Ethiopia : Neamin Zeleke Ethiopian opposition leader BBC HARDtalk Neamin Zeleke Ethiopian opposition leader

Ethiopia : Neamin Zeleke Ethiopian opposition leader BBC HARD talk Neamin Zeleke Ethiopian opposition leader #PG7 Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous nation and has big ambitions to be a dominant regional power. It also has a new leader, Abiy Ahmed, who has pledged to heal internal divisions after years of authoritarian rule. Stephen Sackur speaks to Neamin Zeleke, one of the leaders of an Ethiopian opposition movement which has embraced armed resistance to the Addis Ababa government. How real is the threat of conflict inside Ethiopia 

Jale #kedir maretu weele issaa harawa dhagefadhaa wbo💚

A propaganda campaign on the history of Sidama people from ESAT, a right wing Pseudo-Ethiopianist hardliners’ media. The Forefathers of this group committed historic crime against the whole people of Ethiopia, distorted its history and established themselves as arbitrators of the fate of the nations. Many heroes from all walks of life across the country had fallen while fighting the aggressive Neftegna who had imposed their interest against the will of the people. Among this fighters were from Sidama children.

The Sidama Culture and Tourism Office erected a monument to remember their heroes and heroins who were a subject of war of aggressions during the Neftegna and Italian occupation. This provoked those despotic right-wing hardliners who are currently gathered themselves in ESAT. They opened a propaganda campaign using their media.

On one hand, this group have been campaigning for absolute unity and on the other hand open a propaganda campaign on those who want to determine their fate freely. The children of colonizers are dreaming to realize the wish of their forefathers while the children of the colonized are reviewing and rewriting the distorted history by themselves.

Good move by Sidama Culture and Tourism Office and hell for ESAT who still want to distort history of the people.

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