Murtee sirriiti: Hayyu Dureen ABO Jaal DaawudIbsaa filannoo irratti hirmaachuu akka hin barbaanne ifa godhanii jiru.

Murtee sirriiti: Hayyu Dureen #ABO Jaal Daawud Ibsaa filannoo irratti hirmaachuu akka hin barbaanne ifa godhanii jiru.
Murtee kanarra kan geenne dhiibbaa mootummaan nurratti godhe, hoggantoota hidhuu, waajjira cufuu, oromoo guyyarraa fixaa filannoon nuti goonu hin jiru jechuun gadi lakkisanii jiru..
DW irratti yaada hedduu kaasanii jiru.
Ginboot 7 ( EZEMA) fi Paartiilee akka ABN faati daandiin mijateefii oromiyaa keessatti sochii filannoo gaggeessaa paartiilee oromoo irratti ammoo daba hojjatan.
Sanirra dabree hoggantoota teenya akka yaala hin argannes godhanii murtee du’aa itti murteessan.

Ajaahib Jimaa Tooboo

Daud Ibsa, the Chairperson of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), told DW news that his party is withdrawing from the Ethiopian elections scheduled for June 2021. This is HUGE and it is impossible to overemphasize the significance of this announcement.
Obbo Daud compares the harassment and intimidation that compelled the party to come to this conclusion to what OLF faced during the transitional period which eventually forced them to leave the country.
The other opposition Oromo party, the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) has also been warning that it will not participate in the election unless the ruling party’s authoritarian stranglehold ceases, their jailed leaders released, and the political space widened to allow for a free and competitive election.
The hope for a fair and free election has completely dashed. The opportunities for a new beginning that many hoped for totally wasted. The conditions of possibility opened up for a democratic future by the Oromo protests now entirely closed. Country in a state of civil war, with two foreign armies occupying it territory.
What a clusterfuck of a progress it has been!

Senator John Hoffman and others are calling for immediate action to release Jawar Mohammed and co. and also to stop Human right Violations in Oromia. #23DaysOnHungerStrike

Paartiileen siyaasaa Oromoo tokko filannoof akka hin qophoofne godhaman. Jarri akka EZEMA faa garuu qophii xumurre jedhan. Jijjiirama dhiiga ilmaan Oromootiin dhufe kan biraa itti fayyadame. Gaafa obbo Baaqqakaan faa, Prof Mararaan faa wareegama itti kaffalan, gaafa Jawar faa Qeerroon mil 5 ol lubbuu itti dhabde jarri garuu bakka turan ni beekama.

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  1. Thank you J. Daud! I am so happy you arrived at this obvious conclusion. Oromos incl. myself never supported you like we support you now. Betraying your comrades in jail and participating in sham election only to legitimize a war criminal would be the worst blow to Oromo struggle. I expect Dr. Marara also to boycott because OLF and OFC prisoners are starving for the same cause in jail. The Oromo people have 100% trust in your leadership and that is why the regime is desperate to isolate its competitors. Anyone or group who participates in this “election” is the number one enemy of the oromo people.

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