OMN: Must Listen-Marii Hawaasaa Galma Abbaa Gadaatti (Adaamaa ) Sad. 25, 2018

OMN: Marii Hawaasaa Galma Abbaa Gadaatti (Adaamaa ) Sad. 25, 2018

Marii hawaasaa Abbootiin gadaa, Hayyoonni, Qeerroo fi kutaaleen hawaasaa garaagaraa itti hirmaatan Adaamaatti eegaleera. Xiinxalaa Siyaasaa fi Daarektara OMN Obbo Jawar Mahaammad waltajjii kanarratti hirmaachuuf deemaniif simannaan gootaa taasifameef.

‘Abdi Warsame’s posting about “Somali civilian deaths and displacement in Moyale, Tuuli Guled, Dire Dawa and other parts of Ethiopia” came as a surprise to me and many others. I haven’t heard such displacement of Somali civilians, but I have heard and seen 19 Oromos listed as killed by Somali attackers. I am particularly surprised because Abdi didn’t utter a word when close to a million Oromos were displaced from Somali region, and we were calling Oromos not to take any revenge against Somali citizens.

Over the years we as Oromos have stood with the just cause of our Somali friends. There have been challenging and painful times in our history, but we have succeeded in keeping the relationship healthy and peaceful at least in the diaspora. I have been invited to Somali events, and we have invited many Somali scholars to, for example, OSA events. Tens of OLF press releases in support of the Somali struggle can be mentioned. It was an Oromo, Kallacha Dubbi who wrote “You can’t use kerosene to put off sparks” when Peter Pham condemned the Ogaden movement as that of terrorists. It is imperative that influential politicians like Abdi study the facts, be extra careful and use caution when commenting on volatile issues like this.’ Via Dr Asfaw BeyeneFilannoon Maaliif barbaachise? Deebii gehaa Video tana irraa argattanii daawwadhaa. Kan Barreeyse Jawar Mohammed, Kan Sagaleeyse Immoo Osman Abdulatifii itti dhihaadhaa.

Sirkanan Ahmed

— Kichuu (@kichuu24) November 24, 2018

Marii Obbo Nagessa Oddo Dube, Prof Asaffa Jaalataa, Dr Rundassa Eshete fi Dr Ibsa Kedida Waliin Taasifame

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