No Dramas! Justice must be served to the victims of the fascist Naftegna government.

No Dramas! Justice must be served to the victims of the fascist Naftegna government.
A call for the international investigation into the assassination of the former FM Siyoum Mesfin is growing.The public commentators and international personalities who knew and closely worked with the late Ethiopian foreign minister Siyoum Mesfin are outraged at his (and his colleages) brutal killing by the Neo-Naftegna fascist government in power.
The world community decry the Ethiopian Naftegna government’s barbarism, uncivilized arbitrary criminal acts, inhumanity and a sheer contempt for democracy and human rights.
Oromo, Teagrayan and the oppressed people of the South in general should get united firmly to demand justice for the cold-bloodly assassainated former governmlent official who used to represent a sovereign country at the international diplomatic arenas, as well as for the murder of the Oromo popular artist Hacalu Hundessa .
Hacalu’s assassinaiton case has also an international dimension, of which the main heavy weight international media had widely reported emphasizing particularly the more than hundred people’s death toll in the aftermath of that tragic incident.
All peace-loving and democratic-minded people in and outside Ethiopia should air their voices at all international association levels, including the African Union and the United Nation’s legal instances.
Justice must be served to the victims of the fascist Naftegna government.
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No Drama!

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Stupid drama !!

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  1. our brothers eritreans killed our children, mothers, aunts and uncles and great grand fathers !! . Ahwatina eritrewyiyan are heroes !! destroyed our heritages too. Words fail me to express and introduce you all those atrocities perpetrated by eritreans and those silences by eritrean refuges in abroad in a bid to remain innocent and cover up teh crimes committed by their people. eritrean refugees still contine to claim eritrea soldiers donot cross Ethiopian border .They just fear only for the safety of their family living in ethiopia and tigray is an exist for them to claim a better future overseas.

    they killed us because woyane killed them for over 45 years and made them to flee eritrea and live a luxurious life in Europe , US and UK.Excellent story drafted and dessiminated by PJDF and accepted by eritreans undoubtedly as word of Allah.Insha Allah !

    lastly, I donot see Oromo people condemning the war in Tigray and join their borthers and sisters in demonstration. You know many of soldiers in EDF, ethiopian forces are Oromos. Iis is our history and that of yours , afterall!

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