Naftenga/Neonaftenga: Shimalis Abdiisaa is a giant fool!

Naftenga/Neonaftenga: Shimalis Abdiisaa is a giant fool.

Nagtengas think, and rightly so, they are using Neonaftenga evil lunatic Abiy for their politics of returning the country backwards or if not keep the status quo. The evil lunatic thinks he is using this Shimalis fool to rule over Oromo. How in the world Shimalis thinks he is using Bilxiginaa to “ensure Oromo domination”? Who the fuck asked for Oromo domination? Oromo has lost a lot over the last two years, let alone dominate others.

Does Shimalis think controlling and turning “Addis Ababa” into Finfinnee is a “domination”? I’m pretty sure he thinks that is the case. “Addis Ababa” is still settler colonial city, in fact billion dollars gentrification projects are making it easy for the settlers to “enjoy life” deep inside Oromiyaa where the Oromo people they vehemently hate live. “Addis Ababa” will have to undergo decolonisation, it is justice. And Shimalis the fool is not up to that task.

Biyya Oromiyaa

Have strong defence against Naftenga/Neonaftenga “center”. That is the only way to peace, confederation, democracy and development.

Ethiopia must be confederation of sovereign republics.

Photo: Tigrai Defence Forces

Waan ta’an yoo dhaban. Boru immoo jawaariif hidhamtoonnii oromoo hiikamuu akka qaban irratti hojjachaa jira jedhee as bahuun isaa hin oolu.
Nafxanyaan itti duultee itti duuluu baattee, faarfaattee yoo feetes abaarteef, yookin immoo waan gaarii dubbateef lammata onnee oromoo keessatti bakka hin qabu.

Mohammednur Guye