Are they going to succeed? The Neftegnas are working hard to divide Oromo and weaken Oromia! 

Are they going to succeed? The Neftegnas are working hard to divide Oromo and weaken Oromia! 

History repeats itself. During the occupation of Oromia, around 150 years ago, Menelik II used exactly the same tactics, which are going on now. Menelik befriended with Gobana Daachi and pitted out one part of Oromo against the other. That worked out effectively for him.

Haile Selassie used the same tactics to divide Oromo into provinces, religions and privileges. He never used the word Oromo, which would unite the Oromo people, instead he used a derogatory name ‘Galla’, which the Oromo never liked because it was such a humiliating word, ‘Galla’.  The Oromo preferred to be called by local area names instead. For example, some preferred to be called: ‘Ye Baalee lij’, ‘Ye Jimmaa lij’, ‘Ye Wollo lij’, etc. rather than to be labelled Galla. Haile Selassie effectively used one local against another to divide and rule.

Since the inception of the Oromo Liberation Front, the Oromo began opening  their eyes.  OLF could bring together the Oromo people, which were divided into provinces and locales. The pride of the word Oromo re-instated. The name of a region ‘Oromia’ formed.

The TPLF, recognizing that the old tactic doesn’t work anymore, created a surrogate organization called OPDO. For the last 27 years, they used this organization as a gateway into the local areas of Oromia. The servant (OPDO) effectively served TPLF to exploit the Oromo and Oromia. One who opposed the OPDO rule went either into jail, exile or exterminated. Thousands were tortured, humiliated and dispossessed under their rule. To be different from its predecessors, the TPLF recognized the territory and language of Oromia, because it was the demand of the OLF which united the people.

Finally, when the divide and rule and the use of a surrogate organization could not work any more, the TPLF came with another tactic. It gave power to the people whom it brainwashed and could effectively carry out its hidden agenda.Through this, the TPLF are  wanting to suppress/abort the struggle of the Oromo people. But, the OPDO understood that the TPLF, which came from a small minority population, can not be  a ‘good master’ anymore. Thus, it is in the process of changing its master to the old one whose rule could span over one hundred years. It is now wagging it tail for the Habesha, back to the square one.

The Neftegna (Habesha) groups are in a rush now to take this unearned opportunity. They are using the old tactics designed by Menelik and effectively carried out by Haile Selasse or Mengistu Haile Mariam, which is divide and rule. They are working day and night. Can they succeed? Time will tell.

Characteristics that can describes the so called OPDO(ODP)- the anti-Oromo and Oromia Organization since its inception.

1. Dependent on others for everything
2. Anti- Oromo views and agenda
3. Full of an inferiority complex since its inception
4. Full of jealousy because of OLF’s popularity among the Oromo people.
5. Many of them are morons
6. Many of them are Neftegna and those who are not Neftegna have  Neftegna mentality
7. OPDO has grandiose complex (The frog wanted to be as big as the elephant and burst. ~ Ethiopian Proverb) they wants to control the Oromo beyond its capability
8. Disrespectful of the people they are trying to lead (the so called president of  Oromia  was trying to tel the Oromo people he is the only lion in Oromia nobody else)
9. Enemy style by being suspicious of the people they say are leading
10. Opportunistic in hijacking and aborting the struggle of the Oromo people since its inception
11. Shallow thinkers, they only think for today there is no tomorrow
12.they are  mindless, want to lead with borrowed mind instead of their own mind or intelligence.
13. Power thirsty and ready to kill anybody who crosses their way for power not to lead.

What is the solution to stand against these power thirsty creatures
a. Strength your unity of purpose
b. Draw clear strategies that move toward your freedom
c. Know that waiting for any good and constructive gesture from OPDO is like waiting for a dove from a snake’s egg.
d. Not to listen cheap Neftegnas media propaganda
e. Stand together all the time! Don’t even open a small hole for the enemy of the Oromo people
La luta continua !

Qoricha Budaa! Budaan ennu tahuu-isaati?

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with members of the Republican Guard on December 23, 2018. The Republican Guards undertook various rescue and combat scenario exercises to demonstrate their readiness in protecting higher government officials and their family, from any form of aggression by ill-intentioned forces. The Republican Guard is a newly established part of the security apparatus tasked with ensuring the country’s constitution and constitutional order is defended from any harm. In its specific objective, the Republican Guard is mandated to use any means necessary in protecting the highest level of the country’s leadership from threats and attempted attacks. Over the past 6 months, this force has been equipping itself with highly trained security personnel and materials required to effectively perform its duties. Today’s exercise was held to show the full capability and readiness of the Republican Guard in thwarting any imminent attacks, as demonstrated in the various exercises.
Addisu Arega Kitessa

Gaafa Abdileey hiitani Alemu Sime biraa dhiistan dubbiin tole yoo waan barbaade sobe nama Abdileey waliin turetti hin mufannu, ilmoon hantuutaa haadha jallatti gumbii uruu barti. Dhugaan ni qalatti malee hin cittu gaafan nama kana argu dhumaatiin ummata Harargee abdileen hidhamees maaliif akka dhabachu dide naaf gale. Kun hubanaa kooti.

Chaltu Takele Abetu

Mesay Mekonnen on TPLF & OLF | የሕወሓትና የኦነግ ያልተቀደሰ ጋብቻ | Dawud Ibsa | Dr Abiy | Lemma

Kuni daadhabinaaf salphiina OPDO mullisaa maalee 🅰🅱🅾jijjiruus baallessuus hin dandessuu enyuuyyuu

Mesay Mekonnen – የመቀሌው ጂኒ | Bereket Simon | Lemma Megersa | Abiy Ahmed | TPLF
Maal jedhu jarii kuni

Very good so let us take out this strange Amharic Alphabet and use Qubee afaan Oromo as a national language less money, ha,ha, ha…..

Yes…. kaayyoon isaatiis ni barbaadaya!!

ABOn Ammas Waligaltee Diigee Dr. Abiy Ahmed irratti Lola labse. Jeti OPDOn

Miliyoon Dirribaa (Jaal Kumsaa) ykn Jaal Maroo 
(Kutaa Qaraa )
Video tokko kan haasawa jaal Maroo ti jedhamee share tolfamaa ture caqasee jira. Irra deebi’ee caqasuu yaallaan videoclip kun YouTube irraa remove ta’ee jira.

• Haasawa jaal Maroon loltoota lixa Oromiyaatiif taasisaa ture irraa wantoonni hubadhe kanneen armaan gadii ti.
1. Jaal Maroon hogganaa waraana Lixaa Oromiyaa ta’uu isaa.
2. Haala amma jiruun qabsoo karaa Nagaa Kan hin barbaadnee fi humnaan cabsee masaraa mootummaa too’achuuf Kan murate ta’uu isaa. Keessattuu yo isin Kan galtan taate an kophaa ko hafee bineensa Oromiyaa bilisa baasa jechuun isaa murannoo kana argisiisa.
3. Filannoo bilisaa fi haqa- qabeessi ni gaggeeffama jedhee kan hin amanne ta’uu.
4. Qabsaawonni Kanaan duraa “hiikadhaa hoggaa jedhaman, ajaja hoggansaa fudhachuuf jecha qofa hiikachaa turan. Nu garuu dhaloonni ammaa kan fedhe dhufu hin hiikkannu yaadni jedhu sun ajaja hooggantoota ABO kan Finfinnee jiranii kan hin fudhanne ta’uu ibsee jira.

Jaaal Maroo ( Miliyoon Dirribaa) bara 1996 yeroo inni barataa freshman ture tti 6 kilotti wol beekna. Barattoota 8 bara 1996/2003 gaafa Jan 18, 2004 Nu YUNIVARSITII keessaatti hiriira gaggeessine hidhaman keessaa inni tokko. (Gabaasa EHRCO lakk 8 irratti kan jiru isa.)
… itti fufa
#Isa ati surreedhaan itti jirtu qunxaadhaan keessa darbe WBO koo

OMN: Eebba OMN (LIVE) Hag 5, 2018

Who forges this!
🇪🇹 Thousands of Ethiopians hail return of once-banned Oromo group l Al Jazeera English

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  1. Omnishambles!

    The Great Oromo People need to focus on the greater picture, our cause, and reject any one or group driven by sentiment of opportunism based on greed and ‘all-or-nothing mentality.

    Qeerro and qarree, I was starting my formal education during the 1974 Ethiopian Revolution and was around the beginning of my profession when TPLF controlled government power in 1991. Now I am somewhere far and try to learn about your achievements and what is going on in Oromia and Ethiopia from media. I have witnessed individuals and groups who have exhibited tendencies of being driven by events rather than strategically planning and managing the nation’s interests tactfully. Omnishambles!

    With hindsight, most of the problems we blame on our enemies emanated from our naivety and the moves our mediocre leaders made before they had conducted thorough cost-benefit analysis. Rather than putting principle first most went after enemy concessions and betrayed our cause. Some simply adopted unrealistic sentiments and failed to draw lines between loyalty to ineffective leaders and our noble cause. Others sought personal comforts and benefits which came from serving enemies and sold out our cause. This and other complex factors led to inability to creating and promoting leaders who are common-sense healers of divisions; leaders who can manage the nation’s interests at the highest level; leaders who can go beyond trivial issues and breathe our bigger picture under all circumstances.

    As I always tend to proclaim, the future of our nation is in the hands of qarree and qeerro (because I believe that they have attained higher political maturity). They must not ‘take eyes off the ball’ and lose sight, being deceived by the old guards. They must beware of those who are unable to go beyond their own personal egos and have engaged in working either to send the gains to the dustbins or recycle the repression our people experienced recently. Qeerro and qarree, support only leaders who are acting out of genuine concern for our people and those who have conviction to give whatever they have to our cause. Or else, promote capable leaders from among yourselves, qarree and qeerro. Never let any opportunistic group to steal the victory you achieved by offering your blood. No one should be able to divide you and erode the unity you have forged thorough your blood and political maturity. Being from one part of Oromia or another; belonging to one political party or another; being in one profession or another, etc., come after our being Oromo. I am 100% certain that no one is capable of dividing the Oromo any more.

    May the Great Oromo People get capable and genuine leaders once again!


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