Neo-Naftanyas: Prof. Mekuria Bulcha Urgent attention!! United Nations and Eskender

Neo-Naftanyas: Prof. Mekuria Bulcha Urgent attention!! United Nations and Eskender

Dear OSA members,
We know that the Oromo nation is being demonized daily by neo-naftanyas in the diaspora and their media in the name of the Amhara people. As you can hear in the attached radio interview given by Professor Getachew Haile, now they are accusing our people at the UN. Ironically, the Oromo people are being insulted and wrongly accused than ever before in their history by known Oromo-phobic individuals like Propher Getachew Haile whose hatred, false accusation and demonization of the Oromo people is well documented in his own social media and ”academic” writings. These false accusation should be met in an organized manner in public. Therefore,

I urge Oromo Community members in the US to contact immediately the UN office where Getachew Haile and Eskinder Nega and their associates had been and explain the Oromo view about what is happening in Oromia.
Ask the UN Human Rights Office to conduct an immediate on site investigation of the accusations tabled against Qeerroo/the Oromo nation by Oromo-phobic individual like Professor Getachew Haile. Ask from the UN officials they had met for a copy of their accusation against the qeerroo and the Oromo nation.

Hatemongers should brought before law. They will provoke civil war which could lead to mass killing they wish to occur in Oromia. They think and wish to achieve their objective that way; return to naftanya dominated Ethiopia. NB. They want to create conditions for genocide to occur in Oromia. (for the history of genocide in Ethiopia, I urge you to read my article ”Genocidal Violence in the Making Nation and State in Ethiopia”, published in African Sociological Review, vol. 9, no. 2, in 2005. The article will tell who the genocidal killers were and could be even today in Ethiopia.

We must also demand that the Ethiopian government to a report regarding the accusation tabled against the qeerroo and the Oromo nation.

The neo-naftanya in the diaspora will divide our people along religious lines by accusing the qeerroo as messengers of a Muslim leader. The trick had served them in the past to get assistance from the Christian West. It shouldn’t be allowed now!

I alert Oromo organizations in Europe and around the globe to give attention to the ongoing defamation campaign against the Oromo people. The neo-naftanya are accusing us for crimes their forefathers had committed against the peoples of the South. The Oromo, the Kaficho, Walaita, Gimira, etc. still remember what the armies of Menelik did to their forefathers in the 1880s and 1890s and even later.

I urge Oromo media to deal with the matter with their usual dignified safuu and professional approach. Mind you, it is hooligans not journalists, who are accusing our people on the naftanya media outlets. Ethics, traditional or journalistic, is unknown even to them.
Let us defend the truth, the name and dignity of our people in a dignified manner with evidence. Please spread this information. Truth will prevail as usual!

Mekuria Bulcha.
Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo


#Nigaatuu_Taddassaa_dhabaa jedhamaa dhalataa godinaa #wallagga bahaa Aanaa #Waayyuu tuqaati. Special Commandoo Masaraa Mootummaa fi VIP Dr Abiyyii tahe Osoo hojjetuu daba masaraa mootummaa keessaa bahuun gochaa ummaata Oromoo irraatti taha jiru wanta mormee fi #WBO waliin hidhata qaba jechuun waan shakkaniif ammaa ukkamsanii fuudhanii iddootti hidhaan hin beekamu jedha hiriyaan isaa maqaan akka dhahamuu hin barbaanne tokko. Nigaatuun bara bara 1999 waraanaa mootummaatti makamee bara 2008 yeroo fincila diddaa garbummaa oromoon sana dhiise bahe Dura taha Qeerroo Aanaa waayyuu tuqaa tahe hojjete jira. Waamicha bara 2011 Lammaa magaarsaa dhalatoota Oromootif godheen gara hojittii deebi’ee Masaraa mootummaa keessa VIP Dr Abiyyii hojjechaa osoo jiru kan too’atame.

Qeerroo baha Afrikaa


  1. Thank you very much, Professor Mekuria Bulcha, for drawing attention to this urgent matter.

    The great Oromo people have faced extremely alarming threats from the neftegna and neo-neftegna, who are using old tactics coated in modern languages. The homophobic anti-Oromo lunatic fringes have embarked on false accusations of qeerroo in order to discredit them, and destroy the great Oromo people. The world must be educated about the truth of the great Oromo people, who have great culture and immense potential to make Ethiopia in particular and the world in general a better place. This is not the 19th century where the anti-Oromo neftegna and neo-neftegna are allowed to ride international arenas on fabricated stories and get away with their crimes. Oromo intellectuals, professionals, politicians, civic and community organizations, political organizations and individual Oromo citizens must act in unison as well as in private to shade lights on the truth, and get justice for the great Oromo people. This must go beyond press releases and put pressure on the UN to carry out independent investigations into the matters, and also force the Ethiopian government to go public with the findings of their investigations to put the records straight. Those with genuine and true stories must raise their voices and be heard rather than those with hatred shouting false stories. This must be taken extremely seriously and bring the Ethiopian dark side to light.

    I prefer not to go into details here, however, I confidently put my trust in Oromo organizations and influential Oromo personalities that they will put their weights behind clearing the name of the great Oromo people. A task force entrusted with coordinating and leading the efforts of dealing with this issue must be set up, and deal with the legal proceedings.

    Truth and justice prevail!

  2. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the timely national call extended by Professor Makuria that needs needs to be considered by OSA without any unnecessary delay.

    Therefore, I hereby urge OSA to draft a petition to be signed by as many OSA members as possible and be forwarded to the appropriate office.


    Kano Banjaw, Ph.D.

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