Maqaa hoogganoota fi qabsaawota Oromoo 200 sirna kanaan ukkamfamanii achi buuteen dhabamsiifaman.

Maqaa hoogganoota fi qabsaawota Oromoo 200 sirna kanaan ukkamfamanii achi buuteen dhabamsiifaman.

Amma MM koreen dhimma hoogganootaa fi qabsaawota keenya kana qoratee eessa akka jiran adda baasu hundeeffamuuf jedha waan jedhamaa waan jiruuf #SHARE godhaa Oromoo hunda dhageessisaa adaraa
  1. Nadhi Gammada (Since 1994)
  2. Dabasa Guyo (Since 2015)
  3. Yosef Bati (Since 1992)
  4. Bekele Dawano Geologist in profession, he studied in Dutch University. He was arrested on 25th October 1992. He was disappeared from Agarfa Prison in 1993, according to International Committee of Red Cross who documented about his detentions. He was last seen on 14th September, 1993 at Agarfa being escoted away from prison center by heavily armed men.
  5. Mustefa Idiris: He was an employee of the Ethiopian Telecommunications Agency in Addis Ababa, and a former long-term prisoner of conscience under the former government (Dergue regime), “disappeared” on his way home from work in Addis Ababa on 31 May 1994 and last seen at 17 hrs. of this date (Since 1994)
  6. Mitiku Wadajo: Mitiku Wadajo, the worker of Oda Share Co. He was last seen on 31May 1994
  7. Kasahun Habte: Kasahun Habte arrested in Finfinee in 1992) Kasahun Habte who was reported to have disappeared was seen in “Maikelawi” prison in April 1996. Since then his where about is not known. The probable place of him will be like other prisoners of conscience could be in ITANG prison in Beni Shangul regional state of Gambela, in Tigray region or any other” bermudas
  8. Hunduma Kaba: Hunduma Kaba was a senior member of the OLF and was a member of the Election Committee of the OLF in 1992. Hunduma Kaba disappeared since October 2, 1993.
  9. Habtamu Tadesse
  10. Saddiq Umar Godina Qellem Wallaggaa aanaa Beegii magaalaa Kobor keessaa bara 1993 butamee Finfinnee geeffame. Ergasii achi buuteen isaa hin beekamne.
  11. Temesgen Adaba: He had been living in Finfinnee from 1994. In July 1995, Jirenya and Temesgen were abducted by government security men when walking near “Urael Church” in Finfinnee. According to eyewitnesses, they were first taken to a place called “horse house” behind the 1st Police Station, near to Menelik II hospital. After a month there, they were taken for a few days to the criminal investigation centre. Since then, they have been untraceable
  12. Dereje Deme (Since 1995)
  13. Artist Jiregna Ayana: Jireenyaa Ayana and Temesgen Adaba disappeared from Addis Ababa in August 1995. Jireenyaa was a well-known singer and member of the Gada Theatre and Music Club. He had recordings published and had performed on radio
  14. Girma Milkiyas Daddo (Since 1994)
  15. Kasahun Tarfa Muleta (Since 1993)
  16. Yohannis Ektera
  17. Ararso Bedhasa (Since 1999) abducted on Dec 28 from Finfinne. He is from S/W/Shoa Sadan Sodo district. He an author of the famous book SEENAA HIDDA DHALOOTA OROMOO SOODDOO
  18. Tamiru Ajama (Since 1999) abducted on Dec 28 from Finfinne
  19. Benti Gudato (Since 1992). Benti was born Sibu Sire, Wallaga & Graduated from University of Havana, Cuba.
  20. Idossa Belay Mummicha ( Since 2000)
  21. Namarsan Dadhi ( Since 1997)
  22. Takkaanliy Dagoo: He Born in Nuunnuu Qumbaa, East Wallaga. Graduated from Addis Abba University in 1988 from Political Since and International Relation worked for the Ethiopian Government before abducted kidnapped by the Ethiopian Secret Service personnel. Abducted from Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) on 14th of January 1996.
  23. Takele Oljirra: Takale Oljira, born in 1967 in Dagam village, E.Wollega, graduated from the Department of Political since & International Relation of Addis Ababa University in 1989 and was working in the Visa and Immigration Department in the capital. While he and a friend were walking in the area near “Teklehaymanot” in November 1992, he was abducted by government intelligence men. A journalist detained in 1994 believes he saw Takale in the Kasa Inchis secret detention centre in Addis Ababa Efforts to locate him before and after this possible sighting has failed.
  24. Mulgeta Bedassa (Since 1996/97)
  25. Workina Uwissa ( Since 1996/97)
  26. Zerihun Kinati Dheressa: He is 37 years old contract worker, of Woreda 10, Kebele 03, Finfinnee, was abducted by armed plain-clothed men and uniformed police in front of a small bar in Woreda 10, Kebele 02, on 17.10.97, about 6.15 pm. His where about are unknown since he was driven off in a car with a private number plate (
  27. Amanti (Shafe) Abdissa Jigi ( Since 1996)
  28. Magarsa Dhufa Horo ( Since 1995) G/W/Dhihaa aanaa Mana Sibuu ganda Baddeessaa Baaroo
  29. Huseen Ayyaloo ( Since 1992) From Bale, Gindhir locality. He was a father of two.
  30. Tola Ararso ( Since 1995)
  31. Marga Tarfa Akasa (Since 1995)
  32. Hinkosa Gurmessa Dhugasa (Since 1992 a farmer and father of three whose family disorganized)
  33. Daraje Kasaye Abdi (Firaol) Born in Gindeberet. He was Electrical Engineering 3rd year student when abducted in Arjo in 1993
  34. Geremew Bichu, a physics teacher in Arjo, (disappeared since 1995)
  35. Dereje Kenea, Billa, West Wallaga (Since 1992)
  36. Laggase Biqilaa Daadhii ( Since 1993) He is a reknown teacher.
  37. Assabaa Shaaroo Lamuu ( Since 1993, from Horro Guduru, Ganda Dinbee)
  38. Habtaamuu Galataa (The famous Dukkanaan Duubaa actor, abducted in August 1992 in Mercato)
  39. Beekumaa Toliinaa ( The famous Dukkanaan Duubaa actor, abducted in August 1992 in Mercato)
  40. Dagaagaa (Yetimgeta) Bayissa ( OLF head in Nekemte, abducted in 1992). He Born in Najjo, western Wollegaa, abducted in 1993 while travelling by bus between Siree and Nekemte. He was last seen in an underground cell at Bakko.
  41. Hussein Shayitu (Since 1993)
  42. Sheek Imaam ( Harar, a father of three, since 1998)
  43. Solomon Tolosaa (Since 1992)
  44. Abdulkarim Shorsha ( Since 1994)
  45. Hajii Jemal ( Since 1994)
  46. Reverend Qannoo Sadii ( Abducted from Benishangul Gumuz, Asossa town in 1997)
  47. Getu Kaba Shawala (A father of two females, kidnapped from Ambo/ Senkele in 1998 & his whereabouts is unknown). His wife was killed in military camp.
  48. Riqicha Hinsene Wami ( Kidnapped from Ginchi in 1992 a political prisoner during the Derg Regime, his whereabouts is uknown)
  49. Dereje Kenea Waltaji ( A teacher from Billa, Bojjii Birmajii Abducted on 12th February 1992)
  50. Lamessa Boru ( Arrested 6 years in Hailessilassie, 10 years in Dergue and disappeared in Woyane since 1993)
  51. Berhanu Ejigu: Son of Meto Aleka Ejigu Yihun and W/o Belaynesh Kassa; he was arrested at Meskel Square in Addis Abeba on June 14, 1994 at the age of 47, EPRDF continues to deny any knowledge of his arrest. He would turn 71 this year.
  52. Alemayeh Dhuguma Gammadaa (Since 1994)
  53. Yalew … (Lixa Shawaa Shoboka, Since 1994)
  54. Baqqushee … (Lixa Shawaa Shoboka, Since 1994)
  55. Fikire Kumsa (Since 1994)
  56. Boja … (Jimagannati, Since 1994)
  57. Bekele Abbebe (Since 1994)
  58. Shambel Bekele Madessa (Since 1994)
  59. Biche (Ginge) … (Since 1994)
  60. Mulat Tamiru Ajjema (Since 1994)
  61. Dhaba Namee (Sodo, Since 1994)
  62. Tujjo Guta Ejeta ( Born in Jaldu, Ganda Fallo Osole and raised in Burayyu. Abducted on 23th July, 2002 with his Twin brother
  63. Dirribsa (Tsegaye) Guta Ejeta (Tujjo’s twin brother, abducted from Burayu on 23th July, 2002)
  64. Solomon Tolossa (Since 1993)
  65. Rattaa Moosisaa Dhuguma ( Since 1992)
  66. Ayyub Awsii Bama (Since 1993)
  67. Yohaannis Magarsa Abdii (Since 1993) Born in Mandi. Abducted from Dambi Dollo in 1993
  68. Dachasa Bayana Iticha: He was born in 1966 in Karsa village, E.Wollega. At the time of his first arrest in 1992, he was a pensioned ex-Lieutenant living with his parents. He was taken to Didessa camp, released in March 1993 and rearrested on his return to his parents’ house in the capital. Thereafter, he spent a further 3 months in Didessa and his pension was stopped. He developed tuberculosis in Didessa and had just finished treatment in Finfinnee. When he was abducted by government security men around “Mesalemiya” , near to the City Hotel, in September 1995. He has driven away after his hands had been tied behind him with plastic rope. According to friends and cooperative policemen, he was taken to the criminal investigation centre and tortured repeatedly. He was taken from there to a secret underground prison at Menelik II Palace. Since then, persistent attempts to discover his whereabouts have failed.
  69. Sisay Tarfa ( from Baakkoo, abducted in Burayyuu in 1993)
  70. Mulaatuu Qana’aa Barkeessaa (Since 1998)
  71. Bekele Abebe Jirata, government worker, abducted in 1995 from Ambo
  72. Alsaddiin Sheek Jamaal, (since 1994. Hararghe, Daro Labu District, Aradda Galma Jaju, ganda Sheik Adam Lencho)
  73. Naazif Shaafii, (From Jimma Zone, Sigimo District, ganda Yaaddessoo Boru, Since 2006)
  74. Harun Ahmad Damisee ( From West Wallaga, Qondala District , ganda Guddattuu sin 1995)
  75. Ahmad Tuntuni Jilo ( from Arsi, Chole District, abducted from Adama in 1995)
  76. Teferi Geleta ( Since 1992)
  77. Doobbaa (Cherinat) Birasa (Since 1992)
  78. Jamal Usso from Hararghe, Kombolcha District (Since 1993)
  79. Takele Chilfa from Horro Guduru (Since 1993)
  80. Belay Wolde from Horro Guduru (Since 1994)
  81. Sheik Mohammed Duri Baaso From Hararghe (Since 1994)
  82. Kebede Tariku Engida from Arsi, Jaju District, he was a graduate from AAU and abducted 1997
  83. Hakkim Hassan from Hararghe, Gara Mulata (since 1995)
  84. Ewnetu Kaba from Finfinne (Since 1992)
  85. Ephrem Kaba from Finfinne (Since 2003)
  86. Qalanji Tadesse from Najjo (Since 1992)
  87. Husen Uki from Arsi, Qore, (Since 1991)
  88. Kooluu Abbaa Booraa (Kabbada)?
  89. Ketema Siyoum Deti, Originally from West shoa, Ada’a Barga District, (Since 2003)
  90. Barento Boru (Hussein Ahmed Ali) from Hararghe, Chiro District (Since 1995)
  91. Basha Hussein, female traditional dancer, Gadaa Band, since 1999. Baashaan kan dhalatte Godina Arsii Lixaa aanaa Shaashamannee ganda Maraarooti.
  92. Fufa Dhuguma, poet since 1997
  93. Darartu Bona, female vocalist, Bale since 1997
  94. Abdulhakim (Shefis) singer, Chafe Gada Band, Bale since 1997
  95. Adem Wake singer, since 1997
  96. Alamuu Soorii (Since 1995)
  97. Baqqalaa Addeessaa (1997)
  98. Kaasuu Simee (1996)
  99. Girmaa Dabalaa (1996)
  100. Alamaayyoo Dhugumaa (1996)
  101. Shamsaddiin Ahmad (Giddii) (Since 1995) From East Hararghe, Haramaya District, Halele Locality.
  102. Alemu Sori Kitata, from Ambo, was arrested in Maekelawi in 1996 and disappeared since then.
  103. Alula Rorro Saddeta, from Horo Guduru, abducted in Finfine in 1997
  104. Malkamu Gudina Dinqa, He was studying in Haramaya University, abducted in 1992.
  105. Naashiquu Abbaanashaa Huseen, born in Dodola, abducted in Finfinne in 2000
  106. Waqgari Mamo
  107. Nagasa Ambassa
  108. Tarrafaa Galataa
  109. Edoo Midhakso, from Arsi Xiyo District. Abducted in 1991
  110. Dachasa Bayana Iticha, From East Wallaga, Gida Ayana District. Abducted by security forces in Finfinne in 1996
  111. Asmara Uche
  112. Kumala Imana Lammessa, from Ambo. Abducted in 1996
  113. Sergeant Girmaye, from Ambo. Abducted in 1996
  114. Waquma, from Ambo. Abducted in 1996
  115. Tafarraa Beenyaa, From Horro Guduru, Jimmaa Gannat
  116. Dajane Beenyaa, From Horro Guduru, Jimmaa Gannat
  117. Asfawu Shimellis, From Horro Guduru, Jimma Gannat
  118. Umar Galgalo, Bale Dinsho, Ayidda locality. Abducted in 1997 from his home.
  119. Shamsaddin Ahmad, since 1997
  120. Imiru Gudina, From Nekemte, abducted in 1993
  121. Sheik Abadir, from Hararghe, since 1992
  122. Bultum Waday Gaade, From Fantallee, since 1994/5
  123. Yusuf Mamo Dilbaro from Bale, Dinsho since 1994
  124. Nagasa Ararsa, West Arsi, Adaba since 1994
  125. Hasan Haro, Bale Dinsho since 1994
  126. Mohammed Aliyyi, From Dirre Dhawa since 1994
  127. Sheik Imam from Dirre Dawa since 1994
  128. Jamal Yusuf Ali, from West Hararghe, since 1994
  129. Hunduma Kabaa Osana from Wallaga Najo since 1992
  130. Magarsaa Galata from Wallaga, Najo since 1992
  131. Dassalegn Nagaasa from Walaga, Najo since 1992
  132. Shafi Kedir from Jimma Sigimo since 1994
  133. Mizbah Shamsaddin from Jimma Saxxama since 1994
  134. Phaulos Basha, a member of parliament in 1992. He was from Wallaga, Lalo Qile, since 1992
  135. Mokonnon Banti (Danu) From Gindabarat, abducted from Finfinne in 1994
  136. Ejjeta Hailu Tufa, born in Matakal. He was refugee in Kenya Nairobi. Abducted in Nairobi in 2003
  137. Tamiru Bula, West Wallaga, Ganji, since 1994
  138. Ahmad Aliikoo, from Dambi Dollo, abducted in 1993
  139. Darara Tuji Galmo (Husen Mohammed) Born in Dhumuga, OLF commander. Abducted in 1997
  140. Aliyan Ahmed Mohammed, from Galamso in 1995
  141. Bedhaso Buta Bulbula, since 1994
  142. Mohammed Hassan Ibrahim, From Hararghe Haramaya since 1994
  143. Kalil Bishiqa, From Jimma Gatara since 1993
  144. Adaba Moroda from Qelem Walaga, Dale Wabara Deta Chabal locality since 1994
  145. Mohammed Abdi, from Haramaya Halele Locality. Abducted in 1994
  146. Mohammad Alaa, from Hararghe Xullo arada Rakkata Fura, since 1992
  147. Baqqalaa Dheeressa, from Gindabarat since 1993
  148. Hirpha Midhaksa Dhinsa from Gudar. Forced to leave the town by the then security agent whose name is Abba Giddi Ajjama in 1992. His whereabouts is unknown till now.
  149. Booboo (Gammadaa) Ittafaa, Mandii
  150. Girmee Ittafaa , Mandii
  151. Abdi Dawed Galmo, from Haramaya, abducted in 1993
  152. Eliyas Guddata Rikitu, from OLF Western Oromia leader, abducted in 1993
  153. Sirneessaa Galataa Sambatoo, since 1993
  154. Kamaal Tuntunii Jilaa from Arsi Chole
  155. Jalaam H Faqoo, Godina Arsii aanaa Jajuu ganda Dannabaa taken out from Hurso prison in 1994
  156. Margaa Tarfaa , Horro Guduru, Jitilo Najo locality. He was a teacher, abducted in 1994
  157. Shaambal Tulluu Lammaa. Bara 1993 magaalaa Amboorraa butamee achi buuteen isaa dhamabe.
  158. Shifaa Qana’aa Born in Nunu Qumba, Walga Locality. Arrested in Dhidhessa, and disappeared since 1993
  159. Darajjee Damee Sakiluu, Dhalootaan Jalduu yoo ta’u bara 1994 basaastota Wayyaaneen magaalaa Fifinnee keessaa butamee achi buuteen isaa hin beekamu.
  160. Sheek Abadir
  161. Wadaajoo Gaasoo Waaqayyoo namni kun goota beekamaa yeroo jalqabaatiif buttaa innaangoo kan qopheessee fi yeroo ce’umsaa harargee ture yeroo ce’umsaa keessa kan dhabamee fi yeroo ammaa kanas eessa buuteen isaa wallaalame.
  162. Mohammad Umar, OLF commander, since 1993
  163. Qaasim Musxafaa : Qaasim Musxafaa jedhama. Godina Iluu Abbaa Booraa Aanaa Algeetii bara 1986 A.L.H sababa sabboonummaa isaatiif weyyaaneen qabamee achi buuteen isaa hinbeekamne
  164. Baqaalaa Getaachoo Tafarraa jedhama
  165. mucaan kun G/W/Bahaa Aanaa Kiraamuu Ganda Qoqoffe Garee Carfootti dhalatee kan guddate yommu ta’uu bara 1980 keessa humnaa mootummaa kanaan achii buuteen isaa dhabame.
  166. Amaad Daawid Ali, Since 1993
  167. BADIRUU UMAR Maatii harka qalleessa keessatti dhiha wallaaggaa aanaa begii magaalaa koboritti dhalate Obboloota isaa 7 akka abbaattii jooree jawwaree rakkoo maatii hunda mataatti baatee guddisaa ture abbaansaas qaama hin beekamneen bakka hojii idilee isaatti ajjeefamee argame, Sabboonaaf ilmaa ture nama jabaa ture baroota 2000 keessa wbo naannoo dhihaa jiraaniis gargaarsa meessaaf rasaasaa naannoo danbidolloottii osoo deddeebisuu halli kun waan irratti barameef haxxee itti hidhame jalaa miliquuf maatiisaa harka qalleessa sana facaasee bara 2002 biyya dhiisee godaane baruma kana keessa hordoffii diinaa jala seenuun naannoo hararitti akka ukkaamfametu dubbatama hanga harratti Homaa achi buteensaa miilla bakar waareeti
  168. Mitiku Wadajo Amuma
  169. Alfiyaa Yusuf Ahmad ykn Hangaatuu jedhamti. Godina Harargee Bahaa magaalaa Haramayaatti dhalattee guddatte. Barreessituu Jaal Nadhii Gammadaa yoo taatu isa waliin qabamtee achi buuteen ishee dhabame.
  170. Ibiraahim Usmaan, obboleessa Jaal Nadhii Gammadaa. Innis achi buuteen isaa dhabamee jira
  171. Dhaabaa Amantee Guutee jedhamu baakkootti barsiisaa kan turee fi bara 1993 Boorana keessatti kan harka diinaa bu’e hanga yoonaa bakki buuteen isaa hin beekamne
  172. Mulgeetaa Baqqalaa Hirphaa, Wallaggaa Bahaa aanaa Eebantuu ganda Qeelloo. Bara 1992 magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti humna tikaan butamee achi buuteen isaa dhabame.
  173. Gammachuu Buttaa Bariisoo, Barataa Ji’oolojii yoo ta’u dhalootaan Arsii Lixaa aanaa Kofalee ti. Bara 1992 irraa eegalee Baalee irraa qabamee achi buuteen isaa dhabame.
  174. Rashiid Qaasim Ismoo, Godina Arsii aanaa Suudee ganda Abukooy tti dhalate. Bara 1996 Harargee magaalaa Baddeessaa keessaa butame.
  175. Akiliiluu Ayyalaa Saaqqataa jedhama. Boojjii Birmajjii magaalaa Biilaa yoo ta’u Caamsaa 17, 1994 ganama magaalaa Finfinnee keessaa butame.
  176. Habtaamuu Barumaa Wiirtuu. Dhalootaan Godina Lixa Wallaggaa aanaa Jaarsoo ganda Garjoo yoo ta’u, Ministeera Dhimmoota Federaalaatti Gorsaa Dhimma walitti bu’iinsa Amantii fi Amantootaa Ministeerichaa ta’uun utuu hojjetaa jiruu gaafa 14/11/2005 humnoota tikaan qabamee achi buuteen isaa dhabame. Manni jireenyaa isaa Kutaa Bulchiinsa Finfinnee naannoo Kolfee Qaraaniyoo bakka addaa Karra Qoree Timirtibeet Balaay jedhamuun beekamudha.
  177. Jamaal Abdulqaadir Ganamoo hiriyaa Nadhii Gammadaa yoo ta’u bara 1994 booda achi buuteen isaa dhabame.
  178. Habtaamuu Wayyeessaa Daagaa, Godina Wallagaa Lixaa aanaa Najjoo ganda Qonnaan Bulaa Gennasaatti dhalatan. Bara 1994 humna tikaan ukkaamfamanii achi buuteen isaanii hin beekamu.
  179. Galmoo (Abdulqaadir Adam) Harargee magaalaa Hirnaa irraa, bara 1997 butamee achi buuteen isaa dhabame. Haga ammaatti eessa akka jiru hin beekamu.
  180. Abdataa Adam, obboleessa isaa Galmoo Adam waliin bara 1997 kan butame yoo ta’u haga ammaatti eessa buuteen isaa hin beekamu.
  181. Obbo Olaanii Bayyanaa Guutamaa, jiraataa magaalaa Dambi Doolloo yoo ta’u bara 1995 Waajjira Barnootaa magaalaa Dambi Doolloo keessaa humna tikaan butamee achi buuteen isaa dhabame.
  182. Darajjee Damee bara 1994 magaalaa Finfinnee keessa butamee achi buuteen isaa dhabame.
  183. Badhaadhaa Sarbeessaa bara 1994 magaalaa Amboo keessaa qabamee achi buuteen isaa dhabame. Hanga ammaatti eessa akka jiru hin beekamu.
  184. Abbaa Nashaa Huseen, bara 2000 Magaalaa Finfinnee keessaa qabamee achi buuteen isaa dhabamee jira.
  185. Jamaal Huseen, bara 1979 irraa miseensa ABO kan ture yoo ta’u bara 1994 Maa’ikelaawwiitti hidhame. Isa booda dhabame.
  186. Hiddasaa Dabalaa, 1994 qabamee achi buuteen isaa dhabame.
  187. Kadir Junaddiin. Dhalootaan Godina Baaleeti. Miseensummaa ABOn shakkanii erga ukkaamsaanii waggaa 20 fixeera.
  188. Maqaan isaa Ahmed sheikh Umar Ali ja’ama. Nannoo Gaara Mullataa magala Gobeelletti dhalatee. Jireenyaaf magaala Dirre Dhawaa ganda Lagaharre kara ganda Guggubaa ja’amutti qubacha ture. Abba ilmaan afurii dhira 3 fii dubra takkati. Muazzina (nama azaanu) kan duraa kan Masjida Bilal Dirre Dhawati. Bara 1994 keessa Halakan walakkaa mana isaa, Ilmaan isaa keesa fudhamee hanga ammaatti bakka kana jiraa hin beekkamu
  189. Jaal Huseen Abubaakar Ganamoo(Muldhataa Dirree) Hogganoota waraanaa ABO baha Oromiyaa keessa tokko kan tahe fi bara 1995 A.L.A..Lola Baale nannoo Gindhiiritti godhame booda kan dhabame
  190. J/ Addeessa Gadaa maqaan dhaloota Amiin Abdoo k/J / ABO fi Barreessa dhaabaa tahee bara 2000 keessa filame. Sanaan booda dirqamniiitii laatamee Finfinnee dhufee bara 2001 harka diinaatti kufe. J/Addeessan kan dhalate G/Baalee Aanaa Dalloo Mannaa Abbaa isaa Abdoo Tukkoo fi Haadha isaa Makkaa Usmaan yoo ta’u barnoota seenaan bara 1991 eebbifame.
  191. J/Muzayyan Hasan Abba Duulaa jedhama kan dhalate godina Wallagaa Farmakiis (Kober,Begii) dha. 1996 Gimbii irraa osoo Finfinnee deemaa jiru mootummaa Wayyaaneetiin ukkaamsame
  192. Roobaa Maammada Harargee magaalaa Haramayaa keessaa bara 1994 humnoota tikaan butamee achi buuteen isaa dhabame. Hanga ammaatti eessa akka jiru hin beekamu. Yeroo sanatti umriin isaa ganna 18 ture
  193. Firdiisaa Bayyanaa Hordofaa Go/Ho/Guduruu magaalaa Jaardagaa keessaa bara 1992 tti humnoota tikaan butame. Hanga ammaatti eessa akka jiru hin beekamu.
  194. Saafawoo Tufaa jedhama. Dhaloonni isaa Godina Arsii Lixaa Aanaa Arsii Nageellee ganda Godee Duurooti. Bara 1992 Qabsaa’ota keenya dhabaman keessaa innis tokko
  195. Jaal Tujii Raggaasa hoggaana waraanaa ABO ture chaartaraa keeysa dhabamsisan keessaa isa tokko. Erga bara 1992 ukkaamfamee eessa akka buufame hin beekamu.
  196. BEFEKADU DISASSAA: Col. Befekadu was born in Iluu Abbaa Bor. When the Derg regime was over thrown as a person who has never been involved in any anti-human activity, there was not any pretext for the TPLF Gestapo to apprehend him. However, he was collected from his home in Finfinnee H. 10 K. 02/275 on 21.04.1992. Since then Col.Befekadu has never been seen.
  197. Eferem (Xibabu) Kaba: He Born in Najjo, West Wollega. He was detained in Finfinnee after visiting a friend of his in November 2000. His acquaintance and he had been detained for ten days in March 2000. According to his friend, now seeking asylum in England, his disappearance was reported on abducted from Finfinnee 17 November 2000 by Seife Nebelbal newspaper and subsequent enquiries by family and by ICRC have failed to reveal his whereabouts (OSG press release nr. 39)
  198. Daniel (Ida’a) Akkuma: was a senior member of the OLF and was unarmed civilian cadre when he was arrested in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) in 1992. Since then the whereabouts of him is unknown
  199. Hasan Abiraahim, Harargee Bahaa aanaa Dadar magaalaa Soqeetti dhalate. Bara 1991 humna tikaan ukkaamfame.
  200. Jaal Bareentoo Boruu (Husseen Ahmad Alii) Abbaa isaa obbo Ahmad Alii Boruu tii fi haadha isaa Aadde Mardiyaa Yuusuf Dibloorraa Goodina Harargee Lixaa Aanaa Ciroo Ganda baqqalootti dhalate. Akkuma Baruumsa isaa xumureen sirna mootummaa dargii keessatti yeroo gabaabaa keessatti Araddaarraa hanga Goodinaatti hooggansa adda addaarra tureera.

Haaluma kanaan naannoo bara 1972 ALI tti Bulchaa Aanaa ciroo (የጭሮ ወረዳ ገበሬ ማህበር ሊቀመንበር) ta’uudhaan akkasumas naannoo bara 1975 ALI itti Aanaa Bulchaa Goodina (kutaa biyyaa) Harargee (የሀረርጌ ክፍለ ሀገር ምክትል ሊቀመንበር) ta’uudhaa hoojjachaa osoo jiruu bara 1976 ALI keessa qabamee dhaaba ABO wajjiin Hariiroo qabda jedhamee waggaa 3(sadii) oliif mana hidhaa Hararitti erga hidhamee booda naannoo 1979 ALI hidhaadhaa bahee yeroo muraasa erga turee booda qaama guutuudhaan qabsoo ABO tti dabalame.

Haaluma kanaan jalqabarratti Bulchaa konyaa Malkaa balloo ta’uudhaan magaalaa Harawaacaa turee yeroo muraasa booda immoo gara magaalaa Dadar ol dhufuudhaan miseensa koree giddu galeessa ABO akkasumas itti Aanaa fi barreessaa Jaal Nadhii Gammadaa ta’uudhaan hoojjachaa tureera.

Haa ta’uu malee bara 1995 irraa eegalee achi buuteen isaa hin beekkamne. Akkuma waahillan isaatti Mana hidha keessa akka jiru odeeffannoo hedduutu jira. Kanaaf yoo mana hidhaa wayyaanee jiraates isaa fi Hidhamtoonni siyaasaa hafan hundi akka nuuf hiikaman jechaa yoo iddoo biraa jiraates namni odeeffanoo qabdan nuu gargaaraa isiniin jenna maatiin isaa

  1. Jaal Qananii, Arsii Lixaa aanaa Dodolaatti dhalatte. Miseensa WBO kan turte yoo taatu bara 1992 qabamtee achi buuteen ishee dhabame.