Neo-Neftegna:Demonise the Oromo people & their institutions (OMN, OLF, OFC) as extremist, terrorist, uncivilised & barbaric

Neo-Neftegna:Demonise the Oromo people & their institutions (OMN, OLF, OFC) as extremist, terrorist, uncivilised & barbaric!

By Dr. Awol Kassim Allo

“The campaign by the neo-neftegna corner against the Oromo quest for a dignified existence is coordinated from Minilik’s palace. Abiy is the “good Oromo” saving the empire from the Oromo, a nation whose longstanding demand for inclusion & justice has been dismissed as extreme.

A critical part of this strategy is to demonise the Oromo people & their institutions (OMN, OLF, OFC) as extremist, terrorist, uncivilised & barbaric. Subsequent Ethiopian govt’s policed, controlled, & persecuted people of the south and their ways of being and acting.

The latest campaign is a continuation of the same processee of demonisation and dehumanisation of Oromos & their institutions. There is even a lawsuit against OMN in Maryland in which plaintiff alleges to have suffered distress bc OMN caused internet shutdown. I kid you NOT.

Once this narrative is grounded, the multinational federal system that allowed the various nations and nationalities to exercise a semblance of autonomy will be blamed for division & violence.

The unitary camp, and the state media are beamoning how the conditions of possibility created by the federal order to recognise and acknowledge the existence of various groups is undermining their narrow view of Ethiopianess – a totalising and exclusive ideology.

Abiy and the neo-neftegna corner agree on one thing: dismantling the multinational federal order, and replacing it with geographic federalism – an exercise in futility that is absolutely incongruent with the multinational character of the Ethiopian state.

This will give Abiy’s childhood dream of becoming the 7th King a plausible path. Perhaps a monarch would be too archaic a title these days but he has made clear his preference for a presidential system – the closest to being His Majesty. That is what is behind this campaign.”

አማርኛ ዜና – የኦነግ ቅሬታ፣ የኦነግ ከፍተኛ አመራሮች በመንግስት ሀይሎች ከታሰሩ ቦኋላ የት እንዳሉ አይታወቅም ተባለ። ሀምሌ 17/2012 ዓ.ም

Odeessa QBO haala yeroo irratti | Qeerroo fi Qarreen, akkasumas, Sabboontotni Oromoo Magaalotaa fi Gandeen Oromiyaa danuu keessaa adamfamuun gara mana hidhaatti guuramaa jiraachuu | Haala hamaa Uummatni Oromoo keessa jiru | RSWO – Adoolessa 23, 2020

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  1. Demonizing and character assassination of the great Oromo nation coupled with inhumane treatments of the nation nationalities of Ethiopia did work for the naftagna in the past. By continuing the usual evil policies of their predecessors, the neo-naftagna gangsters and gangs hope that a doctrine of hatred against the Oromo people would work for them again. Abiy Ahmed’s immature utterance of his late mother’s dreams of him becoming “King Abiy VII of Ethiopia” helped to exhume and resuscitate the long died and buried hopes of the return of the naftagna system to Ethiopia. They tiptoed to handling him and discovered weak links and possible opportunities, his inflated egos as well as his political naivety; they even learned that he has unparalleled anti-Oromo attitudes, which propelled their own egos of reincarnating Imperial Ethiopia.

    The neo-naftagna have mobilized naftagna media and the resources they have robbed from our people for over a century to mould Abiy Ahmed’s Administration to carry out their ambitions of destroying primarily the Oromo people and then the multi-federation arrangements. Since they clearly understand that the great Oromo people are the main guarantee to the multinational federation and Oromia has been their primary source of economic benefits, they have continued relentless anti-Oromo propagandas and defamation.

    Deception and cruelty being their defining characteristics, the neo-naftagna are engaged in multiple fascistic attacks on the Oromo people using the Ethiopian regime bureaucracy as well as numerous false media outlets. Demonizing the great Oromo people as a nation and Oromo political and media institutions, therefore, is part of the ferocious attacks and disinformation campaigns by the anti-Oromo naftagna and the neo-naftagna regime of Ethiopia.

    In order to get to the deep seated anti-Oromo rhetoric of the naftagna/neo-naftagna pseudo Ethiopians, Haacaaluu Hundeessaa’s big question, “saba guddaa maaliif xurreessani?”, must be asked by Oromo of all walks of life, and answered unambiguously. Once every Oromo understands the core objectives of the anti-Oromo hatemongers, fighting the enemies and defeating their evil ambitions of destroying the great nation will be easier.

    To this end, the great Oromo people have truth and just cause to pursue, which weighs more than the unjust causes pursued by the neo-naftagna who are toiling to reimpose the most uncivilized and barbaric form of government, the naftagna system, on the Ethiopian nations. Above all, the Oromo people are endowed with politically conscious qarree and qeerroo who not only understand neo-naftagna motives and political deceptions but also are ready to work in unison and shape their own future and the destiny of our people. Neo-naftagna fascistic political moves can never get footholds in Oromia as far as our qeerroo and qarree work in unison and our people understand what is at stake and rally behind our heroes and heroines.

    That is, the neo-naftagna fascistic attacks and propagandas against our people may help to make Abiy Ahmed the new “Emiye Menilik”, “Benito Mussolini” or “Adolf Hitler” in the process, however, they will never succeed to return the clock back to the era when the Oromo people and nation nationalities of Ethiopia would be taken for ride by the naftagna/neo-naftagna. Oromo, qeerroo, qarree and nation nationalities of Ethiopia must work in unison to defeat the neo-naftagna ambitions of returning to Imperial Ethiopia which would nurture naftagna/neo-naftagna gangsters and gangs on the shoulders of the Ethiopian peoples. The Oromo people must be organized ever more and promote capable leaders who can provide exceptionally high leadership in order to abort neo-naftagna disastrous ambitions ascertain the freedom of our people.

    Truth and justice prevail!
    Oromia shall be free!

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