The madness of TPLF and its military has continued unabated

The madness of TPLF and its military has continued unabated killing  at least 26 innocent people in Hawi Gudina in Oromia/ethiopia

Sources from W.Hararge, Hawi Gudina (around Mechara) have it that TPLF’s military massacred the ppl yet again today. Over 16 civilians and 6 Oromia militia are shot dead, the sources said. The madness of TPLF and its military continued unabated. The ppl can’t stand watching their massacre

Girma GutemaTPLF


  1. Massacre after massacres on oppressed nations are nothing new in fake ethiopian empire ..,
    It was going over well 100 years since creation of Abyssinia apartheid regime in occupied FINNFINNE

  2. There are paradoxes in this war.
    1. Why the country’s defense force could not stop the so called Somali paramilitary force from invading Eastern Oromia and killing people? Is it really lack of competence? I do not think so. Ethiopian army has time and again went even as far as Moqadishu to contribute to the peace of Somalia?

    2. The Somali paramilitary force is part of government’s security machine and hence it is trained, managed and financed by Ethiopian government? So, why do the Oromia government makes call for Ethiopian defense force to intervene and stop this force when the invading force itself is part of Ethiopian defense. It seems making call for Ethiopian defense to fight Ethiopian defense?

    THE PEOPLE OF OROMIA and ETHIOPIA & REGIONAL RULERS HAVE TO LOOK FOR ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES!!!!!!! The Ethiopian defense force is not in a position to defend the nation and citizens!!

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