General Berhanu Jula

Addis Abeba, September 11/2019 – General Berhanu Jula, Deputy Chief of Staff and military operations head of the Ethiopian Armed Forces told Ethiopian Press Agency that the national defense force have recently captured “some members” of ISIS in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Defence Force says it has captured ‘many’ ISIS operatives in Jigjiga, Diredawa and Moyyale. I can imagine the case of Moyyale, there are many Garri (confused group of people who speak Oromo but consider themselves Somali) extremists who openly invited Al-Shabab to fight the Boorana in 2017 (have settled them on Boorana land since then), but not sure about Dirree and Jigjiga. ISIS will continue to find recruits in Ethiopia while running a propanda campaign from our major cities such as Finfinne, Diredawa and Jigjiga. In some areas of Ethiopia, including Oromiyaa, the ideology ISIS follows, Wuhabism, is alive and kicking. You can find big people in the Federal Majlis following Wuhabism. They are called quietists while ISIS is called violent Jihadists. Their core velief is pretty much the same.Biyya Oromiyaa

I don’t think ISIS is a threat right now. But it can be huge problem if we are not vigilant enough not only on the military and intelligence front, but also ideological front.

According to the General, although repeated attempts by ISIS to mobilize itself around various places in Ethiopia have largely been foiled, the government has enough intelligence about the presence of individuals hailing from various places in Ethiopia and who are trained and indoctrinated by ISIS militants.

“At the moment members of ISIS, what they are doing, where they are moving around, who they have established contacts with, the identities of their members in cities and what they are doing, as well as what their plans are and other details that cannot be mentioned here are under our strict surveillance,” EPA quoted General Berhanu.

The General emphasized that the national defense forces were working day and night to protect the people of Ethiopia from any kind of danger. “Members of the national defense force know no break. There is no time we are resting.”

According to him, at times it is unnecessary to apprehend an individual because greater care should be exerted not to lose sight of the bigger picture and considering the ease to follow the rule of law to apprehend suspects.

He however dismissed information by ISIS that it has a presence in Ethiopia as a “psychological warfare. “The people of Ethiopia will not be intimidated and scared by this,” he said and added ISIS has no capacity to enter and operate in Ethiopia.

Source= AS