Somali Special Force (Liyu Police) Have Attacked Innocent Oromo Popu–

Somali Special force (Liyu Police) Have Attacked  Innocent Oromo  Population

Somali Special Force (Liyu Police) Have Attacked Innocent Oromo PopuThe Somali Liyu police, which is equivalent to Janjawit militia backed by Sudanese government against the Darfur, have launched cross-boarder attacks against the Oromo

The Ethiopian Somali Region special force, commonly known as Liyu police, was established in 2008 in accordance to police proclamation that emanate from the national constitution of the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia (FDRE). (The Awramba Times)

They are from the people of the Somali region, screened, registered and recruited at a grassroots level from kebeles and woredas and trained with all necessary standards in accordance with Ethiopia’s military training package armed with modern military equipment. Besides being regional state special forces; they are part and parcel of Ethiopian arms. (The Awramba Times)

As a matter of fact, when it’s necessary, Ethiopian Somali region special force can be used as an alternative options to take part in any security operations in other parts of the country as well as in other continental missions such as being part of Ethiopian troops in AMISON peacekeeping mission inside the Somalia republic.

The Awramba Times claims “The Somali region special force highly trained and intended to fight against terrorist groups in the horn of Africa like al-shabab (al-qushash) inside Somalia.”

But the truth is : “The TPLF initially set up the Liyu police as a counter-insurgency force against the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), a group fighting for self-determination for the Somali-majority region.” (

However, in the last three weeks, this special force (Liyu Police)have attacked innocent Oromo population who live adjacent to Somali region and killed more than 200 and have continued its attack. This is a retaliatory action by TPLF against the OROMO people for fighting for their rights.

A US-financed paramilitary force known as the Liyu police are terrorising the civilian population in the eastern Ethiopian Somali-majority region of Ogaden with impunity. (

East Africa: West Must Act to Stop the Liyu Police Terror in Ogaden (

(In the second picture is the Somali regional state president Abdi Omar (Iley) granting ranks to Liyu police)

Via Nagessa Oddo Dube