“Narrow minded Oromos!” The Ethiopianists disarming tactics

“Narrow minded Oromos!” The Ethiopianists disarming tactics

Growing Oromo nationalism: Oromo protesters in Karsa town in Arsi took down Melese Zenawi’s billboard ad. and replaced by OLF flag, Feb 16, 2016

By Rundassa Asheetee Hunde

The Amharic speaking people, the Habashas, the minorities and the Afaan Oromo speaking assimilated individuals often accuse us, the Oromians, of being narrow-minded. But they failed to understand that narrow is a very meaningful word.

Focused objective requires the following of the straight and narrow path, which certainly does require focused action and self-restraint. That means, focused plan demands that we are prepared to take action in the confined, restricted or limited areas of focused task until our objectives are realized. That means, our ability to focus on the objective we want to accomplish will not fetter or shackle us but it helps us fight the confusion which the Abyssinian empire created over 150 years. On the contrary, to narrowly focus on building Oromummaa is the way to emancipation, independence, and liberty.

Since the Oromo liberation movement reached its highest pick in 2014, the TPLF trained cadres try to change the Oromo liberation narrative by analyzing the Oromo case within the Ethiopian empire context saying that the Oromo people are not COLONIZED but are oppressed like the rest of the tribes of the empire. In their attempt to down grade the Oromo cause to “oppressed people status”, they discuss the Tigre constitution on OMN program known as Raabaa-Doorii while some of them run around and attend conferences organized by the Habasha groups. These Shiisha smoker addict few promote anti Oromo liberation projects sponsored by the state department of America.

Knowing all well that any liberation movement requires to strictly focusing on the objectives that was set forth by the OLF during its initial inception, they complain that to follow the straight and narrow path to reach our goals is is a limitation or a restriction that we need to overcome. We must remember, however, that narrowly focusing our objective guarantees victory and achievement of our goal, because it helps us set a goal upon which we will be able concentrate and follow an undeviating course.

Remember also that nature never pays an unearned account and she never fails to pay one that has been earned. If we wish to achieve financial success for example, if we wish to be happy, if we wish to be healthy, if we wish to find peace of mind, there is only one sure way, and that is the straight and narrow path, the way of honor, the way of industry, of moderation, simplicity, and virtue.

If we want to be successful or outstanding in any field of endeavor, it is important that we determine what we want to accomplish and then have the courage, the strength and determination to discipline ourselves, apply self-control and self-mastery and push forward with resolve.

Regardless of wherever we may be in the process of our liberation struggle, we should appreciate what we’ve accomplish so far and move on to the next task, keep ourselves focused and not to participate in any Habasha disarming projects.

Most importantly, the new generation of Oromia must refrain from engaging in the name calling in which certain enemy agent Orgobba boys are doing today. Make sure that your mind is clean from borrowed cancers that religion, Shawaa and Wallaggaa produce. Make sure to compliment those who are doing everything they can to liberate us all from the Habasha and from the Amharic speaking groups colonial bondage.

Never forget that these groups are continually working to stop the Oromo liberation train by using their cunning way of tempting us with their lofty words known as UNITY. Too often, not only the Mangistu era killer cadres but some of the so called educated PHD holders are scummed into the temptation of being the Ethiopians. We must be on the job all the time guarding against these political prostitutes and opportunists. We must never relax or forget who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. We cannot afford to waver in any way. We should always keep in mind that we are trying to liberate our shattered identity and to be examples for good so that others will be influenced by the way we do things.

Further, we should never take a second citizenship in empire Ethiopia nor should we be addicted to the deception of Ethiopianism. Instead, lets prepare ourselves to study our history, keep ourselves clean from confusion and be worthy of freedom.

Let’s narrowly focused on the task and stop philosophizing the meaning of identity, nation building, fairness and let’s have full confidence in ourselves and stop being the barking puppies of imperialist west.

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