Murtii-Manii murtii Godinaa Harergee Lixaa miseensaa raayyaa

Murtii-Manii murtii Godinaa Harergee Lixaa miseensaa raayyaa ittisaa wayyaanee,Buzuwarq Birhaanuu hidhaa woggaa 18’n adabe.
Manii murtii Godinaa Harergee Lixaa miseensaa rayyaa ittisaa biyyaa kan tahee Buzuwarq Birhaanuu irratti adabbii hidhaa cimaa woggaa 18’n kan dabarseef ajjeechaa suukkanenssa inni barataa Mummee Aliyii irratti aanaa Mi’eesoo aradda Hussetii raawwateef.

“This is the story (failed attempt):

I left my home early morning, about 7:00 AM. I didnot see unusual thing around my home all the way to taxi post. Of course, it was on last Wednesday night at about 1:00 PM that three persons followed me walking on the two sides of the streets up to my home. They went back after they made sure that I safely arrived my home. Since then, I get back to my home before the sunset. When I get out from my home I should control the environment as I have to walk some ten minutes to get tax. 

Today, I left my home early morning as I said; I observed my area, walked ten minutes and took my first taxi. I did not sense anything up to Arat-kilo, where I have to qeue for Bole’s taxi. It was long qeue. I waited for about 15 minutes. A person intervened and qeued behind me without his order. We entered into the taxi, he sat behind me. He has communication instrument with him. His counterpart spoke loud on communication asking the pedal number of the taxi. He prefers to text massage on cell phone than talking on the communication. I suspected something is going on. I paid for Bole diildiy and the guy also paid for Bole dildiy. One may also think the person might be on other duty than arranging some kidnapping against me. So, I have to check and recheck that. I decided not to travel up to Bole dildiy. I also prefer not to get off from the taxi at Bole dembel. I decided to get off at Bole matemia. We reached Bole matemia . Assistant driver asked travelers whether anyone is getting off at Bole matemia.

No one responded . Assistant driver told the driver not to stop. Now, I confirmed no one is getting off from the taxi at Bole matemia. I ordered the assistant to get off. When I got off, the person sitting behind me and other person also got off with me. I moved to left side and they moved to right side. I stood to wait for another taxi to leave that area. The two persons moved and took the sides of the streets where some shoeshine boys were sitting. I was waiting for taxi. Within a minute, someone (young man ) came towards me on the direction of the person with the hand communication. This young man crossing in front of me suddenly gave me a kick on my knee. I said nothing than running away understsnding some opertation is to undertake because I escaped the would-be trap at Bole dildiy. So, I run away towards the people. Another person appearing crazy also shouted at me saying “beat him beat him , he doesn’t have eyes”. I run away from both crazies. After staying a while in a cafteria, I took Lada (for rent) after being confirmed that the men have left the area. That is how immediately I left the area. Now, I am safe.”

Milkessa Midhaga

Via : Dhábasá Wakjira Gemelal