Mee Shugguxii dhugikaa ni ilaalla!!

Mee Shugguxii dhugikaa ni ilaalla!!

Teediroos Shugguxii ofiin dhuge utuu hin ta’iin gootitti Oromoo #Warqituutu obaase , seenaa isuma ofiin kuultee barreeffatte dubbifti nafxeen malee.

አማራ ክተት አለ
EP: “የአማራ ሕዝብ ለወደደው ማር ለጠላው ደግሞ ኮሶ ነው።”

Eritrean Press?????????


  1. Dear Oromos, fellow brothers and sisters
    We urge to stop marching to exterminate the people of Tigray. This war crime will not culminate by killing the current young generation and their parents , it will continue to haunt the next generations of Tigray and Oromo in an attempt to extend the regime dominated by Amhara elites (Prosperity party cadres).

    regardless of the ups and downs in the political period of TPLF, Tegarus were best allies of Oromo people and emanicipated them from amhara led military regime. There were exterme hatred and hate speech agianst Oromos by the then political elites . I do wish every one leads a peaceful life regardless of his tribal, religious and political views. All Political elites of PP and those who incite violence against Tgerau should be brought to justice, ICC , discounting their tribal background. Thnak you !!

  2. It must be clear to everyone the fact that by sending Oromo troops, and massacring Tegaru you are desciding to schedule the massacre of your own people to the near future or indefinite future, especially you victimizing the most vulnerable part of the society ,children, women and elders. Sadly speaking, we are in dark age on which an eye for eye is applicable and people will not stop unless they detsroy their enemies or bring them to justice .It is bortherly advice not a warning or intimidation. Thank you once again.

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