Merger of OPDPs in exile with OPDO at home is not going to change the current crises in Oromia!

Merger of OPDPs in exile with OPDO at home is not going to change the current crises in Oromia!

By Aba Orma, November 29, 2018

Lencoo Lata has a well-documented history of leaving behind anything he is part of in ruins. I hope this is not a kiss of death for ODP! ODF is OPDO in exile!

Speaking of peace with Eritrea, Dr. Abiy said instead of dwelling on the question boundary, we made it irrelevant by not talking about right out of the gate. Please adopt the same principle (strategy) to WBO and first resolve other outstanding issues with the OLF (the Oromo people) and make WBO irrelevant. As long as the Oromo question is not addressed, whether we like it or not, WBO remains WBO.

On the eve of Dr.  Abiy’s lecture to political organizations in Finfinnee, the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP, formerly OPDO) and the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) led by Ato Lencoo Lata announced their merger on TV. On its face this is a good news. But we all know that Lencoo has been trying to make up with Meles to return home and work with OPDO and the rapist, murderous, and fascist TPLF regime. The only reason it didn’t happen is Meles didn’t want anything to do with him. Lencoo travelled home couple of times and has to return to Norway in disgrace.

Merger happens between two parties in which each side brings something to the table. Lencoo Lata and most of the leaders of ODF couldn’t even go visit their birth place without Trump level security.  The only thing he brings to the table is arrogance, chaos, and kiss of death. Get real and talk to the serious and real people with the backing of the overwhelming majority of the Oromo people.

The OLF, Qeerroo, and WBO sucked the life out of the TPLF and brought Dr. Abiy to the stage and this opened a new era of hope for everyone in the empire. ODF is the first to return home from exile and its leaders are given various positions in the OPDO and Dr. Abiy’s government. What happened today is just a symbolic merger and a dream come true for Lencoo Lata long after the death of his hero and co-conspirator Meles. This merger has zero effect on the current ongoing chaos in Oromia.

Obbo Lencoo Lata’s ODF formed front with various political organizations that stood contrary to the Oromo interest like Ginbot 7 and a fictional Amhara party and didn’t go anywhere. Moreover, Lencoo has the history of leaving behind anything he is part of in ruins. I hope this time it is different.  

The current ongoing crises in Oromia state is directly linked to some people inside ODP who didn’t want the OLF to return home in the first place and once again repeating the same machination of the Meles regime. We should not be surprised this because both Dr.  Abiy and Lemma’s political understanding comes from TPLF’s school where nothing is spared even your own people for political gains. In their mind Hawuzen was acceptable as long as in their mind the end result is good for the people. The fact that Meles massacred his own army who refused to fight beyond Tigray is okay as long as it resulted in the supremacy of the Tigray people.

Today, Dr. Abiy and Lemma are at least standing by as Oromos are displaced and massacred first in the East and now in West. There is a report that the federal government army is directly involved in the massacres in both areas. This begs the question whether they are repeating the lesson from TPLF to Oromos.

Unfortunately, the Oromo people as witnessed in rallies after rallies in support of the OLF and protests after protests against the unfair treatment of the OLF demonstrated that they are behind the Oromo Liberation Front and if Dr. Abiy and Lemma are really interested in bringing peace to the Oromo people and the peoples of Ethiopia and to empowering the Oromo people to stand on a level playing field with other peoples of Ethiopia they must ignore the chatters from OLF haters like Lencoo, Kamal, Dima, and Neftegna. Negotiating with these people is like negotiating with yourself. The real negotiation needs to take place between the OLF and YOU! For the sake of our people.

How this moves the needle toward peace for all?

  1. Making genuine peace with the OLF means first and for most addressing Qeerroo/Qaarree’s concern right now who are taking to the street and demanding the same.
  2. Addressing Qeerroo’s concern means addressing Oromo people’s concern and that will immediately stabilize Oromia.
  3. Then that allows a roadmap to addressing the question of WBO-the sticking point between the Oromo people and the Ethiopian government. What must not be forgotten is WBO is no more the army of the Oromo Liberation Front. Yes it is commanded by the OLF but it is the only army the Oromo people have confidence in and trust. WBO is the Oromo people!
  4. Finally, in the words of Dr. Getachew Begashaw, “ What kind of democracy is possible in Ethiopia without the full participation of the OLF and the Oromo people? Trying to marginalize the OLF is inviting a never ending war in the country”!

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  1. Once again, you are not aba Orma. You are Abba Oromoo. Well said and keep up!! We are in support of your articulated ideas.

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