sleep”. Beware of the brewing situations in the country and be ready to defend yourselves and your people. Keep united and organized so as to ascertain your freedom and get justice for your people. Remember; we are Oromo before we are anything else. “In politics, being deceived is no excuse”!

    Truth and justice prevail!

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