Maqaa Waaqayyo dhahaa nati dhufe. Koo ti se’een ..

Maqaa Waaqayyo dhahaa nati dhufe. Koo ti se’een harka koo lamaan bal’ise seeqa isa simadhe. Ilma Abbaa Gadaan isaa sehe. Har’a garuu, hammeenyaaf gara jabeenya isaa yemuun yaadu, dhagna koo tu akka ribuu ibiddaa bu’ee shuntuura.

Gemechu Geleta

When it is hit hard by economic sabotage, patriotic shifta and WBO force, the regime of evil lunatic Abiy Ahmed Ali will release political prisoners (if alive) and call for national dialogue. HOWEVER, it will probably be too late. Balance of power is a tricky thing….people only want to talk when they have no power. Brave, smart and hamble people want to talk and settle conflicts peacefully even when they have more power than those opposing them. Evil Abiy wants to destroy his opponents, and it will be absolutely impossible for the opposition to accept his call for dialogue in the future. I tell you this because I foresee what is going to happen one year or two years from now. Even six months from now. TRUST is a currency in a very short supply in that country.

Biyya Oromiyaa

Ajjeefamuu Artist Haacaaluu Hundeessaa fi Hidhamuu Hooggantoota Siyaasaa Oromoo Balaaleffachuuf Hiriira Mormii Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya Faransaay taasisaa jiru.

Obsa Ali

Our struggle is what unite us, our resilience & persistence is what will bring us to victory. #OromoProtest #OromoRevolution #HaacaaluuHundeessaa #FreeOromia

Tamam Waritu

Maali salphinni akkana jarana???? Dharrii fii kijibni haga fedhe baay’atullee booddeen isaa salphinnuma. Mee rabbii keesanii jedhe cubbuu warri PAARTII PP kun rabbuma ufii maa hin sodaanne.

Weliyi Omer

Justice for Hachalu
Oromia Shell BeFree

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