Abdi Omar, Illey, was the Mastermind Behind the Massacre and Kat Poisoning in Hawaday, Ethiopia

Abdi Omar, Illey, was the Mastermind Behind the Massacre and Kat Poisoning in Hawaday, Oromia regional state, Ethiopia

Poisoning in Hawaday
Abdi Omar, Illey, a butcher of the Ogaden people, was the Mastermind Behind the Massacre and Kat Poisoning in Hawaday, Ethiopia, only month

By Mohamud Aden Samatar

(Oodweyne news) — It was mind boggling to see Abdi Illey  attend mass funeral held for the  victims of Isaaq and Gadarbursi clan members  of  Ethiopia massacred and poisoned by undercover  Liyu Police, former ONLF Ogaden clan militia,   in Hawaday Ethiopia,  to creat hatred and animosity between Oromo people and the Somliland people.

According to reliable and unanimous source in Hawaday all victims were  Gadabursi and Isaaq clan members,  and were executed by undercover Liyu Police and Illey security agents. Gadabursi and Isaaq are  two of the main Clans in Somaliland and inhabit in Borama and Hargeisa. Gadabursi and Isaq clan members community  have lived in Hawaday for centuries and have owned kat  business,  exporting most of their kat  to Somaliland.

Abdi Illey accused the Oromo people in Hawaday of  being behind the killing to incite conflict and chaos between the Oromo people and Somalilnad people.  Ironically Liyu Police and Abdi Illey agents found the victims and transported the bodies to Jigjiga, for Abdi Illey’s planned  drama and fake sympathy, to mislead the reality on the ground. Few days after the Hawaday incident two innocent  Oromo men were killed in Gabiley by a police officer who lost a relative in Hawaday massacre. Somaliland hosts a large Oromo refugee community and other Oromo laborers who work on construction and farm sectors.

It’s no the first time that Liyu Police have massacred the Isaaq and Gadabursi clans  in Ethiopia. On June 5, 2016 Liyu  Police Killed fifty one and more non armed children, young men and elderly in Jama Dubbad village, Gashamo district of Ethiopia after harassing and confiscating belongings and vehicle which belonged to a young driver involved in an accident with local ambulance vehicle, which could have been solved easily instead of killing innocent people.

On March 16, 2012 Liyu Police fataly shot a resident of Raqda Village, Gashamo Distric Ethiopia, who was trying to protect a fellow villager. Same day men from Raqda retaliated and killied 7 Liyu Police members. In retaliation Liyu Police tribal milia killed 10 men who in their custody and also killed 9 resident after engaging fight with local men. They abducted 24 men, looted dozen of shops and house.

On Feb 6, 2013 Liyu Police tribal militia killed Mohamed Qawdhen Abdi, driver, in the vicinity of Farah Liban, Harshin Ethiopia, same area where Liyu Police killed number of civilians in Sept 2013.Qawdhan was driving from Harta Shiekha to Harshin when 2 Liyu Police stopped him and opened fire and shot him at close range without any question.

On September 11, 2012 Liyu Police tribal militia killed 12 civilians , one female and eleven males in the vicinity of Elmi Hersi within Harshin zone of Ethiopia. All killings in these region or area happened simply because the people belong to to Isaaq Clan as Human Right Watch reported. Same time 57 Isaq Somali Pastorals where arrested and kidnapped from Lanqeerta, Ethiopia and were taken to Jigjiga and accused of being foreigners and terrorists from Somaliland, to spoil the relationship between Somaliland and the Ethiopian Federal Government, just like he’s trying to create conflict between the Oromo people and Somaliland people.

Illey and his agents also accused Hawaday Oromos for poisoning Hawaday kat, where Abdi Illey and his agents are known to poison dissidents. Abdi and his  agents poisoned  twenty three innocents men who chewed Hawaday Kat, most of the victims have died , while some of them  are in Jigjiga hospital fighting for their life, according to reliable source most of the victims also belong to Gadabursi and Isaaq clans. And since Illey and his cronies,  medical examiners already knew the make of the poison, they described the poison as, LIVER AND BREADING POISON.

The Gadabursi and isaaq Ethiopians have lived in peace with all Ethiopians and have contributed immensely to the Ethiopian economy and freedom movement, to name a  few Mohamed Ogsade was an icon Ethiopian business man  , where Dr. Abdulmajid Hussein was the founding fathers of EPRP movement and current ruling party, EPRDF.

Abdi Illey have tried many times to damage Somaliland relationship with its neighbors like EPRDF, Ethiopia, and the whole agenda behind Illey’s  accusation of the Hawaday Oromo being behind the massacre and Hawaday kat poisoning is also to create conflict and mistrust between the Somaliland people and the Oromo people who have had good relation and traded for centuries. An other reason behind Illey’s  accusation is also to destroy businesses and trades owned by Gadabursi and Isaaqs in Hawaday so  he can  take  over easily or give it to one his of partner. Abdi Illey is also trying to cripple Somaliland economy and trade with Ethiopia and particularly with the Oromo people, to sabotage the DP World investment of Barbara port of Somaliland,  and the proposed road construction connecting Barbara Port to the Ethiopian merchants and business.