Magaalaa Finfinnee dabalatee magaalota Oromiyaa mara keessatti daldaltoota,

Magaalaa Finfinnee dabalatee magaalota Oromiyaa mara keessatti daldaltoota,
abbootii qabeenyaa fi namoota sochii dinagdee xixiqqaa irraa hanga guddaatti jiranirraa pp’n waraana gargaaruu qabdu jechuun dirqamaan maallaqa irraa guuraa jirti. Kan dide diina tahee adabbii fudhata.
Baadiyyaa keessatti ammoo ummata keenyarraa beeylada saamanii waraana ittiin gargaarra jedhu. Umanni keenya yoo ba’ee falmachuu baatee ulaa mana kamiiyyuu gahuuf wanti pp dhorku hin jiru.

Report reaching us from a well-placed source says that tensions erupt between Addis Ababa and Cairo after 52 Egyptians are detained in Ethiopia on their way to Kuwait.
Reportedly, the Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa continues to communicate with the Ethiopian side to secure the release of a number of Egyptian citizens who were recently detained at Bole International Airport as they planned to return to Kuwait.
Maj. Gen. Gamal Mazloum, a strategist and former director of the Egyptian Armed Forces Center for Strategic Studies, who spoke to the media say that Ethiopia is currently going through an internal conflict and instability, and therefore it is being very cautious about the presence of any foreigners on its lands, lest this would pose a threat to its security and stability.
In addition, the relations between Egypt and Ethiopia are already tense, which may have caused the current crisis of Egyptian detainees held in Addis Ababa, according to Mazloum.
“One also ought to mention other tensions between the two countries, especially since Egypt consolidated relations with South Sudan, which closed its borders [on Nov. 5] with Ethiopia given the unrest there. Detaining Egyptian citizens also serve as a tool for Addis Ababa to pressure Cairo to agree to the building of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam,” he added.
Mazloum believes the Egyptian Embassy must communicate with the Ethiopian government for a peaceful and political solution to the detained Egyptian citizens’ crisis.
No much details are coming from the Ethiopian side regarding the reported detained Egyptians at Bole International Airport
SR News

Ethiopians flee to Sudan: A deepening civil war between the national government and local forces in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia is now spreading beyond the country’s borders, as thousands flee into neighboring Sudan. The conflict began last week when the national government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched military strikes on the Tigray region, accusing local leaders of having attacked an army base. But tensions had been simmering for months, as Tigray leaders — who used to be part of the national governing coalition — ignored Abiy’s decision to postpone elections scheduled for earlier this fall and held their own vote anyway. So far several hundred people have been killed and a few thousand refugees have fled to Sudan as Ethiopian forces advance. But some observers say that as many as 200,000 people could stream across the border in the coming days, placing a strain on Sudan’s cash-strapped government and threatening to destabilize the region more broadly.

Source: gzeromedia.

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