TPLF Rgime’s Unopposed Long Term Plan on Power.

TPLF Rgime’s Unopposed Long Term Plan on Power. ማስተር ፕላኑ በኮማንድ ፖስፑ ሲጸድቅ ETHIO NEWS

Addis Ababa”Integrated” Masterplan was build on a Lyon (France) city model. The new master plan is also build on a Soul (South Korea) city model. Why not ask Nigerians why they changed their capital from Lagos to Abuja than go that far in Europe and Asia? Why not consult the south African government about urbanization, industrialization in diverse ethno-linguistic society?

Ethiopia has lifted a ban on diplomats travelling more than 40km (25 miles) from the capital Addis Ababa without permission, state media report.

The ban was imposed under last month’s state of emergency and has been lifted because relative peace and security has been restored, Defence Minister Siraj Fegessa was quoted as saying.

Ethiopia has recently faced an unprecedented wave of violent protests.

But Mr Fegessa said the situation nationwide was now much more stable.

He said the travel ban – imposed for the safety of diplomats – was being lifted because it was “unthinkable” that the security threat was so serious.