Why the Ministry of Mining is hesitant to revoke the license it renewed to Lagadambi gold?

Why the Ministry of Mining is hesitant to revoke the license it renewed to Lagadambi gold? I think the issue has to do with Capital, Human Resources and Logistics (Machinery) that MIDROC can deny whoever takes over to use in case its license is cancelled. How? This action is likely limited to Oromia and MIDROC can remobilize its resources to Benishangul mines, and the action will not go to an extent of renationalization. So in an attempt to keep the mining going (and hence get the much needed hard currency), the gov’t has chosen to ignore all laboratory and field evidences of health and environmental disaster MIDROC has caused.

MIDROC has caused enough damage, it has lost local population support, and it should not operate the mines anymore. Its license must be revoked. The government needs to carryout further investigations while the pits are kept closed. It has to transfer the mining to a competent and responsible mining company preferably with 51% stake owned by the public(state).
Biyya Oromiyaa

OMN: Dhimma MIDROC Ilaalchisee Turtii Ogeessa Albuudaa Dr. Tasfaayee Nagarii Waliin (LIVE) Caamsaa 3, 2018

Pictures showing some of the heinous crime committed by MIdroc Gold which has been releasing toxic waste to water, soil and air in Guji Zone for the last 20 years.
Suuraalee muraasa yakka suukanneessaa MIDROC ummata keenyarratti raaw’ate agarsiisu. Hayyamni Midroc haqamuu qaba, warri miidhame beenyaa umrii guutuu argachuu qabu, qondaalonni Midroc waliin yakka kanatti hirmaatan adabamuu qabu.

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  1. The blame should be exclusively on OPDOs who allowed this damage to happen in the first place, not MIDROC or TPLF. It is the cancerous OPDOs who should go pay for the disaster.

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