The TPLF Regime Orchestrates Conflicts Between Brotherly Nations of Oromo And Sidama, And Wolayta And Sidama, As Part of Its Divide & Conquer Tactics

The TPLF Regime Orchestrates Conflicts Between Brotherly Nations of Oromo And Sidama, And Wolayta And Sidama, As Part of Its Divide & Conquer Tactics.

Oromo and Sidama Nations

By Denboba Natie, September 14, 2017

The Bond Between the Oromo And Sidama Nations Is Impregnable.  

The strength of the thread the Oromo and Sidama nations are stitched together with is, much stronger than the TPLF’s dirty colonial style ‘divide-and-conquer’ tactics. Both Kush cousins share tremendous amount of cultural, psychological, ideological and moral traits. Some of these include Gadaa (Oromo) and Luwaa (Sidama), traditional democratic and egalitarian holistic governance systems; fairer than any modern day Western democracies; only comparable with Socrates’s utopian fair and moral society.

Historical evidences also indicate that, Socrates and the other Western philosophers including his countrymen such as Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle were schooled in [Kemet] Africa from where they have plagiarized the ancient Kush/Nubia (to Which both Oromo and Sidama belong) cultures and values during the Whiteman’s conspiracy to overtake the Africa’s ancient civilisation to claim it theirs (2000 years ago); to further relegate legitimate owners to a lower status. Due this, to date, the entire black race of the planet is relegated to a second citizenship in all parts of the world, although they are the first citizens of the world who have pioneered everything, Whiteman claims to be his.

To return to my former point, both Oromo and Sidama nations have rejected and survived the indoctrination of northern Ethiopia led few thousand years religions and cultures, alien to both Kushites; to sustain their noble ways of life and cultures distinctly characterise them both. Their elders who are traditionally venerated and considered to be the brainpowers of these noble cultures, play pivotal roles in sustaining and maintaining peace and harmony within themselves and between the two Kush nations.

The TPLF’s Previous Plots Have Been Repeatedly Foiled.

The Oromo and Sidama’s indicated trustworthy elders have repeatedly foiled the TPLF plotted conflicts aimed at the two brotherly nations since 1991. Just a year and a half ago, since TPLF’s messengers (OPDOs) ordered the removal of the Sidama people from neighbouring areas of Oromia region, who have peacefully resided with their Oromo cousins, in a district known as Lansamo, in Bale Zone. The aim of the TPLF regime for doing so was, creating an artificial conflict between the two peacefully and fraternally coexisted nations, so that they can bicker with one another whilst the TPLF exploits their immense resources.

The Sidama nation neither claimed the ownership of, nor demanded anything else from Oromia; but wanted to peacefully reside with their Oromo cousins like the rest of tens of millions of peoples living in Oromia, including in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa). Once again, thanks to far sighted Oromo elders, during early period of 2016, they have connivingly foiled the TPLF/OPDO’s plots by stating that, ‘no one can remove Sidama people from the Oromo land’. They also further asserted the unbreakable unity and fraternity of both nations. The situation has been normalised although OPDOs have burnt about 20 to 25 houses of the Sidama people residing in indicated district during 2016 plots.

The TPLF’s Current Plot Is Part and Parcel of Its Divide-and-Conquer Campaigns

Since 2016, the TPLF apartheid is embarked on a full-scale war with the Oromo nation, although it attempts to blatantly deny its involvement. It is fighting a full-scale proxy war with the Oromo nation, using a well-trained and heavily armed Somali militia to kill and maim unarmed and unprepared Oromo civilians in all neighbouring areas. Tens of thousands of Oromo civilians are displaced from the affected areas of the region. Their houses and properties were burnt down by the indicated Somali Liyu militia. Moreover, several hundred Oromo civilians also thought to have been killed by the indicated TPLF coordinated attacks whilst defending themselves. The current Ogaden Somali regional president, (known for his sadistic nature like his TPLF bosses), is a key person in implementing the TPLF’s anti-Oromo war being waged under various pretexts. Evidences further indicate that, the TPLF bandits are also deploying professional mercenaries from the neighbouring Somalia to kill Oromo civilians. Besides, the wider Ogaden Somali nation has no role in such criminalities; and the Oromo nation unambiguously knows this fact, hence solidarity and fraternity needs to be consolidated.

The purposes of the TPLF’s proxy war on Oromo nation is twofold. The first is diverting the attention of the nation from the current revolution against the TPLF’s barbarism, and the nation’s being resolute in its rejection of injustice and their quest for freedom and self-determination. Secondly, it is about instigating conflicts between the two Kush cousins, namely, the Oromo and Ogaden Somali, so that they can resort to bickering with one another, for the TPLF to be able continually enslave them. However, as the TPLF is determined to quell the Oromo revolution deploying various tools, so does the Oromo nation in pushing with its demand for genuine freedom, democracy and self-determination. The Oromo nation is defying TPLF’s plots and working to coordinate the struggle of all peoples of the country to remove the regime who is collectively brutalising all peoples of the country, regardless of their regional and cultural variations.

As we speak, the TPLF regime has transported its malicious plot to the Sidama and Oromo, and Sidama and Wolayta. Tension in multiple borders are palpable, involving the displacement and death of the Sidama people in Oromia region. About four Sidama persons were killed by TPLF/OPDO coordinated assassination few weeks ago. The TPLF regime is also systematically masterminding conflicts, between Wolayta and Sidama as part of its divide-and-rule tactics.

For the last nearly 3 weeks, TPLF’s Oromo agents have reignited their campaign against the Sidama people living with their Oromo brothers and sisters in Lansamo district. The OPDO’s have wreaked havoc as they demanded the Sidama people to immediately leave Oromo region, from where they have fraternally and peacefully lived for generations; and acquired properties, bore children and united with their Oromo families. The report also indicates that, between 2,500 to 3,000 Sidama families were obliged to flee the area due to jointly TPLF/OPDO orchestrated conflicts, hence displaced leaving all their properties and the people they consider their family behind.

A Need for Working Together Is as Crucial as It is The Only Way Forward   

The Sidama nation unequivocally knows who is enemy and who is a foe. The nation knows that, the current incident is part and parcels of the TPLF plot to sow poison between the two brotherly nations, hence never assume that the Oromo nation is rejecting them. Sadly, although the incident involved serious damage to their properties and loss of lives from the Sidama part, besides, the nation is resolute with its determination. Cognizant of the reality, the Sidama nation didn’t rush for a conflict. Instead, the nation is assessing the damage, its cause and consequences, and working towards resolving this matter in a civilised manner with their Oromo cousins.

Their unbreakable bond regardless continues, as does their battle against the enslaving regime until both nations are free from the encroaching injustice imposed on them by the TPLF apartheid. The unity of both nations is rock solid which transcends the beliefs of generations and the TPLF’s thrush divide and rule tactics. For example, when the Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM) and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) were operating from Somalia during the Derg regime since mid-1970s; Lansamo district has been one of the key routes through which both cousins and comrades peacefully travelled. During their success and failures, they have supported each other and shown an unbreakable unity and strong blood ties. This tie never stops, even if all the TPLF bandits work day and night. Hence, the relationship between the Oromo and Sidama nations is not the TPLF or its agents such as OPDO or the Sidama’s SPDO created relationship, to be given or taken away by these self-appointed legally, but unlawfully organised bandits. The unity of the Oromo and Sidama nations defiantly survives the current and future plots of any enemy, hence, this must be clear to both enemies and friends.

We urge the elders of both nations to intervein and normalise the current TPLF/OPDO orchestrated conflicts between the two culturally and socially intertwined, inseparable nations. The Sidama people must be allowed to return to their places in Oromia. The Oromo’s both traditional and political leadership including from Diaspora, must take immediate action to foil the plots of the TPLF’s bandits and their OPDO messengers, to restore order in a customary manner. Furthermore, the Sidama nation must also know this is not a war between the Oromo and Sidama nation, it is the TPLF who is sole responsible for all unfolding tragedies. Thus, both nations must reject TPLF’s divide-and-conquer tactics by defiantly showing their usual unshakable unity and fraternity.

TPLF Masterminds Further Conflicts Between Wolayta And Sidama Nations.      

The TPLF regime is such dubious who is determined to cling onto power with all costs. Now, it is also beating war drum between the Sidama and Wolayta nations who have peacefully and fraternally coexisted for millennia. In one of the Sidama and Wolayta neighbouring districts known as ‘Lokka Abbaya’; which is to date administered by the Sidama and was administered by the Sidama since time immemorial, the TPLF is planting poisonous seeds. The TPLF bandits plan to take it away from the Sidama, pretending to give it to the Wolayta nation. The goal is, however simple. It’s creating conflict between the Sidama and Wolayta, but nothing else. Moreover, about 10 years ago, the TPLF has armed Wolayta PDO’s who have been further supported by the federal police and national army, to kill many unprepared Sidama residents in the indicated district; subsequently burning more than 300 houses. There has been serious anger and frustration of the Sidama nation. Besides, the elders of both sides intervened to normalise the situation. After the Sidama appeal being heard, the federal government declared that, the district belongs to the Sidama nation. Notwithstanding, the TPLF remain plotting for further conflicts.

At this critical moment for the survival of the TPLF, it seems to be gasping for its final breath by instigating conflicts in various parts of the country. We believe that, the TPLF’s current actions are part and parcels of its plots to instigate conflicts to buy time. The situation in the indicated area between the Sidama and Wolayta remain extremely fluid.

Cautious Handling of The Situation Whilst Rejecting the TPLF Apartheid- Begs Attention.

We urge our Wolayta neighbours to exercise their utmost restraint by rejecting TPLF’s divide-and-conquer tactics. We further urge them to resort to a customary way of resolving conflicts as it has been the case for several centuries. We know that your puppet PM is using his position to confiscate the Sidama land. Moreover, the Wolayta nation must know that there are hundreds of thousands of Wolayta people who are peacefully living in Sidama land without being abused or discriminated against for generations, including in Hawassa. The Sidama believes that, the current illegal and immoral actions, shouldn’t be the reward the nation expects from its good neighbours; hence cautious consideration of the consequences of own action is paramount important.

There is no reason, why, the Wolayta nation agrees to serve the interests of the TPLF apartheid at the expense of Sidama. Agreeing with TPLF regime whose foundation is irreparably shaking will not only be unwise, but also cost them more than they may expect; if the Wolayta is being misled to continue with the killing of the Sidama farmers with the guns provided to them by TPLF via their puppet PM Haile Mariam Desalegn (the Sidama’s arch enemy since he has stage-managed the Sidama Looqqe massacre of May 24, 2002). Besides, the Sidama nation never allow its land to be confiscated.

We mustn’t be serving the interest of decaying TPLF’s colonising elements, whether in Oromia, Sidama, Wolayta, Amhara, Ogaden Somali, Gambella, Konso and elsewhere. The time for a united action is today. Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder with all peoples of the country whilst striding towards genuine freedom, democracy, and self-determination, the necessary ingredients of fundamental rights, democracy and freedom; denied to all by the TPLF apartheid unfit for the 21st century, thus needing a total removal, I call it ‘TPLF-Ectomy’!

By Denboba Natie, September 14, 2017