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Mass peaceful protests and civil disobedience against Farmajo started in Moqadisho tonight


Mass peaceful protests and civil disobedience against Farmajo started in Moqadisho tonight

The demonstrators are demanding the outgoing president to resign. The People are chanting no illegal extension, no more dictatorship in Somalia.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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Somalia’s Government Has Lost Control of Most Of Its Capital
After two weeks of openly maneuvering and mobilizing, and months of strain, fighting between political forces has broken out in Mogadishu, and it is no longer clear that Somalia’s sitting government has control over the capital. On Saturday night, troops from clans that oppose President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known as Farmaajo, arrived in trucks, driving south from the Middle Shabelle region. On Sunday, shooting started in earnest for the first time as the forces loyal to the president fought against the opposition, many of whom are soldiers that peeled off from national security forces.
“We don’t recognize Farmaajo and we cannot work with him. We don’t take orders from the army commander, we are loyal to our clan leaders,” one such soldier, who works at the military’s headquarters in the city’s Hodan district, told VICE World News last week. He also said that he recently moved to Yaqshiid district where former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a leading member of the opposition and clan leader, is currently residing. A checkpoint where he is staying was attacked on Sunday, though the Somali government has denied that the strike emanated from government forces.
By early Monday morning, regional presidents negotiated a cease-fire. The amount of civilian and military casualties, while expected to be significant, is not yet reported. Still, the city is now officially divided and some residents have started to flee the violence. Schools and universities are shut down and exams postponed.
“The Farmaajo administration has been forced to retreat from small parts of north and south Mogadishu, and as more opposing clans splinter from national security forces and arrive from the countryside, he will likely lose the city itself,” Hussein Sheikh-Ali, a former national security and counter-terrorism advisor to two Somali presidents, told VICE World News.
This tension is related to the fact that the deadline to hold national elections passed on February 8 without a vote, ushering in a new era of political instability. It was the first time in Somalia that a presidential term ended before an agreement on how to proceed with the next election had been reached, and in April, Farmaajo signed a law that extended his presidency by two years.
– vice
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