Meeshaa Waraanaa Uummata Harkaa Fudhuu Jalqabnee Jirra:Bilchiinsa Naannoo Somaalee

Meeshaa Waraanaa Uummata Harkaa Fudhuu Jalqabnee Jirra:Bilchiinsa Naannoo Somaalee

Faayilii – Pirezdaantii Naannoo Somaalee

Mootummaan naannoo Somalee humnootii nagaa eegsisanii fi qaamotii isaan ilaallatu irraan kan hafe jiraattota naannoo Sanaa harka kan jiran meeshaalee waraanaa walitti qabuu jalqabuu isaa beeksisee.

Yeroo ammaa haala mijataa ta’een hojii irra oolaa kan jiru hojiin meeshaa waraanaa walitti qabuu kun gara fuula duraattis godinaalee naannoo sanakeessa jiran keessatti hojii irra akka oolu ibsamee jira.

Ittiin ka’umsi murtii kanaa sababaa walitti bu’iinsa gosaan kan ka’e lubbuun namaa baduu isaati jedhameera.

Gabaasa guutuu caqasaa

The PP cadres in the Somali region have cascaded down the alien party (PP), with an equally alien and unpopular ideology, (unitary state) of Convince them or Confuse them to 11 Zonal administrative of the Somali region. We know Somali people will not subscribe to an alien party in which even its leaders don’t believe the party ideology but are held together by coercion, intimidation, and outright force.
The bewildered one-man party (PP) is limping towards the upcoming elections in the vain hope of winning by hook or crook!y. Please take their money but don’t subscribe to their cheap and vague propaganda or else we will lose the small regional autonomy that we have now and might find ourselves as a drop in the empire of the 7th King.
The fate of the country hangs in the balance and in few days the dream of rebuilding the empire of the self-anointed 7th King may fall apart.
Let’s reserve our energy for post Abiy Ethiopia!
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