Metastasis with elusive primary

Metastasis with elusive primary

By Dr. Baro Keno Deressa, February 7, 2019

Dr. B. K. DERESSA, is Medical Doctor in internal medicine and specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases at University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium

The famous organized resistant against colonization in 21st century by Oromo sons and daughters called Qeerroo/Qarree and WBO under OLF leadership, devoted leadership of OFC  and  a bitter confrontation of the brutal regime of TPLF by proud Oromo sons like Dr. Abiy and Dr. Lemma from inside the enemy nucleus are mechanized with their powerful nuclear weapons called TRUTH: T=Total R=Revolt U=Until T=Transplanting (colonization) H=Halts brought us all to this stage.

The Oromo people had and have a brilliant philosophers, thinkers, writers, orators, artist, organizers and athletes. But all those talents serve the so called Ethiopian destructive institution and criminal leaders instead of serving their own nation, Oromia. All those knowledge went to serve and shape the permanent killer of our nation (Oromia and other oppressed nations). We, the Oromo people, are offering a substantial cure, that is respecting rule of law like Gadaa system but not a fake symbolic gesture killing and stealing in one hand and demanding to be calm and quiet on the other hand, despite the evil atrocities. Now, this kind of practice must end, and it is the right time for the Oromo people to take total control of the struggle in order to liberate itself and others.

Ethiopian empire with advanced cancer (deep rooted toxic politics) face difficult decisions regarding respecting rule of law, because many political parties like Menelik foxes with fake political vision are increasingly available, few provide long-term cure. According to my opinion this empire needs a fair and honest Gadaa based professionals and Oromo organizations in order to bring lasting peace. OLF has fought for Oromo people and still fighting for the Oromo people, synchronically fighting for the freedom of all nations and nationalities across the Ethiopian Empire. Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) is the product of this collective struggle.

Through the Oromo people leadership, a new world is emerging. A world that is moving towards compassion. A world that is moving towards greater tolerance, that is towards peace. Now, there is more demand for equality than ever before. Under these circumstances, it becomes necessary that we the ‘Peace-loving Nations’ of the world should facilitate an achievement of a more Egalitarian Global Order. This is only a utopian dream. As someone deeply concerned with alternative issues and the meaning of peace, it is my sincere hope that my dream will one day become a reality.  It is inconceivable that any lasting peace in our world can be achieved when millions of people die yearly from toxic politics, starvation, disease, poverty and hunger. As such it would be unthinkable to treat peace as a condition characterized simply by worldwide absence of conflict/war.

In medical terminology, metastasis is a word used to describe the spread of cancer. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells have ability to grow outside of the place in the body where they originated. A metastatic tumor is a tumor that spreads to another part of the body as a result of the original tumor. A primary tumor is where and what type of cell the cancer originated from. Metastatic tumors are cells from the area and type of cell that have spread outside of that organ or site. In metastasis, cancer cells break away from where they first formed (primary cancer), travel through the blood or lymph system, and form new tumors (metastatic tumors) in other parts of the body. The metastatic tumor is the same type of cancer as the primary tumor.

  1. They can grow directly into the tissue surrounding the tumor
  2. Cells can travel through the bloodstream to distant locations; or
  3. Cells can travel through the lymph system to nearby or distant lymph nodes.

Carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP) remains a common and challenging clinical problem. The aim of diagnostic work-up in CUP is to classify as specifically as possible the cancer affecting the patient, according to the broad tumor type, subtype and, where possible, site of origin. This classification currently best predicts patient outcome and guides optimal treatment.

Today the Oromo people is, in general, suffering from diffuse metastasis (death, torture, imprisonment, unemployment, deep economic depression and absence of structural policy for nation building). But the question is where is the primary tumor (master of toxic politics)???  The Oromo people is, in one hand, confronting the sons and daughters of the barbaric Menelik and, on the other hand, confronting the proxy war against their puppet inside the Oromo people with sheep cloth.  The Tigrai people keep their state safe, rich and they are building strong ground basic needs like education, healthcare, housing and strong military. The Amhara keep their state safe and uncontested. But, why the devil and destructive politics of Menelik foxes (primary tumor) are destroying Oromo people and other southern nations in their homeland, in their private houses and backyard!!!!!!!!!!

The answer is clear, those individuals, groups or organizations are sworn to destroy Oromo people and southern nations by any means possible or assimilate towards them in order to sing their song (i.e. hate, destruction, egoism, stealing, cheating, eviction, imprisoning, torturing, killing, ……….)

ALBERT EINSTEIN is held up as “a rare genius,” who drastically changed the field of theoretical physics. However, using the technique known as ‘The Often-Repeated Lie=Truth,’ he has been made an idol to the young people, and his very name has become synonymous with genius. Our enemies are hiding the truth and repeating lies millions of times (that is what is going on nowadays in Ethiopian politics. Through forgery, try to create animosity between two brothers). My question is who break the trust???????

First of all what is the political trust:

The term political trust throughout literature, includes trust in government and confidence in political institutions. While we may distinguish conceptually between trust and confidence, empirically the two are hardly separable.

Political trust is considered a necessary precondition for democratic rule, a decline in trust is thought to fundamentally challenge the quality of representative democracy. political trust is conventionally treated as a pro-democratic value. Africa and the Arab regions, finally, have remained the most understudied regions in the world when it comes to trust research. Evidently, data limitations have been the main culprit. Nevertheless, this oversight is surprising from a theoretical point of view, given the fundamental and divergent events that occurred across both regions. A democratic political system cannot survive for long without the support of a majority of its citizens” (Miller, 1974, p. 951).

Scholars have made great headway in understanding the sources of political trust—most notably corruption, procedural fairness, (economic) performance, inclusive institutions, and socialization

In many ways corrupt practices are antithetical to political trust. Widespread corruption undermines efficiency and effectiveness. It implies an absence of moral scruples. It thrives on an institutionalized lack of accountability. And corruption invokes uncertainty and inequality both at the macro level (policies that are agreed upon by government) and at the micro level (the implementation of these policies in daily life). As such, corruption is the epitome of bad-quality government.

Governmental performance has long been considered a relevant cause of political trust. Surprisingly, though, empirical analyses largely restricted themselves to one specific set of performance indicators, namely macroeconomic outcomes. Surely, macroeconomic performance is a consistently salient issue among citizens. While subjective perceptions of macroeconomic outcomes are consistently related to political trust at the micro level and political trust fluctuates parallel to consumer confidence at the macro level, scholars have not been able to find consistent effects objective macroeconomic outcomes on political trust.

Besides the quality of government procedures and the quality of governmental output, scholars have studied the role that democratic input institutions play in boosting political trust. Finally, the organization and occurrence of elections tends to boost political trust for a short while. Elections prime democratic values and illustrate democratic practices such as accountability and peaceful transitions. Moreover, afterward new governments tend to start with a somewhat cleaner slate. Election outcomes affect voters differently: political trust is boosted among those groups of voters that voted for a party that won the elections and/or obtained governmental power and is decreased among those voters that did not. It is no surprise, therefore, that they boost trust and efficacy.

Now when I came back to the main question who breaks the trust:  what is the cause of war and aerial bombardment between two wining brothers and how comes that OLF leaders, members and supporters were imprisoned? The answer is quite clear Corrupt individuals, thieves, rouge and coward are quite aware if those two brothers are united under one umbrella there is no force on earth can intimidate them.

Could we identify them those individuals or groups by name: Yes, it is possible to name them, but it is better to describe their characters.  My primary goal is to move concepts of toxicity away from truth and trust and bring awareness among winners and my second goal is to move politics in a diversity of directions that can texture and expand concepts of fairness and unison in a permanently toxic world.

Different politics result in different definitions and manifestations of toxicity, and vice versa. Policy and democracy, with or without scientific facts, are incomplete and insufficient as modes of action against toxicants.

The most extensive subfield in the political trust are determinants. The breadth and depth of this vast subfield cannot easily be summarized in a single article (for a more extensive overview, see Zmerli & Van der Meer, 2016). It covers studies on the micro-level individuals, meso-level organizations, and macro-level countries.

Let us define the characteristics of those toxicants (individuals/groups):

  • Individuals with prodigious appetite to eat and build villa’s, steal the Oromo farmers land around Finfinnee and imprisoning and torturing the Oromo people in general from child age of 8 until old person of 88 years old. But today those individuals with corrupted history are the prime toxicant of the Oromo people and The Oromo people struggle. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is guiding them, is the primary tumor??? Surprisingly at that moment Qeerroo/Qarree are fighting with their bare hand the mechanized colonial military force, WBO is confronting the enemy in all corners of Oromia, Dr. Abiy and Dr. Lemma are resisting the enemy in the TPLF nucleus.
  • Individuals with limited classical knowledge, low level of respect for the humanity, afraid of critical discussion because of their emptiness, absence of natural gift except toxicity and jealousy and reclaim themselves as a leader of liberation movement without knowing the burden and sacrifices such responsibilities. In addition of those ugly characteristics those individuals are committed a very serious crime against their own people (torturing and killing their own comrades). But today those individuals with bloody hand are sitting beside the true fighters like Dr. Abiy and Dr. Lemma and blackmailing the real fighters like OLF leaders and WBO. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is misleading them, are they puppet of primary tumor unknowingly??
  • Organized individuals and groups with the name of one Ethiopia in theory while they are practically excluding more than 70% of the Ethiopian empire population. Those individuals and groups have obvious and clear characteristics. Cheating and misleading is their main rule. For example. In one hand democracy and on the other hand financing and guiding tyranny (one language and one flag, one culture); in one hand preaching justice and on the other hand promoting injustice (refusing to accept that Finfinnee is belongs to Oromo and the heartbeat of Oromo people), in one hand calling for peace and on the other hand encouraging animosity ( exaggerating the differences between OLF and ODP through their toxic TV channel called ESAT, and undermining the peace ceremony by Abba Gadaa).  Today those individuals and groups “wolf in sheep’s cloth” are sitting beside proud sons of Oromo people Dr. Abiy and Dr. Lemma and expanding the minor differences and undermining the peace process. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe they are busy to repeat their ancestor practices (to arrange their smooth transition to power by disconnecting the Oromo leader from their basis Oromo people and at the end to eat them alive and changing the Oromo name and city).

Scientific knowledge has not made it possible to truly protect populations, it has retained a key position within all public debates – particularly because it is still essential in the identification and characterization of toxicants as well as in public legitimization of different policies.

I think it is the proper time for the government to clear them out those toxic individuals and groups in order to focus on the fundamental issues (answering people’s questions, building fair economy, modernizing healthcare system, exploring ways to guarantee social security, building concrete safety net and forming independent institutions).

There was nothing heroic to kill own comrades or any human being. There was nothing heroic to imprison anybody without justification. There was nothing heroic to torture human being at all. There was nothing heroic to exclude somebody from public debate because of his/her view. There was nothing heroic to hate somebody because of his/her trustworthy. Let us come together to condemn the corrupt, thieves, rouge and coward individuals and defend the truth in order to strength our unity and peace process to build a concrete fundament for our coming generation.

Victory to the Oromo people!



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  1. I wish Lemma and Abiy were sensible democrats who love their people and put an end to ethiopian colonialism for good and shorten the misery of our people. But I am afraid Abiy resembles mengistu hailemariam in his deeds than anybody else. Mengist and Abiy came up with two word phrase: “ethiopia tiwidem” and “letfat enidemer”. They both saved the empire from falling apart aborting the public uprisng that was dismantling the colonial govenment structures. They both were majors in the empires military. Mengistu killed Haile Fida and Abiy imprisoned all true Oromo leaders. Mengistu formed ewp and Abiy formed odp (the o is just to fool Oromos it’s edp). They both claimed the empire is non-negotiable. Mengistu usurped the popular revolt to put himself at the helm of power while Abiy usurped the Qerroo/Qarree revolt to put himself at the helm of power.
    Like mengistu, Abiy dropped cluster bombs in Welega, somalia. Like mengistu, Abiy talk of restoring fascist-ethiopian glory. Abiy is no different from Mengistu or Melles, he is only a new face of the rotten empire. Besides, it was Abiy and Lemma odp that lead ethiopian agazi soldiers to every Oromos door-step during the Qerroo/Qarree revolt and now it’s the same agazi soldiers that is terrorizing the Oromo people under Abiy’s command.

    When it comes to the amara chauvinists esat, it was Abiy himself who gleefully admire and instruct everyone to take it as a role model. And it was Abiy himself who elevated a certain nobody birhanu nega, who lead genbot-7 and commanded 240 soldiers, to the horror of his audience in his otherwise rubber-stamp parliament.

    Better knowing the enemy of Oromia than fool us on false expectations.

    To end this armed conflict ethiopia has with Oromia, people have to pressure Abiy to hand over his police, securities and military command and control to the Abba Gadaa the same way Dawud did when he hand his responsibilities of OLA to the Abba Gadaa. Let Abba Gadaa run all police and military activities in Oromia until the next election. Let Abiy’s odp compete with other Oromo organizations on equal ground. It’s not right to give Abiy and his tplf manufactured odp the upper hand in this armed conflict Abiy’s fascist ethiopia wages on innocent people of Oromia. It’s cynicism and betrayal of the brave OLA freedom fighters not to fight back against disarming and sending them to Abiy’s concentration camp.

    Help write letters about the plight of Oromos in Abiy’s ethiopia, explaining the fact that he is a ruthless dictator who imprisoned Oromos and Somalis alike. And do not forget to support the brave OLA freedom fighters and the families of those Oromos who currently languishes in Abiy’s prison.

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