Muktar Edris defeats Ronald Kwemoi in Paris 3k!

Muktar Edris defeats Ronald Kwemoi in Paris 3k!

ሁለቱ የአፍሪቃ አትሌቲክስ ፈር ቀዳጆች!!
Abebe Bikila and Derartu Tulu are arguably the African Athletics Icons/pioneers!

Abebe Bikila – The first African man to won an Olympic Gold.
Derartu Tulu – The first African woman to win an Olympic Gold.

What’s even incredible about Abebe and Derartu is that, not only they are both the first African male and female to win Olympic golds, but their names also have the same meanings:
⇒”Abebe” in Amharic means “blossomed” or “flowered” (male term).
⇒”Derartu” also means “blossomed” “flowered” (female term) in Afaan Oromoo.

*Amharic and Afaan Oromo are 2 of the many different languages spoken in Ethiopia.

AMAZING FACTS about Abebe Bikila and Derartu Tulu: the African Athletics Icons!

Oromo Heroes!!

Feyisa Lilesa’s Best Perforamances (Tokyo’16, Rio’16, & NY City HM 2017) – Music by Caalaa Bultume

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