Gaazexeessaa Mohaammad Adamoo Daarektara Olaanaa OBN ta’anii muudaman

Gaazexeessaa Mohaammad Adamoo Daarektara Olaanaa OBN ta’anii muudaman

[OBN 28 01 2011]Caffeen Oromiyaa muudama gaazexeessaa Mohaammad Adamoo Daarektara Olaanaa Oromiyaa Broodkaastiingi Neetwoork raggaasiseera.

Haaluma walfakkaatun koreen Boordii OBN filatamaniiru.
1. Obbo Shimaallis Abdisaa walitti qabaa
2. Aadde Lallisee Namee miseensa
3. Dooktar Darajjee Garafaa miseensa
4. Obbo Admaasuu Daamxoo miseensa
5. Injinaar Warquu Gaachanaa miseensa
6. garg. proofes. Mihratuu shaanqoo
7. Aadde Caaltuu Saanii miseensa ta’uun filatamaniiru.

OBN Afaan Oromoo

Yaada, dhaamsa fi gorsa keessan hundaaf galatoomaa. OBN aantummaa sabaaf agarsiisudhan, sagalee ummataa ta’uun akka haar’a geennu kan nu godhan keessaa tokko. Ammas sagalee ummataa ta’ee —daran cimee— miidiyaalee mootummaa hafaniif fakkeenya ta’uun akka itti fufu imanaan nutti kename salphaa miti.

OBN miidiyaa keessani. Sagalee teessani. Yaadaa, gorsa, odeeffannoo fi ogummaan akka nu utubdan abdiin qaba. Wal gargaarree OBN ‘institution’ (dhaabbata) Africa keessatti dorgomaa hin qabne akka goonuu shakki hin qabu.

Hawwii fi fedhii ummataa keenna giddugala godhachuun, loogii tokko malee, miiraa itti gafatamummaa fi naamusaa gaazexxesummaaatiin masakamnee hojjachuuf qophidha. Waaqni nu haa gargaaruu! OBN kiyaa. Keeti. Keenna cufa.

Thank you so much for your love, support and good wishes. I would also like to thank the honorable Lemma Megersa, his entire team, and Caffee Oromiyaa for their trust in me and for the opportunity to serve.

OBN’s decision to speak truth to power and be a voice of the people was instrumental to the current change we see in Ethiopia. The network’s rebranding and PM Abiy Ahmed’s appointment as a board chair marked a turning point for the Oromo struggle and the struggle to save Ethiopia. It also emboldened other state-run media outlets. It’s my hope that OBN will continue to lead by example and serve as a model for other media houses.

I understand the weight of the responsibility we are entrusted with and your very high expectations. It will not be easy but I am ready for the challenge. As long as I am the director, we will conduct ourselves with the highest professional and ethical standards and act with a sense of responsibility…and always in the best interests of our people.

We will make mistakes. We may sometimes get things wrong. We maybe slow to cover certain events. But, always remember this: OBN is “the voice of the people.” It’s your media. It is your voice. I hope you will continue to support us (and your media) with advice, through constructive criticisms, or by simply sharing news tips with us. We will listen and try to be as responsive as possible. Together we can make OBN a distinguished, regional media powerhouse.

Watch this space for more updates and feel free to share your CV (only if you are a journalist!), ideas, concerns, and expertise with us.

OBN. My voice. Your voice. Our voice.

Mohammed Ademo