African Pentecostalism Has Given Birth To A New Breed Of Mentally Lazy

African Pentecostalism Has Given Birth To A New Breed Of Mentally Lazy Christians Who See God As A Rewarder Of Mediocrity

Kay Musonda

1 April 2017 | Opinion/Feature

African Pentecostalism Has Given Birth To A New Breed Of Mentally Lazy Christians Who See God As A Rewarder Of Mediocrity
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(Modern Ghana) – ”Africa is currently experiencing another form of slavery through Pentecostalism.We are now mentally lazy and our ability to reason scientifically has been incapacitated.

The African pastor won’t talk about Usain Bolt or Serena Williams. The African Pastor won’t talk about Steve Jobs or the young people in Silicon Valley reshaping our world.

They won’t talk about young American scientists spending endless hours in search of a cure to a disease that’s predominantly in the Tropical African Region.

The African pastor won’t talk about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie or Ben Okri. In every corner of the world, there exist young men and women who have defied all odds and become successful through hard work, creativity and dedication….

The African pastor won’t talk about them, neither will he ask his members to emulate the spirit of these individuals.

He would rather talk about sister Agatha who got a job she *WAS NOT THE MOST QUALIFIED FOR*because she prayed and fasted in line with their church programme or brother John a millionaire because he used all his salary as a seed in the church, or Papa Miracle who he laid his hands on and 3 of his children got admission in the university, or Mama Esther paid her tithe and her business started growing everywhere across the nation with no business plan, just boom, everywhere.

This has led to a new breed of mentally lazy young people who now see God as a rewarder of mediocrity.

To the African pastor, the only way to prosper is by paying your tithe and ‘ seeds in the church. So they will never talk about those, who have through hard work and dedication placed themselves on the world map.

No…..the African God only blesses the first 30 people that rush to the alter to drop $100 as seed.

The African God abhors hard work and creative thinking, he only gives to those who sow seeds and offerings…..and those who shout: “I am a millionaire” every morning and do nothing the rest of the day.

You want the Almighty to come down and help you use the talent He gave you and bless you because you are going to church to shout: “Daddy I receive it”, these are all jokers.

Can someone tell these jokers that irrespective of your creed, faith or religion, blessings and favours follow you once you start using your talent and become useful to your society?

The Bible tells the story of the Talents.
Use it. Blessing is already bestowed upon us. When we use it positively, we ask the Lord to bless it. The Bible says His Grace is sufficient for us.

The Western world and Asians are excelling and dominating the world.

Let no Imam or Pastor manipulate our minds while they themselves drown in amassing wealth and luxurious splendour, while our people are living in abject poverty.

Be Wise. Worship of God is from the heart. But study, work hard and always watch & pray! May God Almighty bless us all, in Jesus’ name!!”

Good Day


  1. This is a well said wise man’s (woman’s) word. Perhaps only too late, but they said again better later than never.

    We are dragged back and hold hostage by those among us, much more than we have ever been by those from far away. May God bless our people and show them the way of progress.

  2. As Pentecostal is the fastest growing Christian denomination in the world including Africa, I don’t think all Pentecostal churches limit believers to mediocrity. I know many scholars in science, medicine, law, history, business, engineering and technology etc.from Evangelicals (Pentecostals). Those who do teach and practice erroneous non-biblical teachings should be condemned. The true followers of Jesus Christ should love mankind irrespective of their status or/and religious affiliations (Christians, Muslims, etc.) as commanded by the Lord of their faith.
    If not, the Bible calls them apostates/hypocrites.

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