Dambalii Mormii ajjeechaa uummata Oromoo magaalaa Naqamteetti taassifamaa jiru. Du’ii fi ajjeechaan Oromoorraa haa dhaabbatu!

Dambalii Mormii ajjeechaa uummata Oromoo magaalaa Naqamteetti taassifamaa jiru. Du’ii fi ajjeechaan Oromoorraa haa dhaabbatu!

Breaking_News Motummaan Naannoo oromiyaa Dr lamma magarsaa Guyyaa Araa Dhummatti ilmaan Oromoo irraati demma jiru ilalchisee Waaraana bilisumaa Oromoo WBOdhan WBO 10 waraana Abbaa fedhetif nii gaaha jedhe dhadateen Vivaaaa lamma magarsaa???

Godina H / G / Wallagngaa Aanaa jimmaa Gannatii mana barumsaa gabaa roobii guyyaadhuma har’aa kana hiriiraa guddaa gaggeessaa oolaniiru, aadannoo, ajjeechaan, saamamuun Weerarri beeniishaangul gumuz fakkaatani shoror keessituu waayyannee atattamaan nurraa dhabbachuu qaba. ABO’N abbaa biyyaa dha. uummanni Oromoo ofiin of bulchuu qaba jechuu fi kkkf niin aadachaa oolani, namni keenyi nurraa wareegamanillee qabsoon hamma bilisummaan keenyi mikanaa’utti itti fufna. Injifannoon uummata keenyaaf.

Tamsaasa kallati Naqamtee irraa

Takkaa dhumnee lafarraa badna, takkaa mootummaa kanatu bada malee………
Jawar Mohammed

The OPD of EPRDF mischievous divide and rule is continuing with its full flouge! Ato Lammaa Magarsaa is too much worrying about loosing his power at the coming election if the election is conducted fairly!

All the Oromo real Organizations should stop photo show ups with the OPDO-ODP, the member of EPRDF, the head of the criminal and mafia organizations. First this criminal Organization called EPRDF should be dismantled including the Agar mafia groups!

I heard that Dr. Abiyi was advising the other opposition groups to be united, but why he didn’t or don’t do first with his mafia groups! Is he understand that It against the law to have different names! Can he fix first his mafia groups to have one name with one entity only in the whole country?!?!

The existing of EPRDF and AGAR DIRIJITOCH are illegal and anti democracy! To be legal they have to be under one name and one entity only through out the country!

So, if you are the real Oromoo organizations don’t be fooled by the EPRDF and its running dogs like ODP, ADP and others! Shape up that country in right way, basing your vision on a real democracy (Gada and universal demo} not on the mafia EPRDF pretender’s vision of death and destruction! It is time for real Oromos and others to shape up the true democracy of federalism!

Oromo people fought and died freed OPDO from the tight hold of their master TPLF. And now, you turn around repay the same people with death, displacement, hunger and violence. While wagging your tails to please others on our expense! Reform only works if there is peace security. You cannot lead the reform or the day to day functions of any government without security. Our people deserve to reap the benefits of their own sacrifices. The silence of the media is equally criminal. When you don’t report the facts and the truth you are part of the deception.

Najat Hamza

I am extremely sad. OPDO always suffering from low mentality. This is why the failed to defend our people from brutality in the Era of Dr Abiy. They are collected immoral people who afarid of to speak about people. OPDO should hand over power to the institution that can help people. Nonsense! Stop killing of civilians! Don’t expose our police for death! Defend our people or resign! Come out of low mentality!

Dereje Begi

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Tibor Nagy and General Thomas D. Waldhauser, Commander of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), met with Her Excellency Minister of Defense Aisha Mohammed to discuss opportunities for security cooperation between the United States and Ethiopia. U.S. Department of State: Bureau of African Affairs

U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa